mumbler - peter parker

request: “I said i love you” for the prompt thingy please ❤️❤️ -anonymous

summary: peter can’t seem to talk normally whenever y/n is around. she finally starts to pick up on her friend’s odd behavior and confronts him about it.

notes: gif not mine ok this ask has been sitting in my inbox for literal weeks and i’m so sorry for just now getting around to it. hope you enjoy!! also you should listen to “kiss me slowly” by parachute if you want some extra feels ;))

word count: 602

Peter locked his door behind him, being careful not to be too loud in case May woke up and heard him. It was a Friday night, so he could get by with two hours of sleep in the morning. Hopefully he’d be back before seven, when May normally woke up.

Glancing around the dark hallway, he pulled up his hood and started towards the window at the end. He eased it open before sticking his head through. 


“Ah – ow! What?” In his haste, he banged his head twice on the open window, turning around to come face to face with his good friend and (recently) crush, y/n.

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The Tower - Chapter 7

The Tower: An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 7 

Chapter:  one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine /ten / eleven / twelve /thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen /

Word Count: 1975

Warnings: Sex mentions (super pg.) Fluff, comedy stuff

Synopsis: After spending the night with Tony, Elly meets Sam and Wanda. Elly learns more about the dynamic of the Tower.

Author’s Note: Co-written with @emilyevanston

Chapter 7 - A Bird and a Witch

I woke tangled with Tony.  His face was pressed into my neck and breathing that steady rhythmic way you do when you’re deep in sleep.  I wanted to let him sleep.  I really did, but I had to get up.  I attempted so carefully to untangle myself without disturbing him.

His arms closed around me and he pulled me in more tightly to him.  “What time is it?”  He mumbled against my skin.

“It’s eight A.M. sir,”  FRIDAY replied.

“God, it’s been forever since I slept for so long.”  Tony sighed, stretching out.  “I really needed to get laid.  I’m definitely keeping you around.”

I laughed and scratched my fingers over his stomach.  “Happy to be of service.”

Tony rolled onto his side and traced circles onto my hips.  “Eight is very late here, but if we take our time having a shower.  We could go up to the common room and you might catch some of them having their after workout breakfast.  Plus it’s Saturday so apart from Red, who’s still on mission, everyone has the day off.”

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I saw Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 last friday and it was amazing!!!!! forever dying about all the colors and stupid jokes and overall ridiculousness that would never work in any other movie but looks stunning in GotG! I love Mantis she’s the #1 Bae and i can’t wait to see how she will be in Vol. 3 when Drax teaches her his weird second hand humor and sass!

Also look! i did an almost monochromatic color scheme! (first time ever??)


Beautiful synagogues from around the world

  1. Dohány Street Synagogue, Budapest
  2. Grand Choral Synagogue, St. Petersburg
  3. Grand Synagogue of Edirne, Edirne, Turkey
  4. Hurva Synagogue, Jerusalem
  5. Eldridge Street Synagogue, New York
  6. Great Synagogue of Rome, Rome
  7. Ohr Torah Synagogue, Acco, Israel
  8. Great Synagogue of Sydney, Sydney
  9. Rykestrasse Synagogue, Berlin
  10. Szeged Synagogue, Szeged, Hungary
The Serpent Or Me - Part 3 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

Part 1    Part 2

Characters/Pairings: Betty, Veronica, Kevin, (Mentioned) Bughead, Serpent!Reader.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1672.

Notes: Apologies this took so long! I’ve scheduled a day next week to write, going to get working on future instalments of this. I’m still sticking with the 3 POVs (Jughead, Reader and Betty) but I want to bring in the other characters’ storylines to create a fuller story. The plan is to release a new part every Friday. Fingers crossed all goes to plan.


Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Betty’s POV

Sometimes you just need your best friend and a strawberry milkshake. Ronnie and I had arranged to meet up at Pop’s for a mid-week girls night. I needed to rant and I think Veronica needed to as well.

