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Things to do as witch friends:
  • Cast spells together (duh!)
  • Curse each other’s enemies
  • Make enchanted friendship jewelry
  • Make enchanted friendship spell jars
  • Create a shared coded language/alphabet (written and/or spoken)
  • Make wands together
  • Go shopping for witchy supplies together
  • Create rituals for special dates, like Sabbats or even your birthdays
  • Make a shared grimoire that you each keep for a week before passing it to the other to keep for a week, etc. filling it with stuff relative to your practice(s)
  • Go on witchy camping trips/hikes
  • Leave offerings at each others’ altars
  • Witchy slumber parties!
  • Go to graveyards together
  • Investigate “haunted” houses/places together
  • Walk through a forest together
  • Create a special hideaway for the two+ of you, like a witchy clubhouse!
  • Practice divination with one another

Think of any others? Add them!

You’re still a witch, y’know.

Even if you don’t follow tradition.

Even if you’re eclectic.

Even if you change things to fit your own beliefs. 

Even if you don’t worship any deities.

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, spirits, gods, or an afterlife.

Even if you don’t use ouija boards or tarot cards.

Even if you’re solitary.

Even if you curse and hex.

Even if you don’t bring sociopolitical stuff into your craft.

Even if you’re not “born a witch”, even if you don’t have a “magic bloodline”, even if your family aren’t witches.

No matter your race, your skin color, your culture, your gender, your sex, your sexuality, your political or religious views, no matter your orientations or your identities, you’re still a witch. If you use the label, if you practice the craft, you are a witch and you are valid. Nobody can say otherwise. Nobody can take that away from you. Nobody can gatekeep. Nobody can tell you what’s right or wrong. Nobody can tell you what you can or can’t do, for any reason at all. Nobody can dictate your beliefs. There are no exceptions.

And if they try to, tell them to shove their dogma and their “holier than thou uwu” attitude where the moon don’t shine.

A witch is a witch.

A witch is a witch, regardless of gender.

  • There are female witches
  • There are male witches
  • There are cis witches
  • There are transgender witches
  • There are nonbinary witches
  • There are agender and genderless witches
  • There are bigender and trigender witches
  • There are genderfluid witches
  • There are gender nonconforming witches
  • There are witches of all genders.

A witch is a witch, regardless of sexuality.

  • There are straight witches
  • There are gay/mlm and lesbian/wlw witches
  • There are queer witches
  • There are bisexual/biromantic and pansexual/panromantic witches
  • There are asexual and aromantic witches
  • There are questioning witches
  • There are polyamorous witches
  • There are monogamous witches
  • There are lgbtq+ witches
  • There are witches of all sexualities.

A witch is a witch, regardless of race.

  • There are caucasian witches
  • There are indigenous witches
  • There are black witches
  • There are latinxs witches
  • There are asian witches
  • There are polynesian witches
  • There are biracial and mixed witches
  • There are witches of all races.

A witch is a witch, regardless of belief.

  • There are atheist witches
  • There are christian witches
  • There are hindu witches
  • There are jewish witches
  • There are muslim witches
  • There are shinto witches
  • There are kemetic witches
  • There are hellenic witches
  • There are wiccan witches
  • There are satanic witches
  • There are monotheistic witches
  • There are polytheistic witches
  • There are witches of all beliefs.

A witch is a witch if they say they’re a witch.

  • There are neurotypical witches
  • There are autistic witches
  • There are spoonie witches
  • There are mentally handicapped witches
  • There are able-bodied witches
  • There are physically handicapped witches
  • There are openly practicing witches
  • There are closeted witches
  • There are curse-negative witches
  • There are curse-positive witches
  • There are heavily devoted witches
  • There are hobbyist witches
  • There are thin witches
  • There are big witches
  • There are tall witches
  • There are short witches
  • There are rich witches
  • There are poor witches
  • There are old witches
  • There are young witches
  • There are beginning witches
  • There are veteran witches
  • There are so many different kinds of people who identify as witches.

