dusk, old perfume bottles, cotton sheets, dried rose petals, hand written love letters, old buildings on a street made of stone, ballet, copper, dark lipstick, melted wax candles, grand architecture, rivers that run through cities, women in silk dresses, ballrooms, doves, lavender, gold jewelry, french tipped nails, chandeliers, the women’s powder room, glasses of champagne, harps, long lashes, and lipstick stains on blushing cheeks

Liquid Strength-Carl Gallagher Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Some swearing, underage drinking, and Gallaghers being Gallaghers

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  Carl and Y/N started dating shortly after he got out of juvie, which shocked everyone since Carl was convinced that he was a real gangster and Y/N was the shining example of innocence. As far as everyone knew, the girl had never sworn, drank, did any sort of drug nor sexual act, or committed any sort of crime. Y/N was too smart for her own good and too sweet so how Carl convinced her to go out with him was a mystery to everyone.

   “So, was it really scary in juvie?” Y/N asked.

   She and Carl were walking down the street near their neighborhood. It was a Thursday afternoon and they had just gotten out of school but neither of them wanted to go home. Carl had tried to convince her to cut class with him but she refused, so they both stayed in class. It was a decent day in Chicago but it was still Chicago after all.

   Carl shrugged. “Nothin that I couldn’t deal with, ma.”

   He smirked as a blush crept onto her cheeks. The only reason he called her that was because it made her bashful and he was proud that only he could make her blush like that…at least, he better be the only one making his girl blush like that.

   “Really? Because, I’ve seen a lot of Scared Straight and I couldn’t imagine…”

   “Well, that show is a ton of bs to be honest. To survive, you just gotta get with the right people.”

   “Like you did?”


   Y/N smiled softly and leaned her head on his shoulder as they continued walking around the park together. She often asked him questions about juvie and Carl always used it as an opportunity to brag. It was one of the only things he thought he could do to keep the gorgeous girl on his arm. Plus, the way her y/e/c eyes shimmered when he told her a story about he participated in jumping someone or the stunned look she would make whenever he would talk about protecting her from anyone was worth it. He would do anything for Y/N, in fact, Carl thought he loved her.

    Before they both knew it, they were standing in front of Y/N’s house. The sound of Rihanna’s newest song was blaring from her sister’s, Y/S/N, room, signalling that she was the only one home, which was good since Y/N’s parents couldn’t stand Carl, they wanted the best for their youngest daughter. Y/N turned to Carl, staring at the tips of her pristine white Converse sneakers that clashed with beat up black boots Carl wore.

   “Thanks for walking me home again, Carl,” Y/N said.

   “Anything for you, ma, you know you’re my number one,” Carl replied with a grin.

   Y/N shook her head. “You’re a lot sweeter than people think, Gallagher.”

   “Only for you, I gotta keep my cred up.”

   “Whatever.” Y/N leaned forward to kiss Carl on the cheek, but he quickly grabbed her face and pressed his lips harshly against hers. She smiled into it, butterflies fluttering like mad in the pit of her stomach when she gently pushed him away. “Carl.”
   “I can’t help it, you’re beautiful.”

   “Thank you, but I should get going.”

   “Wait. I’m having a party tonight but it won’t be right if my queen isn’t at my side.”

   “I don’t know, my curfew’s at eleven.”

   “F–k your curfew, your parents should know that you’re in safe hands as long as you’re wtih me.”

   “It’s your hands that my parents are worried about. I don’t know, Carl.”

   “I won’t stop asking until you say yes.”

   Y/N shot him one of her rare annoyed looks. There was a short list of things that Carl could do to draw that look onto her face and one of them was pestering her. She never snapped on him or anything, but he would get the silent treatment occasionally and he couldn’t stand it when she wouldn’t talk to him. However, if he pestered her just enough, she would cave into whatever he was trying to talk her into.

  “Fine, I’ll text you later.”

  “See you then, ma.”

