Star Wars: Episode VIII's Supreme Leader Snoke: Master of Puppets!

Star Wars: Episode VIII’s Supreme Leader Snoke: Master of Puppets! #StarWars #StarWarsVIII #EpisodeVIII

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Over the course of filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII sources kept saying we were going to be really impressed with Snoke in this film. It was clear they were saying something was different about him. If you recall in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Supreme Leader Snoke was a giant hologram towering over the likes of Kylo Ren and his “frienemy” General Hux. The controversy amongst fans wavered…

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The hallmark result of emotional abuse is confused and fractured communication. The victim is being fed many different, conflicting messages- positive/grandiose messages are mixed with erratic reactions to victim’s appropriate responses and it becomes genuinely confusing. Verbal Abuse makes you feel like you cannot speak at all- Emotional Abuse makes you feel like you didn’t communicate correctly enough, and that if you could just talk it out, more clearly perhaps…some resolution could be found. It is the victim’s job to FIX the situation.

“You should hate Tom he’s abusive”

Tom takes steps to control his anger, recognises on his own when he makes mistakes and unlike half the brats y’all’ll defend, he takes actions to fix his fuckups and will admit that it was his fault without blaming his anger management issues.

Tom ain’t perfect but he fucking tries his best

Also can we talk about the fucking prick of a coach Tom has; setting up some shit like that which would no doubt hurt Marco either by what happened or by marco having to wonder why Tom suddenly stopped liking him again after all the bonding time