OAKLAND, Calif. – Following an initiative to keep the mall parking lot cleaner, two new dumpsters were placed outside of Rockridge Shopping Center yesterday evening. But not everyone in the community is happy with the new additions. A local crust punk, who asked to be identified as “Tik Tak”, was disgusted when he learned the dumpsters refused to serve vegan options.



One of our biggest hauls EVER! And so healthy. Including 36 boxes of blueberry´s. Some fruitarian days are coming up.

We could take 10x more than what we find dumpster diving now, but leave it because we just can’t eat it all. There is so much food going to waste it makes my head spin. Sometimes we hand things to strangers on the street or share it with friends. We used to leave things for other dumpster divers but found that there is so much food being thrown away that that is not necessary. If we empty 1 bin, the bin around the block will still be full.

We do use 95-100% of the things we find. Sometimes things go bad faster than we thought, but we have learned to be very inventive. We freeze, dry and juice things, make smoothies, jam, soups and sauces so things keep longer. We buy almost nothing at the supermarket anymore and have been eating healthy and a lot.


Wonderfull healthy all vegan haul! :)

Its does look like a lot, but its not all that much if you consider we are 2 people that eat mostly raw vegan. We do feel very lucky to be able to do this. And also, thanks everyone for the nice comments, shares and likes!