I sat in my usual booth waiting for Veronica, Pop brought over our milkshakes, we didn’t even need to tell him what flavour anymore. I looked around the diner and you could tell Riverdale was unsettled. First Jason Blossom’s murder and then Archie’s dad being shot in this very space, everyone felt tense. So much for the Town with pep.

The door chimed, Veronica finally arrived, only ten minutes late. She slid in the booth opposite me, her shoulders were slightly slumped.

‘I really needed this.’ Veronica started sipping on her chocolate milkshake.

‘You okay V?’ I asked, knowing the answer already.

‘Oh you know, usual Archie stuff. I’m not sure what else I can really do.’ Her eye contact was hesitant, she twirled her straw round the glass.

‘Has he opened up anymore? I’m really worried about him. In all the time I’ve known Archie, I’ve never seen him like this.’

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Here’s my tribute to the films created by the amazing Studio Ghibli. A celebratory retrospective season is bringing some of Ghibli’s most beloved titles back to the big screen. I wanted to create a tribute to the wide range of films this amazing studio has produced rather than focus on just one. I really wanted to convey the positive themes that these films promote and I hope I’ve managed to achieve that.


Vegetta: Uyuyuy Fargaaan!

Fargan: Uy no seremos las chicas GG!

Vegetta: Bueno, el equipo GG porque soy el chico GG ahora sabes.

Fargan: Ah eres mi novio entonces.

Vegetta: Si, soy tu chico Fargan.

Fargan: Dime: “Estoy solo en casa”.

Vegetta: Fargan estoy solo en casa!

Fargan: COMO!? *Salta dentro de la casa por la ventana*


Vegetta: No vendrá la chica más hermosa, es que así… así es como me saltan las chicas, es abrir la ventana…

Fargan: Deberías estar cogiendo esto.

Vegetta: Qué es eso?

Fargan: Lo he cogido.

Vegetta: Pero si has cogido un… un…

Fargan: Una tubería.

Vegetta: Una tubería, si quieres coger algo similar a una tubería dímelo, que tengo una enorme Fargan! Vale, vamos al baño y nos liamos?

Fargan: Vale! Tienes algo a parte de ese pelaso?

Vegetta: Pues si, un penaso!


Vegetta: Además, tu te acuerdas cuando eramos jóvenes y íbamos al barco tu y yo solos? 

Fargan: Como me acuerdo, me acuerdo muchísimo.

Vegetta:  Me decías: “Uy como chapotamos tirame aguita” y yo “Toma, toma aguita” y tú me decías “Uy pero si esa no es aguita”

Fargan: Y yo decia pero está caliente no? y tú claro…

Vegetta: Como el que te la hecha.

Vegetta: Te vienes al baño conmigo?

Fargan: Si, si, voy al baño contigo.

Vegetta: Vente, vente, como hacíamos en el instituto.

Fargan: Como nos poníamos en el baño eh.

Vegetta: Aquí tienes un mapa, guapa. 

*Grito de Vegetta* - Mientras sale por al ventana.

Vegetta: Como hacíamos cuando venía el director, te acuerdas?

Fargan: Ya ves, que bien has salido por la ventana no?

Vegetta: Claro, como hacíamos cuando venía el director…

Fargan: A tocarnos…

Vegetta: A tocarnos y decíamos: “Uy no director que usted no está invitado a  esta fiesta” y decía “Si, si, niños… pero igualmente quiero jugar con vosotros”.

Fargan: Que cabrón, menos mal que murió…

Es que de verdad! Se inventas unas cosas…

Colours (Harry Holland)

I was going to post this Friday, but it took forever to write…

I wrote this instead of my uni assessments…whoops.


Red 🍓:

One of your very firsts dates with Harry, he insisted that he take some photos because you always admired his photography skills. It was early spring, and the was getting warmer. Your uncle owned a farm so you suggested that you visit his farm so Harry could broaden his skills. You spent a good 2 hours in the car chatting, listening to music, silence, hair blowing in the wind and cloud watching. Once you had arrived to the farm, your uncle greeted you and Harry and took you on his tractor to travel to his crops.

