Sorry u havent been posting so much, so for an apology gift, i give you this beauty!

Rejoice Weary Warrior

You know yesterday can’t free you
for it is only your maybe memories
of endless moments passed before 

Asking tomorrow won’t help either
being a place you haven’t reached
how can you dance upon its shore

Today is your day to be fully alive
love and life applaud this new you
limitless innocent and unashamed 

Rejoice weary warrior you are free
for you possess the heart of a lion
and such a heart cannot be tamed


YOI x Adores Anime Plaza Cafe with Parcoala Merchandise Set (Acrylic ballchains, clear files, A2-size poster)

Original Release Date:
April 15th, 2017

Featured Characters (5 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri, Otabek, Makkachin

Who doesn’t love koala costumes with flannel ears, especially when Yuuri and Yuri are eating katsudon/pirozhki as well? The main trio pillow fight at the onsen is also one of the funnest visuals YOI has had (IMHO).