A witch is a witch, period, bitch.

“Broken and Rotting” Curse Jar

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A powerful curse to bring ruin and turmoil to your enemy.


What You’ll Need:

  • A Jack of Spades playing card (this represents the target as a sort of poppet, and for the sake of the curse, the jack is gender-neutral)
  • A Peat Pot Planter (The peat pot is eco-friendly and more powerful for this particular curse, but a jar can also work)
  • Old Parsley, to represent financial ruin
  • 1 Big, Rotting Strawberry, to represent romantic ruin
  • Rotting Banana or Carrot, to represent sexual ruin, if target has a penis, OR Rotting Peach or Red Apple, if target has a vulva (If you don’t know what genitalia the target has, use one of each)
  • Crushed Egg Shell Powder
  • 1 Black candle
  • 1 other candle: pink if target ids as female/transfemale/transfeminine, yellow if target ids as male/transmale/transmasculine, purple if target ids as agender/genderfluid/bigender/etc.
  • Black Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Legally obtained animal bone(s) (I recommend chicken bones, you can get them out of pieces of fried chicken, so they’re easily available and more importantly, LEGAL!)
  • Storm/Rain Water
  • (Optional) Cursing sigils
  • (Optional) A slice/half/whole rotting onion, to represent their health deteriorating


What to do:


STEP 1: Place the peat pot down on your working space. Place the black candle above it and the other candle below it. Light both of the candles. (Be sure to practice fire safety!)

STEP 2: Take the Jack of Spades and write the targets name over the card, as big as you can. (It can be any name you knew them by, their full name, a nickname, their “witch name” if you’re cursing another witch, etc.)

STEP 3: Place the animal bone(s), egg shell powder, and old parsley in the peat pot. Next place the Jack of Spades in. (If you have any cursing sigils, add them here.) Then put in the rotting strawberry and the rotting banana/carrot/peach/red apple. (If you add the onion, do it here.) Sprinkle the black and cayenne pepper over all of it, saying:

  • I call upon the forces of dark,
  • fulfill the curse, I’ve done my part.
  • My reasoning sound, my logic tight,
  • bring [TARGET’S NAME] suffering on this night

STEP 4: Cover the peat pot with another peat pot or a piece of another cut to fit as a lid. (You can draw cursing sigils all over the pot if you so choose to.) Bury it somewhere close, like your garden or backyard. Pour the storm/rain water over the burial site.



STEP 1: Dig up the spot where you planted the peat pot. Try to find what you can of the jar. If it’s been a while, parts of it will have started to decay. Try to find the Jack of Spades. Take it out and rebury the rest.

STEP 2: Cross out the eyes and the hand(s) on the card with a dark colored marker. DO NOT MARK OUT THE NAME OF YOUR TARGET!

STEP 3: Place the card into a fire-safe bowl, and sprinkle a little salt and a little sugar over it.

STEP 4: Light the card on fire and let it burn until it’s nothing but ash. While it’s burning, say the chant:

  • The curse is lifted, thus I have said,
  • my curse is lifted from off your head.
  • But be ye warned, should the need arise,
  • I’ll recast the curse, and ruin your life.

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A Guide to *EDIBLE* Potion Bases (based on the post by potionslab!)

Ok so there’s this absolutely wonderful post going around by @potionslab about potion bases and their correspondences!! It’s a great post!! A wonderful post!! an excellent post!!!

It has all kinds of potion bases and it’s so informative!! However, some of the bases on the list aren’t consumable, and there are quite a few drinks missing. So I thought I’d add to the list the other consumables.

Note that this is a list of safe, consumable potion bases. If you want some non-consumable bases, read the original wonderful post!

This is all based on the correspondences in the original post, with some of my own correspondences and those I’ve learned from others. And it’s alphabetical because yay OCD.

