“I call them Harry and Carrison, because I love them like family.” -Mark Hammill, 2015.

And because you combine people’s names like that when they are sort of known to be inseparable, cohorts, partners in crime, compadres, very close, joined at the hip, best buds, an item, etc. etc. etc. But, thanks for playing, Mark.

Friend: “You ship Luke with Han?! Omg, WHY?! Why would you even think Luke is Gay?!”

Me: *Walks over and sets phone with this picture on table*

“This is the only reason I will ever need.

But, for the record, I don’t think Luke is gay. I just think he doesn’t give two shits about gender and thinks, like most people, that Han is smokin’ hot.
And I personally think that Skysolo is smokin’ hot. 
So, thats why.”

Just in case anyone is wondering, I convinced them to ship Skysolo too and they are now currently screaming at me for ruining their life. 
These are the true bonds of friendship.


in honor of my dead love life and the day of love being tomorrow, instead of drowning in self-bought chocolates and single-life misery, i’m doing a ship night with keri and kenna !! 


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like at this point, I don’t even care about Seth/Kate

like obvs the ship still bugs me, I’m not gonna pretend I don’t have a negative emotional reaction to it, but just tag it so I can blacklist it and we’re okay. I don’t really care if you ship Seth/Kate, and at the risk at sounding kinda stupid, I’m have friends who ship SK, we get along fine.

At this point, I’m mad about assholes who won’t shut the fuck up about me and my friends online, and in some cases, my underage friends (mocking 17 year old girls is kinda low, isn’t it?)

look, you are free to talk whatever shit you want about me or my ships or my faves or my friends behind my back. It’s your blog.

but if you’re going to do that publically when anyone can see it, don’t expect me to take that shit lying down

anonymous asked:

Can we have some yuuyoi pls god I love this blog

I was just talking to a friend about this ship actually. Send me some requests for it because god I love Yoichi. 

And thank you anon :3 Y’all making my day right now with your kindness. I’ve missed you guys. 

an-enigmatic-avenger asked:

Let me just say, I LOVED the Galentine gift exchange! I met two new friends, and wrote a ship I never thought of beget! You guys should totally do it next year!

I’m glad you did! That’s why I decided to do it, to make things happen, either a new friendship or just discovering new horizons shipping wise! (It’s a one-woman blog). I’ll try to do this next year, don’t worry!