He did it.

It has since come to my attention that the story told in the post that inspired this post (formerly linked above, though I assume the original poster of that gifset has since deleted it) was a fallacy. I don’t know why the person who created that post made up the lie that Will Smith’s father abandoned him, but it fooled a lot of people, including me. Evidently, Will Smith’s father was very much present and very supportive in his life, and this scene was just a display of his acting skills. This diminishes neither the power of the scene, nor the extent of Will’s success, but I should have done some fact-checking research before making this post, and in the future, I will be sure to do so before making posts. I apologize for aiding in the spreading of this misinformation.

guys i am so proud of zayn. i am not from the muslim or arab community, but i recognize how big of a statement this is. he didn’t step down when he took a stand in tweeting “free palestine” and he won’t back down now when people will drag his name through the mud. it’s almost as if he’s saying “if you’re going to write about me, write about this!”