I really hope this doesn’t make me look like a thief, I just really want a list of purely consumable potion bases, please don’t be angry :c

**= Alcoholic *= Sometimes alcoholic

(Note that juices and sodas can be interchangeable in most cases)

  • Apple Juice: Healing, knowledge, love, youth
  • Beef Stock: Strength, safe land travels
  • **Beer: Slumber
  • **Bumbo: Healing, vitality, curing seasickness
  • Cherry Soda: Lust, love
  • Chicken Stock: Safe air travels, healing, curing fear of heights
  • Chocolate Syrup: Sweetening situations
  • *Cider: Celebration, new beginnings, home & hearth,
  • Clam Juice: Lust, love
  • Coconut Milk: Spiritual/Magical cleansing
  • Coffee: Speed, prosperity, luck, here’s some other correspondences!
  • Cola: Sweetening situations, quick dissolving destruction
  • Cranberry Juice: Love, romance
  • *Eggnog: Celebration, home & hearth
  • Fish Stock: Safe sea travels
  • **Gin: Protection, spiritual cleansing, banishing, exorcism, curse-breaking
  • Ginger Ale: Health, healing, recovery, vitality
  • Grape Juice: Abundance, prosperity
  • Grapefruit Juice: Bittering situations, vitality
  • **Grog: Healing, vitality, curing seasickness, prosperity, luck
  • Ham Stock: Abundance, fertility
  • Honey: Sweetening situations, slowing
  • Hot Chocolate: Sweetening situations, dreams, slumber, calming
  • Ice: Transforming
  • Lamb Stock: Purification, youth
  • Lemon Juice: Hexing, cursing, revenge, souring
  • Lemon-Lime Soda: Vitality
  • Lime Juice: Vitality
  • Maple Syrup: Abundance, prosperity, sweetening situations
  • Milk: Slumber, peace, dreams, motherhood
  • Molasses: Slowing situations, sweetening situations
  • Moon Water: Depends on the moon phase associated
  • Olive Oil: Peace, tranquility, youth
  • Orange Juice: Healing, success, vitality
  • Pineapple Juice: Abundance, fidelity, security
  • Pomegranate Juice: Love, lust, marriage
  • Prawn Stock: Growth, weakness
  • **Red Wine: Love, lust, death, the afterlife, necromancy
  • Root Beer: Healing, good fortune, cleansing, grounding
  • **Rum: Spirit work, abundance, death, the afterlife, necromancy
  • **Sake: Purification, spirit work, cleansing, prosperity, grounding
  • Soda Water: Joy, humor
  • Soy Sauce: Protection, good fortune, healing
  • Strawberry Soda: Love, friendship, happiness
  • Tea: Depends on the kind of tea
  • Tequila: Healing, cleansing
  • Tomato Juice/Sauce/Ketchup: Healing, love, death, illness
  • Vanilla Extract: Passion, calming, dream work
  • Vegetable Stock: Growth, healing
  • Vinegar: Cleansing, purification
  • **Vodka: Banishing
  • Water: Good overall base, cleansing
  • **Whiskey: Banishing, cleansing
  • **White Wine: Love, friendship, success

And I think that’s it. For the most common drinks, that is. 

Be sure to reblog with any of your own correspondences and be absolutely sure to reblog the original wonderful post!!!

I won’t curse without proper cause.

I won’t curse my ex partners just because we broke up.

But that ex who lied to me for years about who she was and when I called her out for cat-fishing me she called me homophobic? Your ass is cursed.

I won’t curse mean teachers who are mean on the surface but are cool people once you get to know them.

But that teacher who abused her students physically, sexually, mentally, verbally, and emotionally? Yeah get wrecked bitch.

I won’t curse that annoying girl who used to bully me behind my back because frankly her life is shit enough without me adding to it.

But those bullies who beat me down, physically assaulting me because of my hairstyle? Enjoy your illnesses, babes.

I won’t curse people I mildly dislike. I won’t curse people who simply annoy me. I won’t curse people “just because”. I need a reason. A proper cause. Differing opinions, stupidity and ignorance, and annoyance do not count as proper cause. Starting riots that destroy cities? Being bigoted and laughing away those that call you out? Harassing me/my family to no end? Those are proper causes. Those can warrant a curse.

