Stop calling yourself “meme king” or “pastel goth queen”. Stop romanticizing the monarchy. The revolutionaries are coming, with bayonets and torches; the people’s court will decide your fate. I am Maximilien Robespierre, leader of the jacobins. You are Louis XVI, trying to escape the Tuilleries. I point my sword at you. Vive la revolution.

  • me: time to take a shower and think about fluffy things
  • also me: did Grantaire see Enjolras' smile? did he see it? did he realise that he was making Enjolras smile? that he, R, was making Enjolras SMILE? did he died with that idea in mind and that happiness in heart?
  • again me: but what if he didn't? what if he was convinced that Enjolras took his hand with pity, just because he couldn't reject him? what if he was convinced that he was spoiling Enjolras' death? did he feel that he hadn't the right to die with the sun, him, the shadow? what if he was regretting his actions, not because he was going to die but because he suddenly thought that Enjolras didn't want to get shot with him, the drunkard, the useless one?