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Democratic congressional candidate Ray Lutz was arrested for registering voters in San Diego’s public Freedom Plaza (AKA Civic Center Plaza), where the local Occupy protest has taken place. The San Diego police arrested Mr Lutz for trespassing and confiscated his voter registration forms.

I’ve been skeptical of the “this is what democracy looks like” slogan (since mostly, democracy looks like boring things like long meetings, constituency consultations, and voter booths). But by any measure, registering voters in a civic square is assuredly “what democracy looks like.” And arresting people who register voters? Well, that’s something else altogether.

Ray Lutz being arrested at Freedom Plaza - Occupy San Diego

Here it is: The notice that Occupy DC is getting evicted. After months where McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza stood strong as other encampments across the country went down, on Friday, Occupy DC movement got its notice from the National Park Service, which faced Congressional pressure to shut the camps down. Monday will be an interesting day. “Many of us will be likely to defend the park with the passion anyone would show defending their home,” said high-profile protester Sam Jewler. “We are fighting for the betterment of D.C., America and the world, and we intend to continue using our First Amendment rights to do so.” (photo via Twitter user @aeidinger)

Truth Exposed about Occupy

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Yesterday, the second Occupy DC encampment (at Freedom Plaza), was cleared out by police.

How a a few tents in a park is a threat to anyone is beyond me.

Unless these tents had people in them talking about ideas you didn’t like…

(Note on the above photo: Shot on October 8th, 2011, in Freedom Plaza, just a few days after the protest began.)

We’re here because we got pushed out of New York, but we’re also here because this is the heart of where all politics happen.
—  An Occupy Wall Street protester • Discussing why he made the move to one of D.C.’s two Occupy encampments. It appears the encampments stand a good chance of sticking around for a while longer, though — as the National Park Service considers the movement’s McPherson Square location a “24-hour vigil” and has applied the most liberal interpretation of the laws to the movement, and recently offered an extension of the permit for the Freedom Plaza encampment — which was initially supposed to end with the new year. So as a result, protesters who started hanging out at Zuccotti Park have started making their way to the encampments, which have recently passed the three-month mark. source (viafollow)