The giro was a fun race……until I ended up on the pavement. 

Just want to say thanks to all our sponsors: Thanks to GIGA OM and ARO Pistachio for all the support, thanks Focus bike for making such a tough racing machine, thanks Fresh Air Bike shop for being such great mechanics and always being there to help repair our bikes, thanks Edith at Dan Tian Wellness center for all the good healing vibes and support off the bike, thanks Elemental Herbs for all the good healing ointments (I definitely needed them after this crash), thanks to Lazer Helments for making such great products to protect my brain, thanks to Baia Pasta for making great recovery food, and thanks to De La Paz Coffee for all the go go juice. 

Looking forward to the last few races of the season!!!


Photo by Henry Bow

The time for winter training is upon us. It’s that time of year when some of us continue to rip it up in the cyclocross season - like our brothers at Team Fresh Air-Hunter Cyclocross - and some of use seek visions of open roads, classical terrain, and epic landscape, as we build our base for the upcoming season. With all the time spent on our bikes we have thank our amazing shop sponsor Fresh Air Bicycles for keeping our chariots of fire in excellent condition. Furthermore, it is their support that made it possible for us to ride these impressive FOCUS bikes and these great Lazer Helmets - keeping us riding strong and ready for the long miles. 

Thanks FAB!!!

Winter winds are coming...

Winter is upon us…like it or not you can feel it coming. 

For some of us this means it’s time for CROSS MADNESS - For others it means long, long miles of training and exploration. 

Visions of classical terrain across epic landscape in search of the fire burring within to keep our mind clear, our legs strong, and our focus keen towards the next season.

With one more road race remaining, it almost time pull out the maps and bring those cartography skills into work. 

This has indeed been a great year with the team and I am very thankful to have had the chance to be apart of such a great group of people. 

Thanks again to all our sponsors for the support they have given through out the year. 

Time to RIDE.


Quick Update on a couple recent races:

San Luis Rey Classic RR - 4/26 - A new race for me down in Southern California. Another 100+ miles on an out and back course over decent roads and a small climb done 7 times, but the real threat of the day was wind. Out of all the days of perfect weather in SoCal, today was a wet morning and a really windy afternoon, which played a major factor in the race. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but when I saw Jelly Belly riders and KHS riders start to roll up in numbers, I knew it was going to be a break away win. So as expected the race started out like a crit with attack after attack going up the road. Seeing as I was solo all I could do is try and make the jump any time a Jelly Belly rider or KHS rider when up the road. Again and agin I was trying to make the right move, but in the end I was screwed out of the winning break, suffered in the head wind for quite a while, and ended up being stuck in the main field well represented by two other big teams that missed the break, but couldn’t bring it all back together. Another frustrating situation, but I just didn’t have the ability to ride off the front solo into that wind. So just to make sure I got in another solid effort, I really did way more work than I should have had to as a single rider and just emptied the tank all the way to the line. In the end I only took 22nd on the day and 8th out of the cat 2’s. Overall it was still a solid effort over a long race and it was fun racing with a new crowd and a new course. I’m looking forward to doing some more races outside the NorCal calendar this year. 

Thanks to all our sponsors and thanks to my Dad for hanging out at the feed zone all day to keep me hydrated.

Photos by PB Creative Photo

Quick update on a couple recent races:

Copperopolis RR - 4/19 - A true Norther Californian Classic road race. A 100+ miles of racing over rough, hilly, and unpredictable terrain where anything can happen. This day was no exception when the winning break decided to go at mile 5 and all hell broke loose on the first lap. With a long way to go I decided to take my time and not react to the early moves, but it was a bad decision. After a few moves were made and things started to clam down, I finally looked back at the rest of the field only to realize I was in the wrong group. Everyone that was really worth watching was up the road and I was stuck in the grupetto. From there on out it was simply a long day in the saddle and a slow disintegration of the main field. As frustrating as it was, I still came away with a better understanding of tactical racing. Specifically, I should always be ready to make the early moves and it doesn’t matter if there is 100 miles to race as long as the right riders are up the road. All the training and time put into the bike is for a reason and it gives us the ability to quickly recover. I need to remember to use that and be ready to make those early efforts no matter what. So as the race continued to roll along, eventually the main field became a group of 5 and in the vein of such an unpredictable race we actually ended up catching quite a few riders and a small group at the base of the last climb. However by the time we were in the finishing kms I had nothing left to give and had to settle for a 21st placing, and a 10th cat 2 finish. Overall I was still happy with a big day of racing. I have always wanted to race this course in the P/½’s and it only makes me thirsty for more. 

I can’t say enough about how well my Focus held up on the brutal course and how strong the Zipps road. Furthermore the great guys a Fresh Air always make my chariot of fire ready for anything. Bicycle coffee kept me well caffeinated, Elemental herbs kept me well protected, and Baia Pasta fueled me up the night before, while Vigilant eats provided a great recovery. Also, thanks goes to Whole Athlete for all the support and Lazer Sport for the head protection.  Thanks again to all our sponsors.

Photo by Alex Chiu