Some people feel like they’re in charge of other peoples lives.

Some people feel that they can shove their opinion into a situation or conversation that they’re not apart of.

Some people feel do inappropriate and unlawful things. 

Some people support and help others.

Some people do small things, others do large. 

Some people are lgbtq+, some aren’t.

Some people are good, some are bad.

Some people recycle, some don’t.

Some people are pro gun control, some aren’t.

We live in a world with approximately 7.4 billion people, not everyone will be friends.

There are people out there that you’ll never meet. 

There are people out there suffering that no one knows about.

Everyone’s unique, everyone experiences different things, and not everyone is nice.

Take some time today to be kind to another person. Take some time to make the world a better place. Take some time to make the world a safer place. 

I used to ask myself why some Palestinians would exhaust themselves in actions that could only upset the aggressor further. Then I came to the conclusion that asking people to live quietly, while they have neither justice nor freedom is like asking them to live peacefully as slaves. Peace without justice or freedom is slavery. It is like begging a battered woman to live “peacefully” with her abuser.
—  Arcene Bilegue

“ Our dining-room, like the other dining-rooms in Ellesmere Road, is a poky little place, fourteen feet by twelve, or maybe it’s twelve by ten, and the Japanese oak sideboard, with the two empty decanters and the silver egg-stand that Hilda’s mother gave us for a wedding present, doesn’t leave much room. Old Hilda was glooming behind the teapot, in her usual state of alarm and dismay because the News Chronicle had announced that the price of butter was going up, or something. She hadn’t lighted the gas-fire, and though the windows were shut it was beastly cold. I bent down and put a match to the fire, breathing rather loudly through my nose (bending always makes me puff and blow) as a kind of hint to Hilda. She gave me the little sidelong glance that she always gives me when she thinks I’m doing something extravagant. Hilda is thirty-nine, and when I first knew her she looked just like a hare. So she does still, but she’s got very thin and rather wizened, with a perpetual brooding, worried look in her eyes, and when she’s more upset than usual she’s got a trick of humping her shoulders and folding her arms across her breast, like an old gypsy woman over her fire.

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Taiwan’s president,Tsai Ing-wen,says Beijing cannot impose conditions on a democratic country. By Lally Weymouth (Senior Associate Editor of the Washington Post), July 21,2016   Photo: (Jorge Saenz/AP)

臺灣總統蔡英文18日接受「華盛頓郵報」專訪表示 - 台灣非常民主 ,「設定期限,要求台灣政府違反民意去承受一些對方的條件,其實可能性不大」.

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Don’t Tread On Me Proud To Be An American Tin Sign

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