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Proud Papa

Yeah, so Jamie is the one who takes care of their frog babbu when Lucio is away on tour. Suffice to say, Jamison often takes the little fella for long walks often in his pockets. 

Also, the little froggo screams when it meets people that aren’t Junkrat or Lucio. Basically the two saved the l’il fella from some kids who were abusing him and they nursed the froggo back to health with love and fresh beats. 


Pairing: Daveed x Reader x Anthony [With a bit of Lin]

Warning: None

Part 2/3 of Hot Series


It was another hot day after rehearsal and, since the next show was in just three hours, no one left for home, opting to stay in the theater.

You learned your lesson last time and steered cleared of the ‘curly hair duo’. You planned on locking yourself in your dressing room, chomping on marshmallows and binge watching shows on Hulu.

Haha. Yeah right.

Lin burst into your room wearing shorts and thick sandals. You were wrapped up like a burrito in a blanket with the air conditioner pumping. You were stuffing four large marshmallows in your mouth when he interrupted. “[F/Name]! Get your cute ass in a swim suit and make your way to the rooftop. Everyone will be up there and we got pizza.”

You rolled onto your side, groaning. “But there’s AC here.”

“AC will never beat fresh air. Get up.”

Lin walked to your personal chest, rummaging for your swimsuit. You threw a marshmallow at his head. “Get out of my shit.”

He pulled out a two-piece purple and white tankini, waving it at you. “Put this on.”

You rolled your eyes, scoffing. “I will if you put it on me.”

You let out a yelp as  Lin gave the blanket one hard pull, causing you to fall on the floor. He walked towards you, brandishing your swimsuit like a weapon, a seductive/playful smirk on his features.

“Fucking Christ, I was joking!” You backed away from him before scurrying to the door.

“You weirdo!”

Lin’s laugh followed you up the stairs.


Daveed and Anthony eyes have been on you since your grand entrance of cussing out Lin while he chased you. You were currently hugging Lin from behind, shielding yourself from Pippa and Jasmine trying to squirt you with a water gun.

Lin took the brunt of the attack, laughing when you squeaked from terror..

Anthony’s eyes narrowed, sucking his teeth as he looked to Daveed. The later smirked, signaling towards you. The stood up and strode over to you and Lin.

“Daveed. Ant. What can I help you with?” Lin greeted with a smile.

You whispered to Lin. “Don’t you dare-”

Hands clamped down on your shoulders and your body was being was pulled away from your safe zone.

“We just want to speak to [F/Name], if that’s alright?” Daveed asked as he picked you up around your waist. You hissed at him, reaching for Lin who sat confused at the situation. Anthony waved at him, his smiling freckled face deflecting any suspicions.

“It’s just about a prank she did earlier that we need to get her back from,” he said.

You wriggled harder. “Lies! Lies I tell you!” Your mouth was covered by Daveed’s hand, though no one could see it since he was already walking to the stairway.

The ensemble cried out for pictures and Twitter updates about the ‘payback’ you would be receiving. What great help they were. You struggled for as long as you could until your back met the turntable inside the theater. 

You glared up at Daveed and Anthony. Your eyes focused on freckle face when he reached into his back pocket and pulling out a small brown bag. He poured out four dice from it.

“Let’s play a game.”


Hadley Fraser: a Timeline
1. 2001 - 2002 Les Miserables, Marius Pontmercy
2. 2005 The Far Pavilions, Ashton Pelham-Martyn
3. 2006 Doctor Who, Gareth
4. 2006 - 2007 The Pirate Queen, Tiernan
5. 2009 - 2010 The Fresh Beat Band, Reed
6. 2010 Les Miserables: 25th anniversary concert, Grantaire
7. 2011 The Phantom of the Opera: 25th anniversary concert, Raoul de Chagny
8. 2012 Les Miserables: 2012 Film, National Guardsman
9. 2013 - 2014 Coriolanus, Tullus Aufidius
10. 2014 - 2015 City of Angels, Stine