'그것이 알고싶다' 스폰서 브로커 "잠자리는 기본"

‘그것이 알고싶다’ 스폰서 브로커의 충격적인 이면이 드러났다. 스폰서 브로커 A씨는 13일 밤 11시10분 방송된 SBS '그것이 알고 싶다'의 '시크릿 리스트와 스폰서-어느 내부자의 폭로’ 편에서 공개된 영상에서 자신을 찾아온 한 여성의 몸매를 노골적으로 평가했다. 해당 영상에서 그는 “잠자리는 기본"이라며 "모든 게 잠자리야, 여기서는"이라고 말해 충격을 안겼다. 또 "한 달마다 1000만 원씩 선불로 받는다"면서 "한 달에 다섯 번씩 만나야 한다"고 설명했다. 그는 이어 "연예계 쪽이 아니더라도 부자는 다 연결돼 있다"면서 스폰서 계약을 이행할 것을 제안했다.

I want you to paint me. I want you to write me. I want you. Paint me in monochrome use the color that makes you lose your hue. Color me with the sadness around your being. Make me a work of art. Write me a story, a poetry, a prose or anything. Use words that you yourself has made, never share it. Let me be your thoughts. Sweet words, lies, build a writing with those. I’m used to it. I want you, I always do. But, your arts and writings were never meant for me, but for someone else.
—  l.p.n // 18:29pm why not love me?

Fuck you Steve,

Did it give you a high, feigning just enough interest to watch me bend over backwards to keep hold of your attention, grasping at those shallow-rooted reeds?

Was it validating, that I gave you enough of my trust to let you in everywhere after you claimed you wanted a proper relationship, that you wanted Commitment?

I wish I couldn’t guess at the answers.

But when you called, you child, you coward, look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you, a week after I gave up the last of myself to say that you wanted to find yourself, that a relationship would be an extraneous burden, a mistake if you will, it would be lying on my part to say I didn’t notice the shocked silence in the static of the phone line when I told you: okay. As if you were waiting for me to cry, to beg.

It didn’t even take you a full two months to move on.


Beautiful ocean treasure gifted to me by loved ones. The enchanting ceramic turtle is a birthday present from a beautiful friend. The water drop, she’ll necklace and earrings (one is hiding in this photo) sent with love from @merman_arion to bring some spring into my day.
Thankyou for caring my lovelies. It is always nice to know you are cared for.
#mermaidjewelry #shells #beads #pearls #waterdrops #crystals #turtle #friendship #friends #gifts #love #jewellery #ocean

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OH FUCK ALSO I was talking to my friend @lifelongstarcrossed tonight about what’s gonna happen in The Summer Palace and we just started having a crisis because what if it’s their honeymoon like……..deadass what if in the story they are fresh out of their wedding and they are going on their honeymoon, or worse yet, what if their wedding is IN the short story

i honestly wouldn’t bet on it but…..GBFAS was supposed to be about Jord + Aimeric but was frankly mostly about Jord + The Prince’s Guard so it is not completely impossible that The Summer Palace has shit that we are not expecting such as a wEDDING W H A T I F