   A few hours later, the Gallagher house was packed with inebriated teenagers trying to dance, play drinking games, and make out. Fiona, Lip, and Ian were gone for the night so it was just Debbie, Carl, and everyone they invited. Even though Carl tried to remain calm, he couldn’t help but be anxious since Y/N hadn’t shown up yet even though she did text him that he was on her way ten minutes ago and she only lived a couple of blocks away from him. Had she gotten jumped? Carl knew he should’ve sent Ron to escort her to the party. If something had happened to her, Carl would…

   “Sorry I’m late,” Y/N said as she walked up to Carl and kissed him on the cheek. “I ran into some girls from school and we all walked her together.” 

   Carl wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into his side. “It’s fine, I was just starting to get worried about you, ma. Have a drink.” Carl handed her a beer and she wrinkled her nose.


   “Come on, Y/N, don’t be a pussy,” Debbie teased.

   “I would say she is what she eats, but that’s my job.”

   “CARL!” Y/N exclaimed while the people around them dissolved into laughter.

   “What? It’s true, ma.”

    Y/N rolled her eyes at him but took a swig of the beer, not wanting to look weak in front of everyone else. The drink was foul, but she managed to finish it. “I don’t know how your dad is addicted to this stuff, no offense.”

   “None taken.”

   That one beer eventually turned into three and before anyone knew it, Y/N was drunk. She would childishly tug on Carl’s arm, insisting that he danced with her and by dancing, she meant twerking on him, which everyone was surprised she could do. Y/N spoke with people she normally would have never even looked at and she was overall a fairly happy drunk and Carl liked it. Somewhere during the party, Y/N wandered off with some girls and Carl was just chilling on the couch with Ron and some other guys.

   “…and then I pulled this out,” Carl said as he pulled out his gun, “and the wimp pissed his pants.”

   The crowd around him laughed or “oohed” in aw.

   “All over a pencil?” Debbie asked.

   Carl rolled his eyes. “Yes, over a pencil, Debs, no one shows me no disrespect.”

   “None,” Ron added.

   Debbie’s eyes widened but she walked away before she said anything to set Carl off. Carl ignored her and continued to tell stories about terrorizing people inside and outside of juvie when Bianca Holmes sat on his lap. 

   “That’s so amazing of you, Carl, you’re so bad,” Bianca said, running her French-tipped nails along his hoodie.

   “Yeah, I know.” Carl began looking around for Y/N. “Has anyone seen Y/N?”
   Bianca grabbed Carl’s face and forced him to look at her. “It’s rude not to look at people in the eye, Carl.”

   Bianca was the school whore, even beating out Debbie’s former friends. Her face was heavily made up in order to make herself look presentable and she wore a low cut tank top and the tiniest pair of jean shorts that anyone had ever seen. She ran a hand through her trashy extensions and smiled at Carl.

   “I’ve got a girl, Bianca, and she’s much more of a dimepiece than you,” Carl hissed.

   “Wanna bet?” Bianca snapped.

    Carl opened his mouth to respond when suddenly, Bianca was snatched off of Carl’s lap. He looked up and saw an enraged Y/N shoving Bianca away from her. Carl was in as much shock as the other witnesses as Bianca straightened.

   “Back off, Bianca!” Y/N slurred.

   “Or what? You’ll hurt me? Please, we all know Carl’s with you because he feels bad for you. He needs a real woman.” Bianca straightened up, practically shoving her exaggerated chest in Y/N’s face.

   “I don’t see a woman, I see a whore who has contracted nearly every STD under the sun.”

   The crowd around them gasped and Bianca charged Y/N. Fortunately, Y/N managed to grab Bianca by the hair and begin repeatedly punching her in the face. Bianca got a couple of scratches in, but it was obvious that Y/N was going to beat her. The final straw was when Bianca somehow got Y/N in a headlock, and Y/N grabbed the top of her head and yanked out part of her sew in. Bianca screeched as she released Y/N and staggered away. When Y/N straightened up, she delivered a final blow to Bianca’s gut, sending the girl to the floor. Y/N had scratches and bruises all over her face and body, but she had never looked cooler before in her life than when she stared down at Bianca with pure rage in her eyes.

