State Hospital
  • State Hospital
  • Frightened Rabbit
  • Pedestrian Verse

Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital

Her heart beats like a breeze block thrown down the stairs,
Her skin is thicker than concrete, forced to be brave she was
A broken elevator anthem held between floors,
But if blood is thicker than concrete,

All is not lost, all is not lost.

Fun Stuff (Bonus Track)
  • Fun Stuff (Bonus Track)
  • Frightened Rabbit
  • The Winter Of Mixed Drinks

Frightened Rabbit - Fun Stuff

And I’m quite all right
I get by just fine
I’m not depressed
Not most of the time
It’s just the fun stuff
Is much less fun without you


Frightened Rabbit - “Get Out”

please watch this, this is so wonderful!


Frightened Rabbit - Get Out

A song “about that person to whom you are completely addicted”.

Taken from Scottish Frightened Rabbit forthcoming album “Painting Of A Panic Attack” out April 8th via Canvasback/Atlantic. 

Video directed by Greg Davenport.