DIY French Link Binding (by Pastiche Knitwear)

A simple and very useful binding that can be left exposed or covered up as a hardback. It’s essentially a basic pamphlet stitch binding, only the signatures are linked/criss-crossed together for extra strength. (Note: unlike this tutorial which links together all of the signatures, I personally only link every set of 2 signatures together, in order to avoid any bunching/pulling on the spine- but to each their own!)

This #marbledmonday, we’re mesmerized by the different swirls of three different french curl patterned marbled bindings! These all come from a recent acquisition that hasn’t yet been cataloged.⠀ ⠀ #marbledpaper #bookhistory #snails #specialcollections #rarebooks #universityofmissouri #mizzou #libraries #librariesofinstagram #ifttt

Robespierre’s speech of 27 Brumaire, Year II (17 November 1793)

Report on the political situation of the Republic

The National Convention, wanting to demonstrate in the eyes of the universe the principles that guide it & and have to govern the relations of all the political societies; wanting at the same time to disconcert the perfidious manoeuvres [that are] employed by its enemies in order to alarm the faithful allies of the French nation on its intentions, the Swiss Cantons & the United States of America;

Decrees the following:

Article I. — The National Convention declares, in the name of the French people, that the constant resolution of the Republic is to show itself terrible towards its enemies, generous towards its allies, just towards all peoples.

II. — The treaties that bind the French People to the United States of America and to the Swiss Cantons will be faithfully executed.

III. — Regarding the modifications which could have been necessitated by the Revolution that has changed the French government, or by the general & extraordinary measures which the Republic was obliged to take momentarily for the defence of its independence & of its liberty, the National Convention relies on the mutual loyalty & on the common interest of the Republic & of its allies.

IV. — The National Convention enjoins the citizens & all civil and military functionaries of the Republic to respect & make respect the territory of all the neutral or allied nations.

V. — The Committee of Public Safety is charged to take care of the means of tightening more and more the ties of unity and of friendship between the Republic & its allies, & notably the Swiss Cantons & the United States of America.

VI. — On the discussions on the particular objects of respective claims, it will demonstrate to the befriended nations, & notably to the Swiss Cantons, & to the United States of America, by all the means [that are] compatible with the imperious circumstances where the Republic finds itself, the sentiments of equity, of benevolence & of esteem, to which the French nation is animated towards them.

VII. — The present decree & the report of the Committee of Public Safety will be printed & translated into all languages, spread within the entire Republic & in all foreign countries, in order to attest to the universe the principles of the French Republic and the attacks of its enemies against the general security of all the peoples.

Excerpt from the Report on the political situation of the Republic, given by citizen Robespierre in the name of the Committee of Public Safety on 27 Brumaire, Year II (17 November 1793) 

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Gastenboek Gouverneur Sint Maarten

Met de hand gebonden Boekenkunst gastenboek met lederen Franse band. Robuuste band in twee kleuren leer en versierd met goud stempel- en filetwerk.

Guestbook for the Governor of Sint Maarten bound by Anne-Mieke Boonstra. French binding in full leather. Robust cover in two colors of leather and decorated with gold tooling.


HEAT / 5.5”x8.5”, 32 pages, full color, French-fold with stab binding / Edition of 25 / $20

My summer book and print sale ends tomorrow.  After which, the book will be released at the New England Zine Fest (Aug. 16th, Cambridge, MA) and for sale again online afterwards.