   “Come near Carl again, and I’ll kick you a** so hard, your grandkids will feel it.”

   Bianca shook her head amidst the applause and Carl slowly walked over to Y/N, still in shock. Y/N turned to Carl and smiled, only for Carl to smash his lips into hers. She tasted like Miller Light and mint.

   “That was so hot,” he whispered. “I didn’t know you could fight like that.”

   “Had to show Bianca that you are mine.” Y/N placed a sloppy kiss on his lips again.

   “I can’t wait to tell you about this when you’re sober.” 

This is College! // Ch. 1

Hey guys! Jumping onto this College!AU because I am always a complete sucker for them :~) This will be a multi-fic because I have so many college head canons and I think I already have a story line panned out :o) inspired by @mirsan‘s AU


Eighteen… Nineteen… Twenty…

Kagome walked through the halls of her new dorm as she searched for her home for the next ten months. Kagome took off a year of school to work at her family shrine; not quite ready to move away from home and also to save up to help pay her school fees, so she wouldn’t be completely drowning in loans. She was still unsure about sharing a room with a stranger. What if they were a complete slob? Or messy? Noisy?! The thought made her scrunch her nose.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket and on her lock screen showed that one of four girls on her homescreen wallpaper texted her.


The message ended in a bunch of heart emojis and gal pal related ones. Kagome sighed deeply as she replied. Her three best friends all went away to a different college. Together. Out of their province while Kagome was stuck at the University of Tokyo. She knew that staying local would be cheaper and that she can work at her family shrine some weekends to earn some extra cash for herself. Still being away from her friends and being with a new group people she didn’t, or barely, knew left an unsettling taste in her mouth.

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Things I Associate Hogwarts Houses With:
  • Slytherin: Vodka, Snowy mornings, a black grand piano, Lana Del Rey songs, a forest when it's almost nights out, a calm lake, thunderstorms during the evening, a blizzard, fresh scented candles, American muscle cars painted black, European speed cars, champagne, foggy weather with a slight drizzle, arctic monkey songs, The Weeknd songs, coffee shops that have dairy lights hanging on the walls, tons of flyer miles, black coffee, tailored suits, evening gowns, diamonds, deep maroon lipstick, smirking, drunk kisses in the back of a room, going to exclusive parties, white roses, white dasies, classical symphonies, cigarettes, French tip nails or stiletto style, watching the snow fall from a frosted window, relaxing beneath an umbrella on the beach,
  • Ravenclaw: Wine, early morning runs right before the sun comes up, statgazing, painting, going to art shows, long afternoons spent reading, Oh Wonder songs, LIGHTS songs, walking on the beach when it's night time, lavender scented candles, beanies, knee high boots with or without heels, combat boots, Halsey songs, dark lipsticks, winged eyeliner, rose gold accessories, button up shirts with cardigans, an unmade bed with books opened on it, iced coffee, warm tea with honey, tulips, baby's breath, cliffside next to the sea, a mountain top with the night sky above, Rihanna songs, sparklers, camping in the wilderness, vintage bicycles, motorcycles, notebooks, black pens, kissing in the back of a library or classroom, punk pop concerts, violins, cellos, jazz music, vinyl collections, thunderless storms, street art, coffin styled nails, watching the snow fall on a bench, reading while tanning at the breach,
  • Gryffindor: Whiskey, bon fires at night, fireworks, hiking up a mountain, sunny weather, beach chairs with towels on them, Charli XCX songs, guitars, drums, skipping rocks on a lake, body paint, long road trips with the windows rolled down, Volkswagen cars, bright red lipstick, jumping off of cliffs into the ocean, Polaroid cameras, smoothie stands, spray paint on abandoned cars, tire swings, acoustic love songs, Fall Out Boy songs, music festivals during the summer, pink lemmonade, sprinkled doughnuts, shared kisses in the middle of a concert, gold accessories, going out to sport events, large sweaters and converse shoes, scotch, making snow angels, burying each other in the sand,
  • Hufflepuff: Mixed drinks, flower crowns, Marina and the Diamonds songs, sunflowers, walking in an open field, swimming in the ocean, sunny weather, eating ice cream on a sidewalk, sipping lemonade through a long striped straw, Bad Sun's songs, Sun hats, building said castles, building a snow man, bright lipsticks and gloss, colorful nail polish, tambourines, trumpets, a slow drive through a small town, jumping into a lake on the first day of summer, cloudless skies, gardening, window tops with potted plants, longs socks, high waisted shorts with crop tops, head bands, chalk drawings on the sidewalk, eating frozen yogurt in the middle of the day, chapstick, kissing in the garden,
Rescue Me

