Reasons the Signs Would Make Amazing Best Friends

Aries: will always be willing to punch that ex that broke your heart square in the face
Taurus: will hug you and know exactly what to say when you’re upset
Gemini: really easy to talk to and they let you rant whenever you need to
Cancer: will protect you and try to understand your emotions and feelings no matter what
Leo: will always reassure you how amazing you are
Virgo: will make you feel incredibly special when they let you in
Libra: will always be trying to make you happy
Scorpio: will protect you through anything and will make you the top priority in their life
Sagittarius: will take you on adventures and make so many memories with you
Capricorn: they will make sure that you are using your abilities to the length they know you are capable of
Aquarius: will make you laugh the hardest
Pisces: the nicest human beings on the planet, and also able to bring out the best in you