Gendrya High School AU //


  • Arya joins XC and that’s where they meet
  • They go to team bonding days/nights together and end up being good friends
  • Arya challenges him to race her on the beach at one of those events
  • The team goes to a lake after their last meet and Gendry kisses her there
  • They officially start dating right after that
  • They have a lot of study sessions together but neither is able to focus well because they’re too busy sneaking glances at the other
  • She falls asleep in class a lot
    • Gendry takes notes for her when she does
  • They run together after school all the time
  • Gendry takes her on a bike ride through the city on their three-month anniversary
  • Arya teases him about never showing his shoulders, even when running, but doesn’t realize it’s because of a secret tattoo of a bull on his left arm
  • He rides a motorcycle and sometimes lets Arya borrow it
  • Arya demands that he give her piggy back rides so she can ‘be the tallest person in school’
  • In turn, Gendry gets her all his favorite books and forces her to read them (he’s the ultimate fanboy) so they can discuss them afterward
  • She brings him coffee in the mornings when he has a really important test or something he’s nervous about
  • They get together and make the nastiest ultra-healthy snacks they can find and make the other eat it
    • “track is starting soon and you know what that means”
    • “no more junky food?”
    • “no more junky food”

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Ladybug and Cat Noir(e) x 1st Year NozoEli

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