Title: Rescue Me
Rating: M (Adult Content: Physical Abuse, Language Warning)
Pairing: Roman Reigns/Reader/Randy Orton
Disclaimer: I sadly regret that I don’t own much.
Summary: Roman has to stop it, before it’s too late.

-Rescue Me

-Reader’s POV-

The pressure around my throat increased as I felt the heels of my black pumps leave the floor as my back scrapes up against the concrete wall. I try to breathe, to suck in as much oxygen as I can but all attempts seem to fail. The seconds turn to minutes, I feel my lungs tightening as my French tip nails claw at his hand and wrist.

“Please.. Stop..” I managed to squeak out. My vision begins to blur as he continues to choke me out, his fist squeezing me like a vice as I tried to cry out for help. The colorful pallet of tattoos down his arm fades into a sea of gray as hot tears pool in my eyes before falling down against my cheeks.

“I told you, I own you.” He hissed at me, his voice now sounding as if he was speaking in an echo. I struggle to imagine myself anywhere else but here. “Just like I owned you last night.” He laughed. The tears continued to roll down my face, sliding past the bruise on my cheek and the cut on my lip. My cover up make up now completely destroyed and stinging my eyes.

Suddenly nothing. Darkness surrounds me. Randy’s image was gone and all I could feel was numb.



-Roman’s POV-

“You almost ready to go man?” I asked, watching him throw the last handful of stuff into his duffle bag. I was dog tired and ready to hit the shower back at the hotel and get some sleep. I glanced over at my brother again as he nodded, pulling a plain white t-shirt over his head.

“Yeah, you?” Dean asked, then zipping up his leather jacket as he pulled it on as well. I ran a hand through my hair before tying it up at the base of my neck in a knot.

“Yeah dude, just let me get my shit from the bathroom.” I mumbled, disappearing through the doorway. My mind was anywhere but here. I felt like I had been walking around in a daze for months now. I couldn’t blame anyone else but myself though.

I had grabbed my brush and mouthwash from the counter when I heard a banging on our locker room door. I figured it was Seth wanting to ride back to the hotel with us so I blew it off initially. It wasn’t until I heard Dean yelling that I knew something had happened.


“Rome, bro, get your ass out here now!” The new tone in his voice told me everything I needed to know. She was in trouble again and I instantly felt a weight on my shoulders and a pain in my chest at the thought. This had to stop.

“What is it?” I asked, as I entered back into the room. I could tell by the look in Dean’s eyes and the level of his concern that it wasn’t going to be good. Standing next to him was Renee, tears streaming down her face, Ambrose’s arm around her waist. “What happened? Where is she?” I continued to rattle off, coming closer and becoming anxious.

Renee’s broken and distraught voice began to retell what she had seen as she grabbed a hold of Dean’s hand for comfort. “I was coming out of the girls locker room and I heard these noises… It sounded–so I just–and I saw–” Dean rubbed a hand across her back trying to calm her down.

“Babe, it’s alright, just breathe..” He whispered in her ear. Their relationship, their closeness, their love made me long for the one I had given up. I had been so stupid to walk away from her and now she was paying the price.


Within minutes Renee had taken us to where she had last seen them and the altercation that had taken place this time. She had hid behind a production crate long enough to know she needed help. Renee stopped just short of a long hallway, afraid to see what condition her best friend had been left in.

