French Kid

Orchestra Instruments according to trumpets

Violins - tune hoggers, they play all the fun stuff you know you’d get to play if it was band, but pretty decent when you get to know them.

Second violins - cute smol violins, shyer and less full of themselves but don’t know how to tune #sorrynotsorry

Violas - are they even instruments? Very cute awkward people who get very defensive over their instrument and abilities.

Cellos - may as well be gods. Backbone of the orchestra. Very sexy. Much love for cellos. Cello = bae.

Double Basses - weird. DBs are some of the weirdest people I’ve ever met but you have to love them they’re jokes.

Oboes - look very awkward when playing a tuning note. Cute lil ducks. They won’t talk to you first.

Cor Anglais (english horn) - what even are they. Never actually met any but I’d imagine they’re like geese.

Bassoons - big daddy ducks. Always talking about reeds. Quirky but cool.

Flutes - either a complete bitch or the loveliest person you’ll ever meet. Very music. Much flutter. Love chromatics.

Clarinets - hella awkward or hella jokes. Much intersectional banter. Play cool twiddly bits or semibreves the whole time.

Saxophones - gtfo. No one invited them into the orchestra. Now fuck off. Go one. Off you fuck. Hipster cool honk machines though.

Trombones - slidey widey fun times. Coolest crew in the orchestra. Most likely instrument to turn up high (except for maybe percussion).

French horns - curly wurly smol tubas. Exceptionally smol mouthpieces. Weird and cool. Good at making trumpets jealous because John Williams exists and gives them all the solos.

Tubas - wolf pack. Huff puff machines. Lungs of steel. Crave solos but complain when they get one.

Trumpets - QUEENS. Too cool for all of you. Like talking all the time. Either have egos the size of a planet of the size of an amoeba but pretend. Think they are the coolest section. Are the coolest section.

Percussion - v attractive people. Always down to chill. Cool kids.

1. Desiigner-Timmy Turner

2. Gucci Mane-Guwop Home ft. Young Thug

3. Peewee Longway-Pocket Watchin ft. Gucci Mane

4. Lil Durk-Hated On Me ft. Future

5. Gucci Mane-Pussy Print ft. Kanye West

6. French Montana-Two Times

7. Troy Ave-Chuck Norris

8. Schoolboy Q-Dope Dealer ft. E-40

9. French Montana-No Shopping ft. Drake

10. Gucci Mane-Lockjaw (Remix)

11. Gucci Mane-No Sleep

12. Lil Yachty-Dipset ft. Offset

13. Gucci Mane-Waybach

14. Dae Dae-What U Mean (Remix) ft. Lil Yachty

15. 21 Savage & Metro Boomin-Savage Mode

16. Rich The Kid-Plug Callin (Remix) ft. Desiigner & Famous Dex

17. Young Dro-Drippin Sauce

anonymous asked:

Tell us more about this French kidddddd

oh uh, his name is simon and he’s an exchange student. he’s pretty cool, he likes music and dogs and space. he uses to many winky faces and stickers on fb chat. he’s shorter than me and kept standing on his tippy toes all night to look taller. i didnt really think much of him at first but now that i know him he’s pretty cute, u feel.  idk.

here’s a pic of us we took tonight (he made me crouch down)


This little french girl gets me every single time