Daft Punk interview Europe 2 with Cauet (2003)
  • Daft Punk interview Europe 2 with Cauet (2003)
  • Europe 2

Europe2: […] And there, they are saying to themselves “Damn, they not gonna ask us to come every Friday mornings! Not early in the morning!”. I have the souvenir, Guy-Man, Guy-Manuel that you weren’t a morning person…

Guy-Man: I’m still not a morning person.

Europe2: I have the souvenir that, Thomas… it was alright…

Thomas: I woke up at 3am, I did some exercices before coming…

Europe2: No, you’re kidding. You woke up at 3am?!

Thomas: You don’t wake up at 3am?!

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Tom Hiddleston
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Speaking French (Interview)
"Loki is Thor's brother but he... What does it mean : "adopted" ?
And he's adopted. And his family of Asgard is very complicated.
Because the family is separated and divided.
And Loki is jealous and is envious, angry, from the inside.
He's lonely. He's a villain but also very charming, elegant.
He is a player. He loves provoked.
He's fascinating and interesting for me,
because the duality of
the character and charm and he has broken heart."
[about in Love]"I don't know because Loki is very solitary.
We are unsure if this is possible, to confidence of Loki.

I don't know if this will be possible.
I don't think he loves himself.
Because he has this broken heart, he does not trust to person."
|| His voice is so adorable. :) ||

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