“Just give me a ring if you want a ride back.” He suggested as Harry, like a gentleman would, helped you off the tractor. You uncle drove away and you explored his crops. You took a basket from the fence and began to collect some apples from his trees. You uncle always allowed you to grab whatever you wanted so you could take them home. Harry was busy with his eyes behind the camera taking photos of the bees which would land on the flowers near his feet.

“Ooo! Strawberries.” You gleamed excitedly as they were your favourite fruit. You made your way over to the strawberry patch and bent down to collect strawberries from the bush. Little did you know, Harry was capturing this moment. Your face was glowing against the red fruit as you took a bite of the freshly grown fruit. “Harry you have to try these.” You giggle picking the fresh ones off and you skipped over to him. He dropped his camera and it hung around his neck. “They’re a bit sweeter than store brought strawberries.” You tell him and he tries them.

Pink 😊 :

You lay on Harry’s bed, looking at his roof. You had been dating him for quite some time. You loved everything about him. His curls, his cheekiness, his love for his family, his dedication to his work, his love for you.
You were watching some lame movie in his room, cuddled up to him. Harry had fallen asleep ages ago and you just couldn’t be bothered turning the movie off. His soft and quiet snores made you feel safe, in his arms. They were almost a whisper, but you knew he was there. They were more like a whistle. You didn’t even realise he had woke up as you moved to grab your phone to text a friend. She needed some advice on what to wear for a date she was attending.

She started asking about what you would suggest, and then began asking about your relationship with Harry.

(F/N)s Name: What’s your favourite thing about Harry?

You smile and reply.

(Y/N): probably the way his cheeks turn pink and he talks to me, it’s really cute


For your graduation, Harry made sure that he came. He was spending time in Montreal with his brother, but he made sure that he came back for you to witness you receiving your well deserved diploma. He sat in the crowd, with your parents. They were so happy for you. It’s a huge milestone. As you shook your headmasters hand, you notice Harry on the crowd. You smile grew even bigger. In his lap, lay a bouquet of yellow flowers, sunflowers, your favourite. Harry often called you petal as your pet name and it just stuck. You walked off stage, took your seat with the rest of your class mates and continued the rest of the ceremony.

Once your headmaster declared the class had graduated, everyone threw their academic hats in the air and celebrated. Your best friend hugged you and congratulated you.

“You still coming to the graduation party?” She asks you.

“Yeah I might be late though.”

“Why’s that?”

“Harry’s here.” You smile. You friend nods and walked off. You go to find your family. You run over to your parents and hug them first. They keep telling you how proud they are of you, how much time you put into your work, you stayed with the right crowd. As your parents were blabbering on, you go to hug Harry. He places a kiss on your head. You smile up at him and kiss his lips.

“Oh how I’ve miss you.” You say and he passes you the bouquet. The yellow sunflowers you saw in the crowd really stood out. Like you did. You stand out to Harry.

Orange 🍊:

One of your favourite things about Harry, was his hair. It reminded you of autumn. The sunlight would change is brown mop into orange. It was mesmerising. Running your fingers through it. At first, it was too annoy him, but later on, you could tell he was enjoying it. Whether it be, a ‘good job’ ruffle, or a ‘keep going’ pull during your intimate times, or a 'I’m bored’ wave through, it was one of your favourite things about him.

Blue 🌊-

Every summer with Harry, you guys made sure to go to the beach. It was your little spot. Occasionally Sam and Paddy would tag along if you could be bothered driving them there.

The beach days were your favourite. You’d sit back with Harry, under a tree because none of you guys would want to get burnt, applying sunscreen every three hours just incase. You would relax and not have a care in the world. If you were laying on your stomach, reading a book, Harry’s hand would be placed somewhere comfortably on you. Usually your shoulder, so he could lean over and talk to Sam and Paddy.

