Had a couple ppl ask me to do this one, so here it is #Carltondance #cartoon #animation #art #freshprince #STAYTOONED


“it’s been like that for a while" Wish I could remove the laugh track, because ain’t shit funny - but this scene is still relevant.

Abuse of power and excessive force by law enforcement is a daily occurrence in the U.S! I’ve experienced it, the people I know have experienced it and thousands of others.

I’m not here for the, “not all cops are bad cops” conversation either, because passive racism, is equally if not worse then active racism.

There’s so much bias, misinformation and unbalanced coverage in mainstream media. Presume these news outlets are lying to you - question it all.

Therefore, stop with the “it’s just social media” rhetoric, because if it wasn’t for Twitter, IG, or YouTube, these incidences of injustice (worldwide) would go unnoticed and die.

RIP #MikeBrown, and the countless other’s murdered by those who have sworn to “protect and serve.”