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⇨ Hitman: Agent 47 Movie Storyline
An assassin teams up with a woman to help her find her father and uncover the mysteries of her ancestry.

➻ Hitman: Agent 47 Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-08-21
Casts : Zachary Quinto, Emilio Rivera, Prince William E. Morris, Dan Bakkedahl, Mona Pirzad, Hannah Ware, Rupert Friend, Ciarán Hinds, Rolf Kanies, Jürgen Prochnow, Thomas Kretschmann, Jerry Hoffmann, AngelaBaby, Michaela Caspar
Duration : 96 minutes runtime
Rating : 5.7

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Pokemon Shuffle Available for Free on the 3DS eShop

And I really want to underline the word “free.” Or maybe I don’t. Shuffle is another game that’s come out of Nintendo’s constant struggle with freemium titles. 

It’s a standard match 3 title but packed with plenty of Pokemon mechanics such as battling, type weaknesses and even Mega Evolution. Go download it!

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Has China found the future of publishing?

Self-publishing: it’s exploding in popularity, we all know that, with self-published authors selling millions via Amazon’s Kindle, pushing traditionally published authors out of the top spots on new ebook charts, etc etc. But did you know that self-publishing websites are attracting more than 40% of all China’s internet users every month? I didn’t, and I am reeling, a little, from the statistic.

These aren’t Authonomy-esque, publish-and-be-encouraged-by-fellow-writers sorts of sites, though, or even collections of self-published novels. The websites host what is being dubbed “freemium” publishing. Publishing Perspectives has more details: a growing number of self-publishing websites host thousands of free-to-read web serials – anything from historical epics to sci-fi – posted by their authors. As a serial gathers critical mass, the author is invited to become a “VIP”, and readers have to pay for the new instalments – only a few yuan, but these micropayments from readers can number in the millions: China Daily reports that one author, the 26-year-old Huang Wei, makes more than more than Y1m a year (£100,000).

“It’s pure entertainment, written, downloaded, read and deleted all at top speed,” says Beijing-based literary translator and publishing consultant Eric Abrahamsen, who also writes for the Chinese publishing industry newsletter Paper Republic. “Basically all of this writing is genre fiction. It is produced by young writers and aimed at young readers.”

» via The Guardian

Luke McKinney threw his British money at Kim Kardashian’s shitty app (so you don’t have to).

4 iPhone Games That Clearly Hate the Player (Tested)

#4. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

You can buy lightning bolts for K-stars, which cost real money, and I really wish that was drug slang, because then this experiment would be way more fun. And I wouldn’t now know that people volunteer for the most pointless chores in the world and then pay to skip them. But I do*, which is why my next article will be about building and setting off EMPs.

*This game has grossed $200 million.

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guess what my next ask blog is gonna be????’

the anti-christ-kids with your favorites satan marsh and kyle broflovski the anti-christ!!

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Bandcamp – After playing the same song a couple of times, you’re prompted to pay for it. If you decline, the heart breaks.

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Say Hello to Your New Brain on Evernote

Evernote a été nommée “compagnie de l'année” par le magazine américain INC. Personnellement, je leur suis reconnaissant pour ce service qui est devenu pour moi indispensable…

Allez lire l'article, c'est complet et passionnant : Evernote est un bon produit, proposé gratuitement et les clients sont tellement heureux qu'ils payent… 

L'entreprise est non seulement rentable mais c'est sans doute une des plus prometteuses de la Silicon Valley :-)

How Skype is generating benefits ?

I got a question from a friend lately about how Skype is generating revenue. I found the answer on the book called “Business Model Generation”.

Skype offers an intriguing example of a freemium pattern that disrupted the telecommunications sector by enabling free calling services via the Internet. Skype developed software by the same name that, when installed on computers or smartphones, enables users to make calls from one device to another free of charge. Skype can offer this because its Cost Structure is completely different from that of a telecom carrier.

Free calls are fully routed through the Internet based on so called peer-to-peer technology that employs user hardware and the Internet as communications infrastructure. Hence, Skype does not have to manage its own network like a telco and incurs only minor costs to support additional users. Skype requires very little of its own infrastructure besides backend software and the servers hosting user accounts. Users pay only for calling landlines and mobile phones through a premium service called SkypeOut, which offers very low rates. In fact, users are charged only slightly more than the termination costs that Skype itself incurs for calls routed through wholesale carriers such as iBasis and Level 3, which handle the company’s network traffic.

