♡♡♡♡ princelyjeonghan’s first follow forever~ ♡♡♡♡

This blog is little over a month old (longer if you count before I remade) and I can’t believe that I’ve hit 500 followers already! Literally thought it would take months for me to even hit 100 when I started this trash blog. 

Anyways thank you thank you thank you thank you for following, especially those who followed even after I remade. Ignore that the header has nothing to do with Seventeen lol. And now shoutouts to my favorite blogs and all/most mutuals who I will probably follow forever~ (♡ for absolute faves. italics for mutuals)


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omg i never realized I had so many mutuals  come talk to me guys~~~ If we are mutuals and I missed you, please yell at me~ may the shining diamond life bless you all~  ♡

Throwback Tumblr Week- Little Mix Edition (Aug. 31- Sept. 4th)

Recently I’ve really been reminiscing the old times from when I first made this blog back in the beginning of 2013, had like three followers and was having the time of my life. So, if you were here way back then get ready for some nostalgia! I’ll he having a throwback week where each day I’ll do different things that were big in the fandom back then. And I’ll even be changing my URL back (and I encourage you all to do the same!) Here’s the rundown:

  • URL Meme Monday (these aren’t that old but whatever)
  • Tacky Edit Tuesday (ya know with the stupid quotes and horrible psds)
  • Fan Sign Wednesday (i did these like 2/3 times a week)
  • Blog Rates Thursday (these were done on the daily)
  • Fam Follow Forever Friday (aka a special follow forever where i will talk about people from when i first started by blog)

To help me prepare for this lovely week please message me if you’d like a URL Meme or Fan Sign (that way I can get a head start, blog rates can be done on the day!) I will try my best to complete all of them but I’m anticipating that I might get quite a lot so I’m sorry in advance if I can complete yours on the given day (but I will try to complete it eventually).

I’m really excited to do this and I hope you are too! Even if you weren’t here back then you’ll get a look at what it was like in the Little Mix fandom here on Tumblr and I think you’ll enjoy that. 

Anyway yeah, I love you guys <33 if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask :) 


We The Kings new song Friday is Forever!