“Just around there…” She sobbed, wiping more tears from her eyes as Dean kissed her cheek and softly told her everything would be alright.

My heart pounded in my ears as I hurriedly turned the corner and saw her small frame lying face down against the cold cement floor of the arena. As soon as I could reach her I fell to my knees in a heap. My hands were shaking, afraid to touch her. Every time this happened I blamed myself a little bit more. It was all my fault and I knew it.

I could feel Ambrose standing just above me, watching closely as I brushed her long dark hair out of her face. My blood boiled and my heart broke simultaneously when I saw what he’d done to her this time. I can’t keep letting this happen. He’s going to end up killing her.

“That motherfucker..” Dean hissed, seeing it too. I gently rubbed a hand down her back. “Is she…?” His voice trailed with the question and I shook my head as I tried to roll her over as carefully as I could. The feel of her skin sent electricity through my veins just like it had always done.

“She’s breathing, but unconscious. That bastard choked her out, look at her neck…” I studied the bruises on her face, the gash in her lip and the newer markings he had left on her. I vowed right then and there that this would be the last time that Randy Orton ever touched her.

I picked her up in my arms, raising to my feet. I asked Ambrose to grab our bags from the locker room. I wanted to get her out of here as soon as possible before Orton had a chance to come back and look for her. Renee promised to meet us in the garage with her bags as well.

Once in the rental car, Ambrose drove as I sat in the backseat with her head in my lap. Looking down on her I continually checked her pulse, my fingertips running through her hair. She was the missing piece to my heart. But yet, I had done this. I had driven her into the arms of a man that continually assaulted her. He abused her and used her whenever he felt the need… What the fuck is wrong with me? What have I done?

I tried to stay as calm as possible, she needed me now more than ever and I’m not about to let her down a second time. I know now that I was wrong, I never should have left. I need her just as much, I can’t do this anymore. I am still very much in love with her. I won’t let him take away the only person I’ve ever really cared for…

But I will handle Orton later.


I walked out of the bathroom with a cool compress in my hand. I took a seat on the edge of the bed that I had tucked her into. She had started to stir not too long after we had gotten back to my hotel room but had yet to fully wake up.

Gently I pressed the folded washcloth to her forehead, mindful of her bruised cheek. As I wiped away the dried blood from the split in her lip her leg moved under the covers behind my back and I heard a slight whimper.

“Babe.. Come on.. It’s Roman, wake up for me baby girl.” I passed the cool cloth across her forehead again as I tried to coax her back to me. I watched her jerk again, her eyes fluttering open in a panic.

“Get off me Randy, get off! I told you no! Don’t touch me!” Her voice was hoarse as she tried to fight away her nightmare. I threw the towel to the bedside table as I took her hands in mine.

“Calm down, just calm down. You’re safe sweet pea, I promise.” She slowed her movements when she finally realized who I was and it wasn’t a dream. Her eyes instantly filled with tears and I could tell she was embarrassed. She quickly turned her head away from me to let out a guttural sob.

“He’s never going to touch you again.” I held onto her shaky hands, squeezing them gently. I tried to keep my breathing in an even rhythm to try to stay calm, for her sake. “I can promise you that.”

“You don’t know what he’s capable of, Ro…” She whispered and I felt her start to squeeze my hand back but she still refused to look at me. I could see the tears sliding off her face and onto the pillow.

“This has to stop. I can’t stand by and watch you suffer anymore. I’m going to end up killing that prick for what he’s done to you. The rage I feel inside is already unbearable. You’re not his toy, you’re not some whore that he can use whenever he wants it. This stops tonight. I can’t just sit by and watch him destroy the person I love anymore…”

Her eyes snapped shut, upon hearing my admission. Another sob escaped her, her body started to shake more violently as she continued to cry. Her grip on my hand tightened and my chest tightened with it. I couldn’t do this anymore. I had to stop pretending. I’m never going to be okay without her.

“Ro… Lay with me. Please. Hold me.” Her voice broke me again, her whimper, her sobs. I moved in to lay next to her, pulling her into my arms as carefully as I could unsure as to how much damage Orton had actually done to her. She pressed her face into my chest, her hands gripping my t-shirt so hard her knuckles turning a bitter shade of white.

