Number one reason why every black person deserves some form of empathy. We as Black Americans were slaves for longer than we have been free. And even after the emancipation we were treated as subhuman and blatantly oppressed. From that perspective, it’s surprising that we’re still here in the capacity that we are. How do you fully grasp the idea of freedom, when oppression exists within your genetic memory? *props to whoever made this graph.



hopped into the rental car (UMA is having surgery) drove south deeper into the Sierra’s, got naked, relaxed in a hot spring 🕶, & caught the ultimate tan in January. Life is tough when you snowboard everyday 😉


Convert your negativity. Understand how your words & actions can take down friendships. Be honest, be real, be the best version of yourself. Put yourself first but care about the ones who care about you. Grow as an individual, smile at the good times, & rise above the bullshit 🙇🏼‍♀️ inspire before you expire
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