You guys would bring a ball of sorts, soccer ball, tennis ball and play a game in the water. Splashing each other and sometimes pushing each other in the water if a huge wave was coming. You loved Harry’s family, because they reminded you of your own. Sam would always pick a fight with Harry, even over the smaller things. 'That’s my towel!’ This would make you giggle. You and Paddy would always go get ice cream and leave the boys fighting.

Green 🍀:

One of your favourite things about Harry, which made him different from the rest was his style of clothes he chose to wear. You would notice he would raid his siblings closet from time to time; which you found funny but I’m sure Nikki found it smart so she didn’t have to buy three sets of clothes for each other the boys. His brothers fans would often compare photos of the outfits they wore and decide who wore it better.

One night at the Holland household, you and Harry were sitting outside, quietly. Taking in the backyard, the weather, themselves. Taking a breather in life altogether. England was always cold, and Harry notice you start to get some goosebumps. He slipped of his green jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders. This moment was quite early on in your relationship, and a move like this was sentimentale to you. Although the green jacket didn’t match what you were wearing, you wore it anyways because it was comfortable and it smelt of Harry. You placed your head on his shoulder as a thank you for keeping you warm. In was in this moment, no matter what anyone said, he was a keeper.

White ✈️:

Dating Harry had many perks. Especially when he 'knew a guy’. It was your summer break, and you and Harry really wanted to travel somewhere warm. Warmer than London. Thank god that someone Harry knew was his brother who was able to hook them up with first class seats whilst traveling. Just a small name drop did the trick. Waiting in the airport was no fun for anyone, especially waiting for a delayed flight that hadn’t even landed yet. Harry tried to make the most of this opportunity by buying food, taking pictures, playing stupid games on his phone, but nothing seemed to past the time. You looked down at your white boarding pass. You still couldn’t believe he had gotten first class tickets. You felt so fancy. You were sitting a lounge full of fancy people. Believe me when I say this but, you two were the only two under 20 here. Everyone else was older than you guys. Business people, snobs. An air hostess came over to order your meals for the plane and she also spoke about the inflight entertained and drinks they had to offer. Looking back at Harry, you wonder how you got so lucky. There was never a dull moment like this. You couldn’t wait to get to your destination. Who cares if you had to wait an extra two hours. You tune to Harry and say:

“If all our trips are like this, I’m staying with you forever.”

Grey 🐺:

Winter wasn’t your favourite season, but it wasn’t your hated season either. There was this surprisingly sunny day you had so spent it at the park with Harry and his dog Tessa. Although the sun was out, there were grey clouds to match he grey dog you were playing with. Tessa was always so gentle with you. She would always nudge you with her nose before beginning to lick your face to death. It was a sigh of respect she gave you. Harry tagged you along because you were in the neighbourhood. Holding his hand, swaying it back and forth. His hand fit perfectly with yours. You were surprised he didn’t have his camera with him. Probably because it wasn’t planned. You stayed in the park for some time, swaying on the swings watching your boyfriend throw a stick for Tessa to run and catch it. It was simple moments like this, that made you happy.

Brown 🍳:
The Hollands had gone away for the weekend to visit Tom. Harry decided to stay back so he had the house to himself all weekend. He invited you over because he knew you’d say yes. All day was full of watching movies, sitting outside, helping Harry with a script and what not. Around 5:30pm your stomach began to grumble.

“Harry. What’s for dinner?” You ask him. Before you knew it, you’re both back in the kitchen thinking of something to cook. You both come to an agreement that eggs and toast is a good idea.  Harry had just cracked the eggs in the pan as you were keeping an eye on the toast. Harry came over and placed his arms around you and placed a couple of sweet and soft kisses on your shoulder and neck. This boy was getting horny. You spun around in his arms and wrapped yours around his neck. You leaned his and placed your lips on his. After a couple of minutes you could smell something bad.

