Things You Can Expect If A Witch Likes You


1. Getting a text message that reads something like, “You better watch your back! Your life is about to change dude!” after we draw the Death card from our tarot decks.
2. Getting a text message saying, “WHO IS SHE/HE/THEM?!” after we draw The Lovers card from our tarot decks.
3. “You need to cleanse your house. The energy is awful.”
4. “Did you know you have a dragon living in your closet hoarding your clothes?”
5. After getting a gift, we say something like “it’s charmed to help protect you. Don’t worry. I got your back.”
6. “Oh. Drink this herbal tea! It’ll do wonders on your energy AND body!”
7. “Hold this crystal. Good. Don’t let go of it. Why? Because I said so.”

**Find My Kind** Spell

Here is a simple spell I thought I’d share for attracting like-minded people and luring towards yourself more genuine friends/friendships.

Quick Tip: A cup of Chamomile or Mint tea would be quite nice to start, finish or to drink throughout this spell, as chamomile is good for abundance and mint attracts prosperity.


Basil  - crushed, powdered, plain, whatever!

Rose or Clear Quartz (alternative = silver coin)

Vanilla Essence or Oil

Lavender -  sprigs or powdered, doesn’t matter.

A Candle  - white is great. so is orange or brown.

A Pen  -  green, orange or red would be best.

An Envelope

A Piece of Paper


1. Keep the quartz in your possession throughout the spell - in a pocket or next to the candle is fine.

2. Dab the vanilla essence in the four corners of your piece of paper.

3. Draw 3 circles/suns on the piece of paper with your pen, interlocking with each other like in this picture:

– write your full name in the middle section outlined here in red.

4. If you want, you can write on the other side of the paper the qualities you want the people you attract to have. A similar sense of humour, loyalty, any particular appreciations/hobbies etc.

5. Fold up the piece of paper and put it in an envelope along with the basil and lavender.

6. Pass the envelope through the flame of the candle as many times as you wish (if in a circular manner, aim it to be clockwise) and repeat this mantra:

I call upon my people
Listen to my voice
The blood that runs through all our veins
Will now give us no choice

Now is the time
For us to be bound
To attract like to like and within each other
Our light shall be found

I call my kin
Come to my side
Let our minds intermingle
Let our lives intertwine

– Repeat the last phrase as much as you like.
3 or 9 times would work quite well, but it’s up to you.

7. You may decide to burn the envelope - if this is what you choose, then wrap the ashes in a lettuce leaf and bury it in a flourishing garden or at the base of a big, old tree. If you do not want to burn the envelope, kiss it and bury it in your garden, close to your front door or at the roots of a large tree.

8. Keep the quartz on or around you when going to meet new people, or if you’re feeling in the mood to meet new people. If you don’t want to wear it on your person then keeping it in the bedroom or near the phone or computer should be fine as well.

Good times to perform this spell: Waxing Moon or Midday

~ BewitchedByNight

Be My Sister Spell

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A spell to fortify a friendship inspired by Sisters of the Moon

♥ Take a long piece of velvet ribbon and tie it around yours and your friends hands/wrists.

♥ Hold your hands and look each other in the eyes. 


When touched this thread of velvet
Magick and strength we will covet

♥ Cut the ribbon in half and make necklaces, chokers or bracelets for each other with them. 

♥ You could choose to add crystals or keep them simple. 

♥ Charge under a full moon and wear them the next day.

⋆✩Attract a Friend✩⋆

 ⋆ Items Needed ⋆

- A small plushie of any kind (suggestively one that can be carried around with no problem) 

- A small amethyst stone/fragment

- Lavender, catnip, and rosemary

- A pink string

- A needle

⋆ Procedure ⋆

1. Find an area that you feel most comfortable and relaxed in. Make sure to bring your supplies with you!

2. Grab the small plushie, and make a small incision in it. Place the amethyst, lavender, catnip, and rosemary within the plushie. 

3. Put the pink string through the needle, and begin to sew the opening shut. With each stitch you make, think about the things you would want to do with your friend (i.e. read together, watch TV).

