Free-for-all Friday

The Priceless is Free

24th March 2017. Friday

Nature is all about abundance. Galaxies, its millions of stars, its planets and their satellites. Black holes and worm holes and supernovas. A huge ball called earth spinning and rotating around a ball of fire we call the sun. Two thirds of it filled with water and in all of it dwell living creatures. Under the ground, in water, in land on trees and in the air. Millions of flowers and trees and birds.

We don’t even know how big or how many universes like these exist. The Milky Way we are a part of is still growing, expanding. Everything is in motion. Stars and life gets born and they eventually die.

Everyday, the sun rises, the seasons change, the flowers bloom and the trees wither. Have you watched a sun set ? Have you really watched a sun set. Totally, with your full being. Watch it slowly slip into the horizon leaving behind a riot of colours in the sky. Watch the birds go home and the sky turn to a dark canvass in which the stars and the moon waxing and waning put up their brilliant show.

The icy mountains, the craggy peaks, the massive oceans, the fast flowing rivers, the massive waterfalls, the barren desserts, the spring landscape. Nature puts up a brilliant show every moment. A changing, live, moving show.

Thoreau said, it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Isn’t that true? This spectacular show that changes as you travel to different corners of the earth and at different times. All free and all that we look but may or may not really see. It is only when you see with such intensity, focus and sensitivity that it becomes a part of you.

The Starry Night may be Van Gogh’s best work. It maybe one of the most expensive pieces of art. The starry night that is on display each night, which is far more spectacular is so priceless that it is free! Humans, find their joy in ownership but to truly enjoy the beauty of existence, we need a certain sensitivity. A certain appreciation of living.

I will let Osho have the last word on this. Life is such a painting. Such a moving, alive painting but people who don’t know how to see a sunset will purchase a Picasso for millions of dollars