“Harry! The eggs!” You exclaim as you see the once white and yellow eggs turn brown. They were becoming burnt. The fire alarm even went off. You grabbed your jumper and climbed up atop a chair and swung it back and forth to clear the air.

Black 🖤:
One of your many dates with Harry, consists of going to the movies. Many of them would be attended by his family or friends, but the one time you guys went by yourselves was to see Star Wars The Force Awakens. You got a large popcorn, some gummy worms and a drink to share. You sat in the very back of the cinema, Harry’s arm around your shoulders. He placed a kiss on your head and you turns to him. You placed a hand on his cheek and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

“I love you so much.” You whisper to him. He smiles back. It was the first time you had said that to him. In a movie cinema, how romantic, right? You were glad no one else was in the cinema at the night. What you didn’t know was that Harry had booked the whole cinema out so it could just be you and him.

Silver 💍:
Your birthdays were always amazing. You loved small birthday parties with your friends and family, eating cake and mucking around with everyone. This year, you just wanted a quiet dinner with your family and Harry. That’s it. And that’s what you got. Your parents ordered your favourite takeaway and Harry got you your favourite cake. It was just perfect.
Harry had been so sweet all day. He even took the day off to be with you. You had found it odd that he hadn’t given you a gift yet. You were sitting in your lounge room with him watching the 7 pm news after dinner. You mother had called out for you to do the cake. A quick 'happy birthday’ was sung and you cut into the cake, making a wish of your choice. Your mom had teased you it was something to do with Harry but you father said that you wished to get into the university of your choice. I guess they’ll never know.

After the cake, Harry walked over to this bag and pulled out your gift. It was in a small bag. You took to off him and opened it. You pulled out the long box and took off the lid. A silver chain with a silver 'H’ hung off the end of it.
“Harry. It’s beautiful.” You were honestly in awe of such a gift.

A Cruel Fairy Tale Theme100

01. So, let’s get started.
02. A mask that can not help laughing
03. A place called paradise
04. A song of a mermaid that can not be heard
05. A white bird in a barbed wire
06. A country without snow
07. The way a little bird led me
08. The forest of dolls
09. Dad, where are you?
10. A beautiful angel song
11. The child lost there
12. The night when the moon has become dusty
13. Eve’s Night
14. Black shoes
15. Bloody little girl
16. A trampled dandelion flower.
17. If you go along the way
18. A world that looked beyond the horizon
19. A sacrifice to God
20. I think you’ll going to eat me.
21. Mom, it hurts.
22. Do not smile so pretty.
23. A beautiful sound heard under the sea
24. The bell rings at night
25. Blue butterfly, blue rose, blue sky, red me
26. The sliced pink wings
27. Rainy days. A blue umbrella fairy
28. My cute baby
29. Last dinner with family
30. Be careful. It is dark
31. A dancer named Death dances
32. I have blood on my hands
33. I didn’t cry. I couldn’t. I just could not.
34. I was crying alone
35. White butterfly on dry branches
36. With just the same look
37. Maria, listen to my prayer
38. The devil with butterfly wings
39. At that time, he was angry with me
40. It rains. It rains from the sky
41. The man in the picture
42. A black rainbow
43. Blue fish
44. Double walking (doppelganger)
45. Angel. Be judged
46. ​​A bitter fog turned over
47. Dream Requiem
48. Lullabies of blood played by the music box in the memory of the past
49. The melody that was finished
50. A red cross necklace made of silver
51. Funeral of the day when snow falls
52. Redhead girl dancing in white shoes
53. Rain for Christmas
54. Alice’s country
55. I invite you to a party
56. When did Santa Claus die?
57. I felt the wrath of the sky at that time
58. Dressed in blood
59. Boy in the forest dancing
60. An angel who can not hear, can not see, and can not speak
61. Please be my resting place
62. Under the shade of a blue-colored tree
63. I got a birthday present, very pretty
64. Red rain and red umbrella falling from the sky…
65. Capriccio (Greatest Hits)
66. A doll resembling a mother
67. Winter of the glassy castle
68. The last day of the festival
69. I was stabbed in a rose corridor
70. Voice of exchange with the devil
71. The mask of a clown
72. We throw away our tears
73. A room that should not be opened
74. It’s not a knife that killed a girl, it’s a coffin
75. Fantasy. What are you looking at?
76. Snow. The town falling
77. Invitation from hell
78. Just a party for you
79. Forever Friday of the 13th
80. The rose maze
81. Masquerade ball
82. Everyone is wearing a mask
83. Public Gardens
84. The girl in the illusion
85. A world of pure children
86. Girl’s little secret garden
87. Please wait for the night together
88. Last night of the festival
89. Do you believe in your destiny?
90. Winter melody in my ear
91. The girl in the church
92. Dad laughing, mom laughing, baby laughing. I’m not anywhere
93. The country where the ghost is ruled
94. A charitable smile. Ugly girl
95. No one will look at me
96. The child who was kicked naked naked
97. Is I a bad child now?
98. Good Bye - My little girl
99. The tragedy of the one who loved God
100. Can we finish it now?

