Hi everyone ^^

I’m so happy to share with you all my new Fluttershy plushies!  They showcase my updated forelock and body pattern :).  The changes to my body pattern are subtle (and her mane covers most of it >.<) - but I’ve thinned down the neck a little and tapered the legs more.  For her forelock, I made use of what I learnt from sewing Rarity’s and I’m really pleased with the end result… I hope you guys like it too!  :D

As you might have noticed, there are two Fluttershys pictured - the one on the left belongs to me, whereas the one on the right is up for sale on Ebay - link is here:

I decided to give both Fluttershys closed wings (as usual ^^) to better capture her personality & essence :P.

*Materials: cuddle 3 minky by Shannon Fabrics and Minky Baby Fabrics
*Minky colours: Yellow, bubblegum
*Stuffing: premium polyester fiberfill, craft foam, quilt batting, wire in her hair, and poly pellets in hooves
*Thread: gutermann polyester sew-all thread, gutermann rayon embroidery thread
*Eyes/Cutie marks: machine embroidered
*Size: Approx 14.5" tall, 18" long
*She has my signature embroidered into the bottom of her front right hoof

The next pony I’ll be working on will be AJ!  :) And like Fluttershy, I plan to make two of her, one to keep and one to sell.  I’m also slightly itching to open commissions as I’ve been receiving requests for very interesting projects lately ^^ If I do, I plan to open two commission slots only.  Since my commissions often open unpredictably ^^“ I’ve set up a mailing list:

When I open my commissions I’ll send an email to everyone on my mailing list, so please be sure to subscribe to it if you are interested in commissioning me.

I hope you guys like my revised Fluttershy :D and that she’ll find a loving home soon :3

“You know, Red. You’re my best friend in the whole world. Next to Mistah J of course.” @ckentx01 ( does it again with this stunning photo of @tracihines as #poisonivy and myself as #harleyquinn from our shoot a couple weeks ago at @ocwonderlandstudios and I just cannot even handle how perfectly it captures both characters. This shoot was a dream come true and each photo brings me pure joy. #saffelsphotography #cosplay #cosplayphotoshoot #batman #dc #dccomics #dcuniverse #comicbook #comicbookcosplay #wocc #womenofcomicbookcosplay #batmancosplay #harleyquinncosplay #poisonivycosplay #pamelaisley #harleenquinzel #gothamcitysirens #roguesgallery #suicidesquad #birdsofprey #gotham #friendshipismagic #besties #harleyandivy


Pastel Pinkie! Here’s the picture I was showing the sketch of the other day.

I’m getting better with humans - but I wanted to give something for the bronies watching me, so here she is. :)

See it bigger over on my DA -