You can’t rely on anyone.” She shrugs and flicks the ash off her burning cigarette. “Even the people you trust most in the world will let you down at some point. Maybe not in a big way to them but your heart will sink to the pit of your stomach and it’ll stay there forever. You’ll never forget that feeling.” She purses her lips and takes a drag, then she looks at me. Her eyes bright with pain as smoke drifts from between of her berry stained lips. “So, save yourself the trouble and have your own back. Because no one is going to come along and save you when things go wrong. You have to stand on your own two feet and save yourself.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write
I occasionally think about the friends I have met and drifted from, even the ones I fell on bad terms with for one reason or another. I honestly wish them the best in life, and if we drift back to each other one day I will be blessed once again with their friendship.
—  Something I’m learning

She sat by the ocean for hours smoking cigarettes with her best friend. It was around 3 am, her mile-long legs were crossed, she smiled and tossed her phone into the sand, “Fuck him, I’m legendary.” she said, as the smoke leapt from the end of her cigarette. Her friend laughed, “That’s pure poetry.” she replied as she took the last sip of rosé they’d been drinking straight from the bottle.

riley b.

You are allowed to say goodbye to a friend that only brings you down. If they never bother to text you, ask how you are or acknowledge your presence, its okay to give up because you held on. When times got tough, you clung on and tried to revive your relationship. You fought. You tried to change your personality to suit them. But they didn’t even give you a second thought. Be free to move on, let go of something once a huge part of your life. Its part of becoming a better you, my dear. And it’ll all be worth it somewhere down the line.
It doesn’t matter if what he felt for me was fake or half hearted. What I had for him was real, and nothing will ever change that fact. You’re annoyed and tired of hearing me talk about him, but who’s the one that’s actually hurting here? I hate the fact that I still love him so much more than you do. That fact tears me apart more than anything. So stop telling me to ‘just get over him already.’
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write