Made by Korean who I don’t know long time ago.

Use google for translate.

For you creative people.

Friday Night

Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: every single Friday night has always been the same for as long as you can remember & you have always hated them, that was until you met Finn & your Friday nights were changed forever. Fluff.

Authors note: im thinking about doing a second part just describing little milestones in their lives together after this. Let me know if you would be interested in that at all. -ren

Friday night, everyone’s favorite night of the week, well almost everyone. You have never been a fan of Friday nights, & you have Cami your best friend to thank for that. Every single Friday night since you turned 21 Cami has forced you to go out with her. She claims it’s because you don’t get out enough, but you know it’s just because she needs a wing women to help her get laid due her extreme lack of game. Tonight is no different than any other Friday night. You walked into your usual bar, Cami went to go freshen up, & you sat in your usual seat as the bartender set down your usual drink.
“When are you finally going to tell her to stop using you so she can get laid?” Sarah, the bartender who has actually become a good friend of yours asked.
“I don’t know” you shrugged “it’s not like she means any harm, she just needs a little help sometimes.”
Sarah just gave you a look signaling that you were making excuses, “but what about you?” She asked, “when are you going to find yourself a man instead of finding her one?”
“Men don’t want regular girls like me, they want glamours women like her” you explained.
Just as Sarah was about to reply Cami made her way over to you, Sarah just gave you a look signaling that the conversation is far from over.
“So… who look good tonight?” Cami asked as she plopped down on her usual stool to the left of you. “They are people Cami, not food.” You stated causing Cami to just wave you off as her eyes were roaming the crowded room.
“I want him.” She states nodding her head to your right.
As you turned to see who she was talking about, you swear you just laid eyes on the most beautiful man in the world & you ask yourself how you didn’t notice him any sooner. You quickly snapped out of it reminding yourself that he was more than likely going to be sleeping with your best friend tonight. Once you got yourself together you tapped the man on his shoulder & quickly prepared what you were going to say. Then he turned around & you made eye contact with his beautiful blue eyes, causing everything you had planned on saying completely slip your mind.
“Can I help ya love?” He asked revealing his thick Irish accent, you were sure you were going to faint right then & there.
“Are ya alright?” He asked with slight concern lacing his voice, causing you to snap out of the daze you were in. “Yes sorry I am just tired is all.” You lied.
“Im Finn by the way” he said with a bright smile as he stuck out his hand. As you placed your hand in his to accept his handshake you felt a shock of electricity go through your body, & you thought maybe he felt it to by the way he was staring in to your eyes.
“Who’s your friend?” Cami interrupted causing you to quickly remove your hand from Finns. “Oh um im sorry how rude of me,” you stuttered “Cami this is Finn, Finn, Cami.” You tried to make sure you didn’t sound as annoyed as you were feeling.
As Cami sparked a conversation with Finn you slowly removed yourself from in between them & slowly leaned in to Sarah & whispered “I told you so.”, then made your way out of the bar but not before getting a sympathetic look from Sarah.
After you left the bar you went straight back to the comfort of your apartment. Once you showered & put on some comfortable you grabbed a beer & went to sit out on your balcony. The balcony is easily you favorite part about your apartment, always has been. You have a perfect view of the city & the stars, your two favorite things.