Revenge for the Animals Curse

Originally posted by bear-suggestion

A curse to place on those who have abused animals or abandoned animals, leaving them for dead because they didn’t want them.


What You’ll Need:

💔 A picture of the person who abused the animal(s) (if you don’t know the name of the person/have a picture of them, draw a stick figure with the word “ABUSER” in all caps above their head) This can also work companies that are know to abuse animals. For companies/corporations, use a picture of their logo instead.

💔 A pot of water

💔 Cinnamon Powder

💔 Black Pepper

💔 A heat-resistant bowl/jar

💔 1 black, brown, or red candle

💔 Knife or a pair of scissors

💔 1 or more Rocks

💔 A cloth


What to do:

💔 Step 1: Light the candle. Pour the cinnamon and black pepper into the pot of water. Bring the pot of water to a boil.

💔 Step 2: While you’re bringing the pot of water to a boil, stab the person in the picture’s face, then cut the picture into pieces, chanting:

  • By breath of beast, by whimper and howl,
  • by tear of beast, by hiss and growl,
  • for your crime, the spirits call
  • to punish you, for your evil gall.

💔 Step 3: Place the pieces of the photo into the bowl, placing the rock(s) ontop of them to hold them down.

💔 Step 4: When the water begins to boil, carefully pour it over the photo, chanting:

  • The fires of hell sweep over thee!
  • Drown in the scorching waters of Hades!
  • Burn for the sins you have committed,
  • never, from this crime, will you be acquitted.

💔 Step 5: Cover the bowl with the cloth and let it sit overnight. Come morning, strain the liquid and throw the pieces of photo into the trash, where they belong.

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(Closeted) Witch Tip #7

Ok so you’re a witch, yes? And you want an altar, but can’t make one because you’re trapped in the broom closet, yeeees?

Well, how about making a simple, non-expensive hidden/travel altar?

What you’ll need:

  • A shoe box, a pencil case (preferably a hard plastic, non-transparent one), or an eyeglass case (they don’t work as well as pencil cases, but they’ll do)
  • Some notecards
  • A pencil
  • Colorful markers/crayons/colored pencils
  • stuff to put in your altar

What to do:

If you worship a deity, take a notecard and write down their name and/or a sigil you associate with them. Alternatively, you can print off a picture of them instead. If you like, you can tape/glue the notecard/photo to the roof of the case.

If you want a pentacle, take another notecard and draw one there.

Things to put into your new travel altar might include…

  • Sigils drawn on notecards (You can cut the cards smaller if needed)
  • An unsharpened pencil (for a wand)
  • A feather (Air)
  • A rock/stone (Earth)
  • A seashell (Water)
  • Small candles/tea lights/birthday candles (Fire)
  • Quartz.
  • A small bottle/vial/jar/container/plastic bag of salt
  • Crystals/gems you like
  • Herbs/Flowers/Plants you like/use
  • Spells/Curses you like/use written onto notecards
  • Any things that you associate with your craft
  • Things you associate with your deity/tributes to them
  • A small offering bowl/plate
  • A mini tarot deck/deck of playing cards
  • Runes
  • A tiiiiny bell
  • A small glass/chalice
  • A mini cauldron 
  • A mini broom
  • Other misc. Witchy stuff

Magic doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be expensive. A witch with a pencil wand and shoebox altar is just as valid as a witch with a gem-embedded wand and a lavish altar.

Witch Tip #13

If you lack the creative know how to make a sigil, a really easy “sigil” can be made by writing down a word/phrase/intent/affirmation/etc. and drawing a circle around it.

Learned this from a really cool veteran witch. “Sigil’s don’t need to be complex, artistically pleasing, or hard to make; they can be as simple as a circled phrase or word.”

You don’t even have to write the words yourself. Circle words or sentences in a book you like (be sure it’s your own book, don’t vandalize someone else’s property!) and channel your intent into that circle.

