• Princess Cadance, looking at Flash and Twilight: They make a great couple, don't they?
  • Shining Armor [annoyed]: They certainly are standing next to each other.
Najlakše je otići kada znaš da te neko čeka, zar ne? Zatvoriš vrata i odeš, kao da ne planiraš da se vratiš. Ostaviš bezbroj suznih očiju, bezbroj ne izgovorenih riječi iza sebe. Ostaviš tišinu koja razdire. Uvuče se u svaku poru čovjeka koji te čeka. I lomi ga na dijelove. Svakim danom sve više, dok on čeka. Čeka tebe, raširenih ruku, zaustavljenim dahom kao da želi posljednje svoje riječi da izgovori tebi. Zaprepašten ostaneš, kada vidiš da se taj čovjek umorio od čekanja. Tebe. Zaboli te što te pušta, iako si ti njega pustio mnogo prije. I opet zasvira tišina. Svakim tonom ubija dio tebe. Ti šutiš. Guši te bujica tvojih misli koje ovaj put nemaš kome da izgovoriš. Gutaš jednu po jednu misao, plašeći se da je izgovoriš naglas. Jer dugo bi ona odzvanjala, a niko ne bi bio tu da je čuje. Uspavljuješ duboko u sebe to što te boli, svjestan, da će doći trenutak u kojem ćeš morati ponovo da probudiš svoju bol. I proklinješ dan u kojem si otišao, jer došao je trenutak da se vratiš. Trenutak, u kojem nemaš kome da se vratiš.

Hazel: K, keep an eye on Leo today. He’s going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get himself punched.

Frank: Sure, I’d love to see Leo get punched.

Hazel: Try again.

Frank: *sighs* I will stop Leo from being punched.

Ariel’s answer.
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You can’t rely on anyone.” She shrugs and flicks the ash off her burning cigarette. “Even the people you trust most in the world will let you down at some point. Maybe not in a big way to them but your heart will sink to the pit of your stomach and it’ll stay there forever. You’ll never forget that feeling.” She purses her lips and takes a drag, then she looks at me. Her eyes bright with pain as smoke drifts from between of her berry stained lips. “So, save yourself the trouble and have your own back. Because no one is going to come along and save you when things go wrong. You have to stand on your own two feet and save yourself.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write
I just want to be that person,
You know the one who is your 6th period best friend and always texts you the homework when you’re gone,
the random girl who compliments how your cardigan matches your shoes-
that friendly face you can rely on in the hallway for a quick smile and hello despite the last time we hung out was.
that friend who gives hugs that are just a little tighter than the norm, who always remembers to say “drive safe, see you soon, have a good weekend, I love you”
I want to be that person who shines a bit of light into someone’s day.
That person who reminds her friends their worth and is nice to strangers
kind to people in her past and present
because it’s really not that hard to be nice,
and you never know when people need it the most.
—  a.w
I occasionally think about the friends I have met and drifted from, even the ones I fell on bad terms with for one reason or another. I honestly wish them the best in life, and if we drift back to each other one day I will be blessed once again with their friendship.
—  Something I’m learning