You were about halfway through your second beer when you heard your front door open & quickly close. When you turned around to see who it was you weren’t surprised to see Cami stumbling her way to her bedroom with Finn not following far behind. About five minutes later you were startled by the sound of the glass door behind you open, you were then surprised when you turned your head & once again came face to face with Finn.
“Why aren’t you with Cami?” You immediately asked him as he made his way outside. “I don’t kiss people I have barely met & will never see again, let alone sleep with.” Finn explained “I just brought her to bed because there was no way she was getting there herself.” He laughed causing you to smile. “Thanks, you didn’t have to do that.” You said as you got up to stand next to Finn who was leaning against the balcony edge. “She always like that?” He asked, “every Friday night.” You sighed.
“& what about you?” Finn asked turning to face you. “What about me?” You asked slightly confused. “When do you go out & have your fun?” He asked. “Never.” You stated laughing slightly at the thought of you going out & having fun, “that’s never really been my thing.”
“Why, do you have a boyfriend or something?” Finn asked causing you to look up at him as if the answer was obvious. “Definitely not” you scoffed.
“Now why do you say it like that? Like thinking you have a boyfriend is so ridiculous?” He asked not entirely expecting an answer, “you know not all men want some glamours woman like Cami.” His repetition of what you had said earlier to Sarah caused you to smile at him, “you were eavesdropping?” You asked pretended to be upset with him.
“I was standing right next to ya love, I didn’t really have a choice.” Finn laughed.
As the night went on you & Finn talked about anything & everything, it felt like you have known each other for much longer than just a few hours.
Before either of you realized it the night quickly turned to morning but the conversation continued, that was until you were interrupted by Cami sticking her head outside obviously about to ask you to do something for her. But before she could her eyes quickly went to Finn, “what are you still doing her?” She asked, “did you come back to see me? That’s so sweet! How about you buy me some breakfast?”
“Actually we just got to talkin last night & completely lost track of time.” He explained. “Clearly” you heard Cami whisper under her breath, clearly a bit jealous.
“I actually have to get going to the arena soon, I have a show tonight.” Finn explained causing Cami to start whining & acting as if she was heartbroken, “awww don’t go.” She said as she stepped outside to reveal her bra less tank top & her extra short shorts as she wrapped her arms around Finn causing you to roll your eyes.
“So I guess this is goodbye.” You said trying not to sound as upset as you were feeling. Finn just gave you a sad smile & opened his arms signaling for you to give him a hug, which you gladly excepted. As you wrapped your arms around his torso you felt that same spark you felt early jolt through your whole body that you knew he felt too. As you finally built up the courage to pull away Finn kept his strong arms wrapped around you.
“What are you doing?” You asked as you looked up & met his eyes. Instead of replying he just kept his gaze locked on yours & before you realized it you were both slowly leaning in. After what felt like an eternity your lips finally connected, & it was easily the best kiss you have ever experienced you didn’t want it to end.
Once you both built up the courage to pull away your eyes immediately found his, “thought you didn’t kiss people you are never going to see again.” You whispered. “I plan on seeing you again love. If you let me.” He says cupping your cheek & running is thumb across your bottom lip. You just smiled & nodded, you were so in awe of this man that you couldn’t even form the words.
Little did you know that just another Friday night was the start of the rest of your life.

Okay, my turn…

I miss Tangled the Series.

I miss seeing my baes and having new things to gif and the fandom exploding every time they kiss or when new information is revealed. I miss the rapid-fire conversations in my messages on Fridays and Skyping with @forever-tangledup so we can watch the new episode “together”.

I miss Friday night TV meaning something lol