Androgynous Glamour

Originally posted by gaylxckian

As someone who ID’s as gnc/androgynous but who is closeted and must pass as female 90% of the time, this is a favorite glamour of mine.

What You’ll Need:

A mirror

A white candle/tealight

Pink ribbon/string (to represent femininity)

Yellow, Blue, or Green ribbon/string (to represent masculinity)

Purple ribbon/string (if using pink and blue) or Orange ribbon/string (if using pink and yellow) (either will work if using pink and green)

Something long, like: a tall, long piece of crystal, a wand, a stick, a pen

What to Do:

STEP 1: Stand before the mirror and light the candle.

STEP 2: Take the long object and the ribbon of your dominant/birth gender/sex {I/E: if you were born female/afab, use pink first; if born male/amab, use yellow/blue/green first} begin to wrap the ribbon around the object, not covering it completely, but wrapping from top to bottom. Visualize the traits you associate with this gender/sex appearing within you.

STEP 3: Take the second ribbon {yellow/blue/green if born female/afab; pink if born male, amab} and do the same, wrapping it around the object, being sure not to cover too much of the first ribbon. Visualize the traits you associate with this gender/sex appearing within you.

STEP 4: Take the final ribbon { purple or orange } and follow suit, this time visualizing androgynous qualities appearing within you (your face becoming androgynous, your voice becoming androgynous, your mannerisms becoming androgynous, etc.) while chanting:

  • “See my body as my heart,
  • "both of them of equal parts;
  • "not just as ‘her’, not just as ‘him’,
  • "but the space between, the negative.”

STEP 5: When the ribbon is wrapped, cut off the excess and tie/glue it down to the object. Smile to yourself in the mirror. 

You can carry the object with you, or leave on your altar/workspace/sacred space or windowsill. This object is now enchanted with the powers of androgyny. You can keep it around your clothes/make up/etc. to imbue them with androgynous properties.

Happy casting! :D

Witch: *uses an emoji spell*

Some dusty old-ass grampa witch: I can’t BELIEVE this, how CRINGY, how EMBARRASSING, it’s not REAL magic, everyone knows the only valid magic is sacrificing a goat under the full moon lit by a bonfire and 30 sky-clad coven members! *rambles on about “the good ol’ days of magic, blah blah, tradition, blah blah* Real magic takes work! *blah blah “I’m a better witch than all these whippersnappers” blah* Witches like YOU are a SHAME to the craft and aren’t REAL witches!!! *blah blah gatekeeping blah elitism blah blah*

(Closeted) Witch Tip #2:

Washable markers are great for drawing sigils on your skin, such as a “I’ll sleep well” sigil that you wear all night. If you’re lighter-skinned, use yellow or pink. Medium-skinned use yellow, pink, orange, or brown. Darker-skinned use brown, purple, or black. (Or whatever color(s) blend more into your skin) To remove the sigil, just wash off with soap and water.

Cala Maria’s Mermaid Glamour Scrub

Originally posted by gifcraft

“You are a cutie…I am not sure if I should catch and release!" 

What You’ll Need:

  • ½-1 Cup Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, or Sugar (if the salts are too irritating)
  • 1/3 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/3 Cup Honey
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice, from 1-2 lemons (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon Baking Soda (optional)
  • Unsweetened Yogurt (optional)

What to do: 

  1. Pour the salt or sugar into a medium sized bowl.
  2. Add the honey
  3. Add the olive oil
  4. Add the lemon juice, and the baking soda
  5. Spoon in the yogurt
  6. Mix all the ingredients together until well combined

Rinse your face to clean it. Apply some of the scrub to your fingertips and gently massage it into your skin. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly with warm water and patting dry. Follow up with a moisturizer and sunscreen if you’re going out.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keeps for 2-4 months. Be careful if you have any cuts or skin conditions that might be irritated by this scrub. Remember to follow up with a moisturizer of some kind and sunscreen! Stop using it if your skin become red or irritated!!!

This scrub would make a perfect addition to any self-care spell or routine. If you use the Himalayan salt, the mixture turns a lovely pink!