Giving away software and allowing customers to make free Skype-to- Skype calls costs the company little.

Skype disrupted the telecommunications industry and helped drive voice communication costs close to zero. Telecom operators initially didn’t understand why Skype would offer calls for free and didn’t take the company seriously. What’s more, only a tiny fraction of the traditional carriers’ customers used Skype. But over time more and more customers decided to make their international calls with Skype, eating into one of the most lucrative carrier revenue sources. This pattern, typical of a disruptive business model, severely affected the traditional voice communication business, and today Skype is the world’s largest provider of cross-border voice communication services, according to telecommunications research firm Telegeography.

Good News Everyone! 

You may have heard about Facebook’s recent shopping spree on everything you hold dear.  Well, we have a very special announcement for you today: they didn’t stop at the Oculus Rift!

Facebook has bought Legends of Equestria for $1,000,000 US dollars, and that means we’re going freemium

We have already started the process of transferring our game into a cash generator a casual, entertaining game that you can hook up to all of your social networks and send your friends gratuitous amounts of invites! 

Here is a behind-the-scenes screenshot! 

External image

We accept Paypal, Rupees, and Dogecoin as payment for all of our great freemium content. 

We obtained an ultra-exclusive interview with the Team Directors on what they would be doing with their share of the $1,000,000 US dollars: 

Cerebrate: I have already purchased NASA, and as soon they finish my rocket I’ll be on my way to Jupiter.

Bloomberg: For the first time since I achieved my life long dream and became a writer, I will be capable of eating something other than ramen. 

Kit: I’m going to China to rebuild the Great Pyramids out of recycled horseshoes. This will provide eco-friendly jobs for unemployed ponies and also serve as my bridge to Valhalla.

AnyaSmash: I will make it so that ponies are actually a real thing, like, I will have horses genetically modified so that miniature horses can physically exist in the real world. 

Blue Ink: I will be hiring DHX to create the show: My Little Waifu: Derpy is QTπ. 

Ellowee: I really see a lot of potential in this new site called Myspace, I think that if I invest in it, I can be really famous!
Hirosashii: I plan on putting it all in a trust fund for my children, so that they may achieve their dreams~

Perry the Pony: I am going to restart Canterlot Gardens 2013! Or whatever year it is! 

Herabek: I think that, if I get all this money in dollar bills, I can carry it around in all of my pockets and that means that women will actually notice me!

SavanaPope: According to these numbers, I can purchase 1,254.33 hot tubs, and I plan on putting one inside the other, so when I get out of my hot tub I can step into my other hot tub for a minimum of 1,253.33 hot tub layers. 

Vector: I’m planning on buying my own personal hot air balloon for which I will hire someone to man for me to the swiss alps. Once there I’ll build my own personal lodge out of curdled cheese from himalayan goats. The bowling alley will have green Jell-o flooring and 5 flat screen TVs that only play the history channel and cartoon network, and the inner gardens will have plants transported from Papua, New Guinea.

Frankie: I’m going to bury it. 

Keep an eye out on our social media for updates to this exciting new development! Due for release very soon, Valve Time! 

External image


Pokemon Shuffle Flirts With Freemium

By the sound of it, you’ll be able to pay to progress in this Pokemon flavored puzzler. Every time you play a level, you’ll have to give up a finite heart which you can earn in game, or buy in game. 

Items that make the game a little easier for less-seasoned players will also be offered. This doesn’t have to be a terrible experience, but if it’s like many Freemium titles, this one may be one to pass. Check out the trailer here[❤]

Peter Molyneux made fantastic games 18 years ago and spent the money reinventing overhype as a performance art. … His game Godus raised over three-quarters of a million dollars by promising a modern Populous with a shared persistent world, multiple-platform support, multiplayer co-operative modes, and a “regenesis of the god game.” Thirty months and $800,000 later, Godus’ status is “almost none of that stuff and almost nobody working on it.” Most of the staff have been reassigned to a completely different game or switched to the freemium mobile version. That’s “freemium” as in “this game charges you money to get things, but thanks for the free half-million quid anyway.”

6 Early Access Games That Completely Screwed Customers