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Your arts are amazing! Can you please draw Levi kissing Hanji unexpectedly? Like when he grabbed Hanji's hair to make her face closer to his? Thank youuuuuu! ❤

awwww thank you ;7;;; here you go ( ‘ v ‘ )b

//I’ve never actually watched attack on titan before so I have no idea who hanji is and I had to ask google about this scene //and I used the scene as reference of course

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i'm a bughead shipper and i know a lot of ppl want to see jeronica as friends and ship it as kind of a brotp thing.

Yes I would very much like this, as Veronica said in the finale they have a lot in common. I think they oppose each other enough to be really great friends 

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dude your tags on the peter parker / flash thompson gifset... i said the exact same thing. peter looks so amazed. it's pretty gay.

yeah peter and flash are an enemies to friends to lovers ship waiting to happen, especially this version of peter and flash seeing as flash won’t really be a bully so much as a ‘frenemy’

flash and peter have always been an obvious ship that isn’t considered much lmao, flash is a huge fan of spidey (he has a big fat crush on spider-man like it’s obvious), and over time peter and flash actually become good friends and appreciate each other for the things they once hated about one another. plus over time flash becomes agent venom and works along side spidey, so it’s just a great dynamic and a really great development between the two

lmao can you tell that i’m excited for people to fall in love with peter and flash??

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💣, 💚 + 👎 for dragon age!

💣 ship that pisses you off:

ado/ri/bull, it just makes me so angry and uncomfortable and i don’t even know why.

💚 ship that you secretly like:

it’s not so much a secret as i just don’t talk about it but i have a special place in my heart for leliana x female warden like god, they make me hurt.

👎 ship that you can never see happening:

alistair x morrigan, because relationships built on bickering and tension and mutual distrust never work out. i see them becoming good friends though, eventually.


  • me, done with everyone's shit: Jeremy is a closeted perv, who upset both his father and his best friend because he refused to realize the "drug" he willingly BOUGHT and shared to the school was bad. Michael is smoking an illegal drug (at least in NJ) and has bouts of anxiousness triggered by his dependency on his best friend. I love the ship but don't take away from the fact they are gross, troubled teen boys with quirks and not pretty little dolls that are perfect. I'm fairly sure they've farted on each other's pillow and given each other fucking pink eye
  • me: their friendship is so beautiful, why would anyone want to change that when they're so perfectly platonic and their dynamic is spectacular and there's no awkwardness between them, they are obviously BFFs for life no question
  • me: but imagINE THEM KISSING
Friend Ship Rap Battle

“So you think you’re hot shit, huh, Peridot?
But can you beat us in a Rap Battle to the death?!”


“Steven, pleaaase.”

“I’m the best rapper to grace this planet in 5000 years.”

“Oh this is so on, green pea!
Kick her ass, Stevey-boy!”

“Hell yeaah!

Yo, I’m Stevey-boy, I’m Steven. And Beach City is my turf.
And together with my CGs we protect the planet Earth!
From orange douches and shit-talking Green Homeworld Gems like you
And from monsters, beasts and assholes in every shade and hue

You dare walk onto my planet, or wait no, you fucking crashed!
You can’t fly a working spaceship, let alone this piece of trash.
The name’s Universe, my fate is stopping creeps like Peridot
So now let’s see if the triangle can spit rhymes on the spot.


“Very impressive (for an Earthling) but your rhyming is a wreck
Compared to my superior (and awesome) Homeworld-grown Rap-tech
I can generate a thousand variations of success
When I calculate exactly how to beat down on your ass

My diamond, she will love me when I come back with your shards
She could hang them on her wall with all the other rebel turds
You must be stupid if you think I’m trynna’ make this junkship fly
It was actually a trap for all y’all-”

“-so now just fucking-”