‘Once Upon a Time’ Creators Tease Winter Finale’s Answers, Flying Carpets, and More
Is the grass always greener on the other side? Emma Swan is about to find out in Sunday’s winter finale of Once Upon a Time.

In the last episode, Belle (Emilie de Ravin) sent her baby away to protect him from Gold (Robert Carlyle). But we’ve seen before that children tend to find their way back to Storybrooke. So, what’s next for Belle and her baby?

Horowitz: There’s a lot coming up for Belle and her baby and for Gold. Sending off her child was the most difficult thing she’s ever done in her life. She did it with the full intention of being reunited with that child. We’re going to see that reunion happen, but I think it’s going to happen in a surprising way and create some new obstacles for Belle. There’s going to be some great danger surrounding the baby and her, and it’s actually going to, unexpectedly, unite Belle and Gold with common purpose and help them start to heal some of the wounds in their relationship.

Do you think Belle and Gold’s relationship has deteriorated to the point where they can’t get back together?

Horowitz: I think in last week’s episode, we saw Gold walk right up to the line of the most reprehensible thing you can do to someone, and he didn’t do it. Even though Belle, at the end of that episode, thinks he did, but ultimately she’s going to have to learn the truth. But what’s more important is that we saw that when really faced with it, Gold couldn’t do this terrible thing to her, and despite all of his addiction to magic and power, his love of Belle is huge and strong and overpowering within him.

So, last week, we also learned that the Black Fairy is Rumplestiltskin’s mother. Are we going to see her again?

Horowitz: It’s just the beginning of seeing the Black Fairy and learning about her past and Rumple’s past.

And what about his dad. Everyone always loves to see Pan.

Kitsis: Never say never, but there are no immediate plans for Pan to return.

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Ok so this has been bugging me for a while so I thought I'd get someone else's opinion. What kinda accent is Armand supposed to have?

In movie!IWTV, Armand’s origins aren’t explicitly stated, just that he’s an Old World vampire. He could very well be Spanish, that’s Banderas’ actual ethnicity. So we don’t know. Just bc Louis and Claudia meet him in Paris doesn’t mean he’s French; he tells them he’s 400 yrs old, he’s probably lived elsewhere.

On my recent post about Antonio!Armand, @slow-read shared this opinion: “I would like to add that Antonio’s accent also gives one a sense of age, otherness and it sounds (or sounded) exotic to the audience? It was perfect for Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world. *-*” The ppl behind movie!IWTV might have chosen Banderas and made the character this way rather than a more canon-compliant actor bc they wanted him to be more convincing as Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world to audiences who had not read the books. Filmmakers then (and now) want a movie to appeal to wide audiences. I was a kid then, but it seems to me that fandom (and specifically, trying to please the fanbase as a primary objective) wasn’t as much of a consideration at that time. 

In the books, Armand comes from a place called Kiev, which according to AR is in Russia and according to the google is in the Ukraine, but idk. Then he spent years in Italy which is where he got most of his mortal education, so he may have picked up some of that accent from his teachers and friends… and then he lived in Paris for many years so he might have consciously tried to pick up some of that accent in order to blend in. 

Anyone is welcome to answer this with what you think Armand’s accent is like!

The two French defenders - or three with Jeremy sit very near to me in the dressing room. And sometimes you hear French. And I think: “Where am I?” But this is good. I pick up a few words in French so they can be more comfortable when they’re around me.
—  Marc Andre Ter Steven talking about the two new French signings Lucas Digne and Samuel Umtiti [BarcaTV]
Their tumultuous relationship is at a peak. It’s a struggle, because if you look at and analyze everything that Rumple does — whether it’s motivated by his addiction to magic or not — it’s to protect Belle, to protect his children.

Emilie de Ravin (x)

I thought this was brilliant insight from Emilie into how well she knows the character of Rumplestiltskin.
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The latest Tweets and replies from mags ✨ (@bellefrenchh). a meme ma'am? what are you talking about?. mrs. dark one
  • Wish realm belle is dead
  • Ep ends w a rumbelle scene @ wishing well
  • We see Belle’s bones
  • “Gideon is bringing Belle and Rumple together” - eddy 
  • They asked if their were any rumbelle fans and I cheered and eddy stared at me LMAO BYE
  • “Are there bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle?” “It’s a TV show”
  • This is random but at one point Belle was wearing BLUE EYELINER in the episode I was  so hard
  • rumple won’t help Regina bc he went to look for Belle and found her bones due to the EQ starving her
  • he’s like “here’s what I found of her” and dumps her bones on the ground the audience gasped
  • Gideon hates Rumple ATM, they have a heated talk and Rumple tells him to take his anger out on him and not Emma, but Gideon won’t hit him 
  • Charming and Hook wanted to take Gideon out, Belle said nobody needed to be hurt and wanted to work with them 
  • When Emma defeats Gideon, he disappears. Belle and Rumple walk away in different directions
  • The black fairy wanted gideon to turned dark and it seems like she hurt him. He never went fully dark bc he remembered Belle 
  • He wants to kill Emma to become savior himself, so he can kill Black Fairy and become a hero
  • Rumple says something about being addicted to bad decisions, but he doesn’t want that for Gideon. He doesn’t want him to kill Emma 
  • Belle says it’s easy to rationalize the bad decision so it seems okay. She makes a wish in the well at the end of the scene despite saying she shouldn’t before because nothing she wants works out :(
  • Belle thinks she can talk Gideon out of it but we never got a scene w just them so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • you know I like him as a character. but he does say it’s his fault Gideon’s the way he is rn
  • Rumple does know Gideon’s name he yells it at him
  • Before fighting, Gideon says “My name is Gideon” and Emma kinda turns and goes “I only know one Gideon and he’s a lot smaller”
  • also rumbelle fam he has his hand on her back in their first scene together in the shop