Freedom hc

okay but:

magnus’ loft, just after sunset, room dimly lit by the candle light and the faint traces of sunlight that are still visable on the clouds. cocktails long forgotten, two dirty plates on the floor next to the couch, sweet music playing quietly. alec and magnus in the middle of the room, magnus’ face buried in alec’s neck. them slightly swaying to the music, more just holding each other than dancing. alec placing soft kisses in magnus’ hair and on his ear, making magnus chuckle, so quietly that alec just feels it on his skin.

maybe everyone at the institute still abruptly stops speaking whenever alec enters a room, the silence so painful it makes his heart sink to his stomach.
maybe his mother’s voice is still filled with nothing but disappointment when she speaks to him, if she even speaks to him at all.
maybe the clave still tries to somehow blame alec for every tiny mistake made during the battle.

but with jace safe back home and with magnus in his arms like this, lips carassing his skin, hair tickling his cheek, alec can’t get himself to care.

maybe this is what happiness feels like, he just thinks. maybe this is what living feels like.