A grocery list for healthy meals and food and stuff.

Ground Chicken ( I like to make chicken patties for breakfast or for a sandwich)
Ground Turkey (same as chicken, I also like to use it for making turkey meatloaf muffins)
Lamb & Bison (Only when On sale.. personally)
Salmon (awesome easy dinners)
Tilapia (easy lunch)
Tuna (canned for an easy lunch, or get a tuna steak- awesome grilled)
Shrimp - sometimes, not the most filling/highest in protein. 
Ground Beef (awesome for homemade burgers or stews or chilis)

-Zuchinni (I buy a bunch of these I love them, they are so quick)
-Kale (I like to make my smoothies with this or make kale chips)
-Brussels Sprouts
-Green Beans
-All bell peppers
-All normal spicy peppers
-Cucumber (Salads) 
-Avocado ( I know this is a fruit.. but it is green so I believe it to be a veggie :P this is good for healthy fats. I am not a huge fan but some people are crazy about their cados) 

Just get what you like. I enjoy Almond Butter & Apples as a treat. 

-Cantelope (if I can tell it is fresh and awesome
-Grapes (I like to freeze them for desserts)
-Strawberries & other berries
-Frozen Strawberries & Blueberries for Smoothies
(there are tons of fruit though! I just like these)

‘Higher’ carb Foods :
-Sweet Potato
-Acorn Squash
-Spaghetti Squash

Random Other Things:
-Coconut Milk
-Almond Milk
-Nuts (I like cashews, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin)
-Almonds (Buy more if you want to make almond flour from scratch)
-Nut Butters (Artisia has a lot of different types but I like Almond and -Cashew butter the most)
-Spices (I have tons of spices, I wish I had more.. Im a spiceoholic)
-Coconut Aminos (it is like soy sauce, but made from fermented coconut, it is great for going out for sashimi or making stir frys)
-Coconut and Olive Oil for cooking. 
-Canned Tomatoes (for chili and sauces!) 

I try and go with what is on sale/cheaper. I also try and make a really rough ‘meal plan list’ so I only buy what I know I will be using (in the produce/meat sections)

This was my grocery list for a ‘paleo’ type lifestyle. When I am not eating paleo, I add in GF oats (normal oats are fine if you don’t have celiac), brown rice (occasionally.. but not super often because I don’t like it much)

I don’t buy it all at once either! I usually find 3-4 different proteins to eat throughout the week pick a few fruits and then just get a crap ton of veggies. LIKE THE ENTIRE FRICKEN PAIL IS FULL OF VEGETABLES.


College Freshman - Starting College (by Eric Light)