Cat Adopts Baby Monkey After His Mother Rejects Him

A 16-year-old cat called Rosinka has adopted a baby monkey which was abandoned by its mother in a Russian zoo. The mother of the three-week-old squirrel monkey refused to carry him on her back - which would have been essential for it to survive the first months of its life. Fearing that Fedor the monkey would die, the director of Tyumen Zoo carried out an experiment and introduced him to her cat Rosinka who has never had babies of her own.The cat surprisingly adopted the monkey and the animals have been living together ever since.

Cat: “This is my life now.”

Via The Telegraph

Capturing Contemplation with Hiba Nabulsii

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There’s an intimate connection between Hiba Nabulsi (@hibanabulsii) and the people she photographs — one she can only explain with her camera. “It’s like we don’t even need to speak to understand each other,” the 20-year-old Jordanian art student says. In the battle between words and pictures, Hiba’s victor is clear. “I don’t know how to reflect my thoughts in words or writing, but I know how to convey them through photographs,” she says. “I like taking photos of people when they’re happy or are in a state of creativity and contemplation,” Hiba explains. “All these moments I capture build up to reflect my own world.”