If anyone is struggling with kissanime...

its not anymore. It’s for people who didn’t know ^^
Just wanted to spread the knowledge to people and help them who didnt know ^^

I just had an idea from seeing an aesthetic. 

I’m a big fan of the idea that Gavin came to America when he was younger and worked underneath the Roosters. Like he was Burnie’s imported twink first. 

And of course he was the hacker but it was Joel that created the golden boy. Maybe Joel is the Rooster’s main front man and he decided to take Gavin under his wing. And got him addicted to gold as well. 

Maybe when Gavin went off with Geoff and Jack it was Joel that gave him his favorite gold aviators as a goodbye present.

So right now The Masquerade is out! The only exception is ITunes seems to be having problems with it. It’s doing fine with the instrumental album, but it caught a bit of a snag with the full album.

Also despite them being out in all locations minus one, the distributors havent sent me confirmation that either album’s live and the website doesnt link me to the store pages, so something’s a TAD fishy.

I’ll keep everyone updated. WORST case scenario, all of us ITunes users have to wait until the stream tonight (or watching it after) to hear it and wait a day or so to buy it.

Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst fusion, I call them Starburst. Right now I’m drawing a Twidash fusion, if you would you like to watch or request your own pony fusion come join the stream by clicking this link!


all i want is silence.
the constant buzzing in the back of my head is
driving me mad.
the clocks ticking,
but the ticking seems to be growing louder with
each passing hour.

i can hear you breathing.
i can hear your heart beating.
its calling out to me
its begging to to listen.

what do you want from me?
why cant you just leave me be?
youre driving me absolutely



Screaming at the top of my lungs,
I beg for you to end this.

End it all, end everything.
Stop tormenting me with
Your face,
Your voice.

I love you so much,
I can’t bare to see you like this though.
Just leave.

Leave it all behind you,
Just don’t tease me like this.
I can’t handle it.

Just be happy.
For me.


s trem about to start

imma be aeting cereal for a bit before i start drawing but please join in! #please bring ur friends i want it to be a party