my partner's Borealis Aquerple dice!

Sorry about the big images, but it wouldn’t let me upload them from my computer the way I did before, so feel free to reformat the images!

These belong to @nervoid and they just arrived today, they’re second hand (hence the pipped D6) Borealis Aquerple dice and they’re absolutely stunning. Out of print now, sadly, but my partner is the proud owner of them! 

Hope you like these images! I made the gif myself so it’s a bit shaky and the contrast is way up on the video, but it shows how the colours change in the light.


I’m doing a dice giveaway! Details here

“I’m with you ‘till the end of the line, Buck.” 

“Me too, sweetheart. Me too.”

© made with free images from Pixabay and Canva, apart from the top left picture and bottom right picture, which are both from Google’s ‘licensed for reuse’ pictures. 

The Wizard Speedpaint - Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Fan Art~

Gale was just so cool. <3 It was always a tie between Wizard and Chase when it came to save files, and Wizard was worth waiting for. Image free for personal use, enjoy!

Have you ever wanted to make your own icons, only to face how every tutorial out there seems to be based on photoshop and expects you to have it? Have you figured out a way to make them even so, but are looking for something that can make the job just a tad bit easier?

Hopefully, you can take a few tips from here!

Now, what is GIMP? It’s a free image editing program. Sold yet? Well, it is also expandable and has a bazillion (a round up) of scripts to be downloaded for whatever it is your editing needs… need. In fact, even in this one tutorial where I’ll be teaching you the basics, I’ll tell you to download one script which will make saving the icons we’ve made way, way easier. 

So, under the cut, I will explain some things about tumblr and dimensions, what script you’ll be needing for this, how to set up your working area, how to make icons and how to save them.

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