4. After the opening is closed shut, bring the plushie to your heart and visualize yourself meeting your friend, whether it be in person or through the internet. 

5. Carry it around with you! You can put your small plushie in your bag, your car, etc. 

✩ Kudos! ✩

Sweet Scent (Pokemon Inspired)

A spell to attract a new friend.

You Will Need:

♡ A Pink Sachet
♡ Lavender
♡ Catnip
♡ Rosemary
♡ Honeysuckle Incense
♡ Aventurine, Garnet or Lapis Lazuli (small)
♡ (optional) piece of candy or sugar
♡ (optional) sigil for friendship or attracting friends


♡ Light your incense and let it burn during the duration of your spell.

♡ In your sachet add your catnip, lavender, rosemary and piece of gemstone on top of the herbs (this may also be when you add your candy, sugar and/or sigil)

♡ Tie up or sew shut your sachet. Hold it close to your heart in your hands and focus on your desire to make a new friend

♡ Once ready run the sachet a few times through the smoke of your incense, still focusing on your intent

♡ Carry the sachet with you in your pocket or in a bag to attract a new friend

Hellllooo honey bees! I have a new jar for you today!

I was excited to create this one! Everyone loves a good love spell. I am not a fan of a lot of them though, because consent is key and if you cast a spell on someone to love you against their will, well, that’s not cool, okay? This spell jar is about putting it into the universe to bring someone who loves you your way, may it be a friend or a lover, just someone who loves you purely! 

So let’s get started!

  • cinnamon - for love or lust 
  • dill - for love or lust
  • cayenne pepper - for love
  • parsley - for love or lust (also for fertility!)
  • lavender - for love and peace
  • lemon peel - for love and friendship

With each layer, imagine what you desire in a friend/lover, what it feels like to be cared for, etc. Infuse each layer with your intent and belief, speak it out loud, declare it as truth! Your words have power! One you are finished, you can cork your bottle and focus your intent into it as a whole bottle, you can repeat something like this if you would like –

“Let this bottle bring me love in the purest form,
Let it be so true that it will never leave me torn.
May it be a friend, or may it be a lover,
May it be a love unlike any other.”

After you are finished, you can seal up your bottle with wax, I use colors in correspondence with my intent, this one being red. I have a tutorial for how to seal bottles like this here.

Feel free to tag me in your recreations! I love to see them!

You can also find my other bottles here.

I hope this was helpful! I’m open for questions if you have any!


Bring this person back in my life Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 2 pins 
  • One Red candle 

Post the two pins though the center of your candle at midnight, Think about the person you miss and why you want them back in your life. maybe there is some unspoken words that need to be said, questions that need to be answered.

As you light the candle say this persons full name out loud. Then say: 
“Know I move to you,as you move to me,
 As I think of you, think of me too.
 Come to me in dearest friendship
 (Or if you are casting this on a ex lover "come to me in love.”)

 Then say their name three times, and extinguish the candle. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've just moved close to the sea and there's a spell I'd like to do but I don't know any with sea water!! Do you know of any, if not could you suggest something? I'd like to reconnect with a childhood friend. She's bad at keeping in contact so is there anything that might aid in her making an effort too? Thank you for your time :D

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Why use only a little bit of sea water when you can use the entire ocean, darlin?  Here is a simple spell and all you need to do is go out to the sea on the night of a waxing moon.  The waxing moon is the period of time between the new moon and the full moon. Every night, the moon gets a little larger. Any spellwork that requires growth should be done now.  Spells for courage, motivation, inspiration, friendship, elemental magick, healing or luck are best worked during this moon phase.

“Sea, Bring My Friend Back to Me” Spell


–an offering for the Sea (wine, sugar, pretty rocks, flowers)


1.  Take off your shoes and find where the tide is meeting the sand.  Plant your feet firmly, about shoulder width apart.  Shut your eyes and draw in a deep breath.  When the water rushes over the tops your feet, breathe in.  When the tide goes back out, release the breath.  You will become in sync with the sea.

