Stairs Updated.If any of my items causes any problems in your game please let me know

Random Stuff & Updates

Updated items include.

Kayu Teak Dining table & Bench -Bench now works as Dining Chair, Table is now 3x1.

Tolix Marais A’ Chair- Fix issue were sim would sit behind chair.

Eames Chair- Doesnt disappear when sim sit on it.

Rustic Bedroom end table- Updated specular,Doesnt have weird overlay when you put shiny material on it.

Neil Loft Inside Rail 1&2- Updated Normals.( you probably wont notice)

New Objects Include

Neil Loft Stairs and Rail

Modular Shelving Inspired by Awesims Industrial Shelves.

Slanted & Straight Columns ( Used a 2048x2048 map so thats why the file size is big)

I added a house
because I get requests to download the houses I use to take pics of my items.Its empty but I decorated a bit more than I usually do on the exterior.I forgot to add the grass with the download so You can download The Grass Here. You will need Aurora Skies for the Fence.

Download the Set Here


Next House coming Soon!


Jim, come get your damn land.


Tim Carner knew something was up as his family pulled into a Woodstock neighborhood this morning to the sight of flag-waving residents lining the streets.

“I am speechless,” said the 29-year-old disabled Army veteran, wiping away tears as he and his family were told they were getting a mortgage-free home.