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See the other Cuphead-inspired spells here!

It’s OK if you fit the stereotypes

It’s OK if you’re a witch who wears all black, who owns a black cat, who looks like a stereotypical witch.

It’s OK if you’re a Satanist witch, who practises “dark” or “evil” magic, who curses anyone who crosses you.

It’s OK if you’re luring children into your house made of gingerbread to fatten them up and eat them… wait… wait, no, ignore that one, that’s not OK, peeps. Gingerbread? Really? smh, it should be made out of cake ffs. Shame on you and your crow.

But speaking seriously now, it’s OK if you fit the witch-y stereotypes. That doesn’t make you less of a witch. Doesn’t make you a “bad” witch (unless you call yourself one, in which case, more power to ya!). Don’t let people shame you for fitting a stereotype or two. It’s OK. :)

“Back to You, B!tch” Rose’s Shield -Inspired Protection Spell

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Apparently there’s a witch who thinks they can curse me? They don’t understand that I’m an expert at magical protection. Here’s another simple spell to protect yourself and send all of their negative spells/curses/hexes back to the one who cast them.

What You’ll Need:

A White or Pink Candle

A piece of Rose Quartz (Regular quartz soaked in rose water/charged with rose essences will also work!)

A Pink or White Ribbon

A bowl of Pink Salt (Regular or sea salt will also work!) ((Mix pink/red rose petals into it for extra umph!))

(OPTIONAL) A Ring/Bracelet/Necklace/Amulet/etc.

What to do:

STEP ONE: Light the candle. Take the ribbon and tie it around the crystal. It doesn’t have to look pretty or have a bow, a simple knot will suffice, just tie the ribbon tightly around the crystal.

STEP TWO: Place the crystal into the bowl of salt. (If you want to enchant a piece of jewelry with this spell, tie a piece of ribbon to it and place it alongside the crystal in the bowl of salt.)

STEP THREE: Place your hands over the bowl and focus your energy. Think of a shield appearing before you, blocking any negative energies and sending them back to the one(s) who’s cast them. Softly chant:

  • “You can not harm me, I am protected,
  • "Your negative energies are rejected.
  • "With this spell, your curses are reflected,
  • "turned back onto you, their caster wretched.”

STEP FOUR: When you feel that the crystal/jewelry is charged, take them out of the bowl and blow out the candle. Carry the crystal and/or wear the piece of jewelry to protect yourself further, or leave on your altar/work-space/windowsill.

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New Book of Shadows!

Inspired by this video, I made a new Book of Shadows by taping 3 composition notebooks together with clear packaging tape. I love it so much!!! 

Each single composition notebook cost about 43¢ each, they each have 100 pages each (200 front-and-back), which means the book has 300 single sheets, 600 pages front-and back! I’ve left 10 single sheets (20 front-and back) for the Table of Contents, as well as one sheet at the very beginning for the title page. 

This technique would work FANTASTIC for a grimoire:

  • The pages are easy to tear out and do so cleanly, so it doesn’t take away from the appeal of the book if you’ve made a mistake and need to fix it
  • It’s very affordable and inconspicuous, perfect for subtle, secret, or closeted witches
  • It can be customized by adding another composition book to the end, or made smaller by using only 2 books instead of 3

I love this. I love this I love this I love this.

Screw leather-bound ancient looking books. I’m in love with this book. It’s my new witch aesthetic!!!

Witch Tip #6:

So let’s say you’re a witch who has someone they love. Be it a romantic love, platonic love, familial love, what have you. Now this person(s) that you love means a lot to you, right?

Well, why not dedicate a page of your grimoire to them?

You can have their name, their “witch name” (if they have one), their star sign, their element, the type of witch they are (if they are one), their favorite spells/curses/sigils (if they have any), and any sigils that you’ve made specifically for them (if you’ve made any). Maybe even add their pronouns/gender/sexuality if you want to, or the date you guys met, or how long you’ve known each other. Stuff like that.

It’s like a small tribute to them :D