But what if we don’t do headcanons where combeferre is all awkward and gangly during high school and the turns into the hot doctor, and instead we have ferre who was really fit as a teenager but when he leaves home he starts gaining weight.

In high school he plays tennis, he’ll go on runs with enjolras a few mornings a week, and whenever he goes to see courf compete in races with the swim team they always end up sneaking back in swimming around for a good hour before anyone realizes there there.

And when he first leaves for school he does still work out a bit, he’ll run on the treadmill once or twice a week but that doesn’t last to long with all the things he’s involve in. And he’s no too upset or anything when he gains the freshman15, cause everyone does that. But when he goes into med school he has to drastically change his diet to stay at a healthy weight an he’s now a lot heavier than he was in high school

But ferre’s not one to talk about his unsecured so he never mentions it and just begrudgingly accepts it. And one day right after he and courf finish having sex, courf makes so comment about how they are both a bazillion times better now then they were in high school, and ferre replays with a bitter comment about how at least he was attractive in high school.

Courf just stairs at him, really offended, for a few seconds before saying “excuse me?” And Ferre’s like, “come on, we both know I’m not as attractive as I was when we started dating.” Courf just stairs before going on this angry rant about “First of all, how dare you insult my favorite person in the world. And second, you are literally the sexyist…” And Ferre just has to sit there and listen as courf tells him why he’s so lovely and beautiful and ferre’s face get totally red and and he keeps trying to interupt but Courf just keeps telling him “it’s no use, I’m angry now, I’m not going to stop”