I'M IN PAIN in French


Avoir la gorge prise - to have a sore throat

*Avoir mal à la tête - to have a headache

*Avoir mal partout - to ache/hurt all over

*Avoir mal au dos - to have a sore back

Avoir un genou en vrac - to have a dodgy knee [NOTE: en vrac means in disorder/messy]

Avoir un mal de tête carabiné - to have a throbbing headache

Souffrir du dos - to have a bad back

Douleurs osseuses - bone pain

Douleur thoraciques/à la poitrine - chest pain

L’arthrite - arthritis/joint pain

*mal dans le bas du dos - lower back pain

Une lombalgie - lower back pain


Ankylosé - stiff

*Avoir des courbatures - to feel stiff

Avoir des rhumatismes - to have rheumatisms (term used for pain/inflammation in the joints)

Être courbaturé - to be/feel achy

Raideurs articulaires - stiff joints

Types of pain

Douleurs liées à la croissance - growing pains

Élancer - to cause a throbbing pain - e.g. la morsure l’élance (the bite throbbed)

*Sensation de brûlure - a burning pain

*Une douleur aigüe - a sharp pain

*Une douleur atroce - agonising pain

*Une douleur lancinante - a throbbing pain - e.g. avoir un mal de tête lancinant - to have a throbbing headache

*Une douleur fulgurante - a sharp/shooting pain

Une douleur musculaire - muscle pain

*Une douleur oppressante - a crushing pain

*Une douleur vive/une vive douleur - a sharp pain

un élancement - a shooting pain

*un tiraillement - a twinge/prick/sharp pain

Our reactions to pain

Grimacer de douleur - to wince in pain

Pleurer - to cry

Pousser un cri de douleur - to cry out in pain

Se tordre de douleur - to double up in pain

Describing pain

**Avoir mal (à) - to hurt/be in pain- e.g. J’ai mal (à l’estomac) (I have a sore stomach)

Avoir (un) bobo (pour les enfants) - to have hurt yourself - e.g. Tu as bobo ma puce ? (Did you hurt yourself darling/do you have a boo boo darling?)

Dérouiller - to suffer - e.g. j’ai dérouillé quand je me suis cogné le pied contre la marche (I suffered when I stubbed my toe on the step)

**Faire mal - to be sore/to hurt - e.g ça fait mal (that hurts)/ tu me fais mal (you’re hurting me)

occono  asked:

Why was the French translator not allowed to contact Daniel Handler? In reference to post/154460304635/hello-sleuth-first-of-all-congrats-for-your Just curious. Also, amazing blog. I haven't been involved with the fandom in quite a long while now (I did read the first ATWQ book, I need to start again and read them all) and it's fun to see that there's still a fandom and that theories are still being made. I used to post on Egmont's Unfortunate Events site, but it's gone now, sadly.

Ahaha! Thank you for your encouragements. Brace yourself, @occono, because the story behind this is so snickety it hurts. For reference, here’s the article in question: (Link).

On March 2013, I interviewed Rose-Marie Vassallo (his official French translator) along with several of my colleagues from the “La Pente Glissante” French Snicket message board. I will translate a fragment of this interview (Link) for your convenience.

Rose-Marie Vassallo:
Believe it or not, Daniel Handler’s agent had led us to believe [back in the early 2000′s] that he was completely unreachable! “Incommunidado”.

Snicket Sleuth:
Oh, was that their infamous anti-marketing strategy?

Rose-Marie Vassallo:
Exactly. There was so much scaremongering at the time… They were afraid we were going to disrupt his work, afraid we were going to leak spoilers. But long after that [2008, when she finally met him in person], Daniel Handler told me: “What? No! How long has this been going on? This isn’t true, of course I’ll answer your questions…” And it would have helped me, too, because as time passed, each new installment in the series felt doing crosswords. I don’t know whether you’re familiar with crossword puzzles, but sometimes, your first choice fits neatly with your later deductions… But at other times, your thirteenth vertical can be completely wrong and your entire grid becomes unsolvable. And yet it seemed so right at the time! I was so afraid of encountering this sort of conundrum with “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. And at times, I very nearly escaped disaster on certain plotpoints. I’ll admit: I’ve made mistakes!

So Daniel Handler’s marketing ploy (”don’t read these books!”) ended up harming the French translation in a spectacular boomerang effect. Now that’s comedy!

I used to roam the Unfortunateevents Egmont message board too! It’s the first place I ever heard of the “Mrs Baudelaire is actually Beatrice” theory, actually. O, to be young again.

My brain during French classes

me: how do i say “to use” in french?
my brain: a folosi
me: that’s romanian, i need french
brain: at bruge
me: … stop kidding and tell me…
me: *had to change the sentence because my brain started to ignore me*

*2 hours later*

brain: hey, i remembered, it’s utiliser
me: … 

How to say "Monday" in the Romance Languages
  • French: Lundi
  • Italian: Lunedi
  • Romanian: Iuni
  • Spanish: Lunes
  • Portuguese: :)
  • Spanish: Hoe don't do it
  • Portuguese: Segunda-feira
  • Italian: "Second fair" wtf


aesthetic french asks
  • ange (angel): what’s your opinion on religion? do you believe in anything?
  • bisou (kiss): what’s your favorite place to be kissed?
  • brûler (to burn): what are you most passionate about?
  • câlin (hug): who was the last person you hugged?
  • chaleur (heat): what are your favorite kinks?
  • chatoyer (to shimmer): what is sure to make you cry?
  • chaussettes (socks): what do you misplace the most?
  • citronnade (lemonade): what’s your favorite beverage?
  • coquillage (seashell): what’s your favorite sound?
  • croquis (sketch): are you artistic? what’s your favorite medium?
  • doux (soft): where do you feel most safe?
  • écarlate (scarlet): is it easy to make you blush?
  • éclatant (dazzling): what was your first favorite song?
  • étoile (star): believe in astrology?
  • floraison (bloom): do you believe in love?
  • libellule (dragonfly): what’s your favorite super power?
  • luciole (firefly): what was your dream job when you were little?
  • nuage (cloud): what is your dream job now?
  • orage (thunderstorm): are you scared of storms?
  • papillon (butterfly): any allergies?
  • parapluie (umbrella): favorite kind of weather?
  • péripatéticien (wanderer): believe in ghosts?
  • piscine (swimming pool): do you like swimming?
  • plaisir (pleasure): your favorite dessert?
  • pleuvoir (to rain): do you blow dry your hair or let it air dry?
  • sirène (mermaid): any tattoos? If not, do you want any?
  • soleil (sun): all time favorite concert you’ve been to?
  • tournesol (sunflower): favorite flower?

A digital illustration of the infamous French queen, for my mother’s Christmas gift.

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