“I’ve never stopped loving you…” I whispered into her hair before I pressed my lips against her temple. I could feel her body trembling. “I’m sorry for the way I acted. I’m sorry I tried to push you away because I was afraid.”

She pulled back a little, looking up at me through glassy brown eyes. The same eyes that made my whole body respond to her every time she looked at me. I brought my hand to her face, gently wiping away her tears with the pad of my thumb.

“Why?” She asked slowly, trying to calm herself down. “Why did you leave me that night?” My heart shattered into a million pieces but she had every right to know why I had ran away from her. Even though I knew I lacked a good enough reason.

“I started to realize how deep we were getting. It scared me, the way I feel about you still terrifies me. I’ve let this consume me, I haven’t gone a day without thinking about you–without missing you.” I paused, holding her a little tighter than before, trying hard not to get emotional myself.

“I wanted you to move in with me, I had planned on asking you that night. I wanted to get a new place, just for us. I had even looked at a oceanfront townhouse in Pensacola.” Her eyes got a little wider and I could tell she wasn’t expecting that. I brushed her hair away from her. My eyes trying to ignore all the bruising on her face.

“I would have accepted..” She whispered, her face moving back to press against my chest. I knew she was getting emotional again and didn’t want me to see it. I sighed heavily, rubbing my hand up and down her back gently as I thought about what to say next.

“I can’t apologize enough for being a coward, for leaving you the way I did. I suddenly felt overwhelmed, not only by how I felt about you but how much I wanted to make you a premenant fixture in my life. I’ve never felt that way about anyone before. All that bullshit I told you that night was a lie. It’s not that I didn’t want to settle down, that I wasn’t ready for a commitment–I wanted it all and more but I let my fear of the unknown control me. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to be the man you needed me to be…”

I paused as she shifted in my arms. We laid there together face to face against the pillows. She reached up to cup my cheek in her palm, I instinctively nuzzled into it closing my eyes as I breathed her in. I missed her touch so damn much.

“You will always be the man for me…” I grimaced, opening my eyes to see another tear slip down her cheek.

“I feel like I’m the one that pushed you into all this shit with Orton. I should have said something sooner, I should have stopped it. He’s hurt you over and over and I wasn’t there to protect you. You always came to me but I wasn’t there when you needed me the most. I’d never be able to live with myself if something happened to you, baby. I’m so sorry… For everything. Please, please forgive me.”

I leaned my forehead against hers as she started to cry again. Her hand never left my face, the opposite pressed against my chest over my heart. As much as I hurt and hated to see her cry, I let her get it out. I knew I deserved to see how much pain and hurt I had put her through. I just held her, staying close, not saying another word. A few minutes passed before she broke the silence.

“Ro… At first he was just a way for me to cope with losing you…” She took a deep breath in, trying to regain what little composure she could at this point. “It’s been almost four months since that last night with you… And I’ve lost count how many times he’s hit me. He uses me for sex when he wants it, for as long as it takes for him to be satisfied. And every time I would pretend I was somewhere else, somewhere with you…”

“I’m so sorry baby girl. I just can’t say it enough. It could never make up for being such an idiot and walking away from the best thing that ever happened to me…” My voice betrayed me, for as much rage as I felt in my gut for Randy Orton right now, I felt more heartbreak for her, for finally coming face to face with what I’ve done.

“I love you, I have loved you and I will always love you. Please stay with me, I don’t deserve you or your forgiveness but I want to be us again… I don’t want you anywhere near that son of a bitch ever again. I want you right here, with me, by my side, where you belong.”

I took a chance, my body reacting to the moment as my lips gently pressed against hers. For as much as I ached for her and wanted ravage her, I knew she physically couldn’t handle it. I could feel her lean further into the kiss but still taking it easy, mindful of the split in her bottom lip. My hand rested at the back of her neck, holding her as close to me as I could get her.

“I love you too, Ro.”