I’ve never yet in my whole career played a role that’s true to my upbringing, my background and where I come from. It’s important to diversify if you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to play a spectrum of characters. I didn’t go to drama school, I’m learning on the job. That’s seen as a dirty phrase – you’re supposed to come fully equipped – but how are you supposed to unless you get to learn in each environment?

Who am I?
Do you mean… where I’m from?
What I one day might become?
What I do? What I’ve done?
What I dream?
Do you mean… what you see? What you see or what I’ve seen?
What I fear or what I dream?
Do you mean who I love?
Do you mean what I’ve lost?
I guess who I am is exactly the same as who you are.
Not better than. Not less than.
Because there is no one who has been or will ever be exactly the same as either you or me.
—  Sense8

Globally connected.

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