2.  Visualize the happiest of times spent with this friend.  Allow the memories of this person to wash over you, just as a wave would.  Hear their laughter, see their smile, feel the warmth of their spirit connecting with yours.  Continue to match your breaths with the incoming tide.

3.  When you are ready, cup your hands together and whisper,

“Matron Sea, bring my friend back to me.  Let them no longer be a memory.  And if this fate cannot be, let them smile when they think of me.” 

4.  Close one fist to hold your wish.  With the other, collect your offering.  Take one more step into the water and open your palms.  Give your offering and wish to the ocean.  Allow the tide to carry both your spell and intention out past the shore.  


Friendships aren’t always meant to last.  Sometimes, people leave us because they have changed, we have changed, or the friendship wasn’t meant to be.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; we are all supposed to grow and change.  When using this spell, we use the words “And if this fate cannot be, let them smile when they think of me” because even if they do not come back, we hope they remember us with happy nostalgia.  

Hope this helps!

Long Distance Friendship/Relationship Spell

A spell to help maintain a long distance friendship or relationship between consenting people.

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You Will Need:

💕 Aventurine (friendship, bonds)
💕 Aquamarine (ease communication)
💕 Chrysocolla (communication, connections)
💕  Ametrine (improve communication)
💕 Clear Quartz (power up spell)
💕 Salt (protection, purifying, honesty)
💕 Basil (friendships)
💕 Rose Buds (or petals) (close friendships, love, relationships)
💕 2 Blue Candles or tealights (communication, trust)
💕 Your Cellphone


💕 On your cellphone open the contact to the person or the chat you communicate with them through, place it on the floor or a table. To the right and left of it place your candles and light them.

💕 In a small bowl or container place your herbs and place it above your phone

💕 In a circle around your phone and the bowl of herbs place your crystals. If they are point crystals have them pointing at your phone.

💕 Using your salt make a small circle around your phone.

💕 Hover your hands over your phone and close your eyes, feel the energies of your candles, herbs and crystals radiating from them, how they pass through your body and your phone. Focus your own energy in your hands and imagine it emit in gentle waves down into your phone as well.

💕 “No distance can keep us apart, I connect to you and you connect to me, over mountains and seas we will still be in touch, we shall remain together for communication is key.Repeat the last line (bold) as many times as you feel is necessary.

💕 Finish spell by blowing out your candles and letting the smoke trail off imagining it traveling far off to where the other is. 

Notes: If both you and the other person do this spell it will be more powerful but it is not necessary. Also, this is to help you keep communication, you still have to put effort into keeping the communication going for a successful LDR. If you are missing one or two of the crystals that is fine, just try to have as many of each as you can. 

  • 2p Canada: *about 2p Romano* Just do your best to put up with him until he dies, siblings always do.
  • 2p Italy: but I always screws things up.
  • 2p Canada: Allen screws things up all the the time and I just hide my disappointment. What’s the worst you could’ve done?
  • ~Flashback~
  • 2p Kid Italy: *jumps into puddle, splashing 2p Romano in mud*
  • 2p kid Romano: *sCREAMS IN TERROR*
  • ~Flashback over~
  • 2p Italy: And he just kept screaming all, what’s up with that?
“Sincerely Yours” (The Breakfast Club Inspired)

A spell to help one find new, true friends.

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Things You Need:

  • Aventurine
  • Rose Petals
  • Rosemary
  • Sugar
  • Water in a glass
  • Green or White Candle


  • Light your candle and place your Aventurine in front of it
  • In a bowl or cup mix in your herbs and rosemary.
  • In your cup of water add a few spoonfuls of sugar and stir it clockwise focusing on the desire to attract loving, true friends into your life
  • Take your sugar water and hold it over the bowl of herbs you have. Focus on your intent as you pour the water carefully onto the herbs. Place your hands over the bowl close your eyes, focus more on your desires to attract new friends. Once you feel satisfied blow out your candle.
  • Take your bowl and leave it in the windowsil over night
  • Dispose of the herbs and water the next morning as you desire