Let’s stream more to chart on MelOn and Genie top100! Don’t stop streaming Monbebes!

☆MelOn FREE pass event has been extended to JULY 26th, enough to last the whole Shine Forever promotions if you make accounts to get more coupons! You can also have multiple Genie accounts and use the same Kakaotalk to get FREE streaming!

Show Champion pre-voting is also open.

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Hello Annie..what is melon pass? Is there streaming on melon too? As the anons got the naver free passes, like that can we get melon's too?

Yup you can get for Melon too! Melon pass is the pass you get to be able to stream the full songs and make it count on the charts. Though usually for Melon you have to purchase them. How to for MELON Music App HERE. Though currently there’s an option to get free streaming passes for Melon. Please follow the pinned tutorial on this twitter page:

They also help in purchasing Melon passes. Hope this helps!

Do you want Sense8 to be renewed? Read this!

Starting petitions and hashtags is great, but Netflix cares about numbers, statistics, and money since this season cost them approx. $109 million.

We don’t have much time. We need to move fast. Really fast.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, GET ONE! The 1st month is a free trial anyway.
  • As soon as you get the subscription, WATCH SENSE8, even if it’s only playing in the background on mute.
  • If you have a subscription and haven’t watched Sense8 yet. DO IT NOW!
  • If you’ve already watched it a couple of times, ONE MORE TIME won’t hurt.
  • If you know anyone who might be interested in watching Sense8, show them how to do it right. It has to be THROUGH NETFLIX, not free streaming sites.

We’re seriously running out of time. With the cast asking us to make noise, and posting absolutely nothing to comfort us, like Brian did with season 1 renewal, the odds are not looking good.

I’m talking we need to do this within 24 hours. If you think it’s not possible, think again. We can do anything we set our minds to do.

This is our chance to practically show the cast and the writers how much we love them and the show, not with a hashtag or a petition, but by actively doing something Netflix can’t say ‘No’ to.

If you love this show, fight for it.

Please, reblog so more people can see this. Thank you!

Streaming on Naver and Genie

I know there are some people that can’t buy a Melon pass so here are links to tutorials on how to stream on Naver and Genie. Streaming on Naver and Genie help too and in comparison to Melon, you don’t have to pay.


  • Go here to find out how to make a Naver account and how to stream.
  • Naver gives out free streaming passes (120) to the first 500 people every night at 10PM KST. Go here for more detail.


  • Go here to find out how to make a Genie account and how to stream. In the same thread, you can find out how to get free passes.

Let me just reinstate that you don’t have to pay for this and streaming on these two platforms can help Monsta X get that well deserved win.
Spotify's 'Secret Genius' may help smooth things over with songwriters
Spotify's trying to improve its rough relationship with songwriters.

ok for those of you who are saying that Taylor is going back on her word, Spotify is trying to make things right with songwriters.  

Spotify has had a rocky relationship with songwriters and artists. Last month, the company settled a lawsuit over unpaid royalties by setting up a $43.4 million fund to compensate publishers and songwriters who hadn’t been properly paid. And earlier this year, Spotify made a similar settlement with the National Music Publishers Association that cost them $21 million.

But it has been trying to make things right. The company recently limited its free streaming option, allowing some artists to release new albums to paying Spotify customers only for the first few weeks. And Spotify purchased the company Mediachain in order to streamline information about the proprietary rights for any given song.

omg okay, as we all know after mark's last rap in cb the distorted computer voice says "and now; the winner" and after that the fanchants go "nct 127, cherry bomb" like, this has to be intentional. please, everyone can help them get their first win; we're in this together!

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This legendary Italian composer Nino Rota created iconic scores for countless films. This week, you can enjoy some of his greatest – including 8 ½, JULIET OF THE SPIRITS, LA STRADA, and PURPLE NOON – for free on our @hulu channel.

I’m not even trying to be this bitch, but after seeing what the boys said at the fansign I just feel like I stan the right group. Our boys are satisfied just because they’re still charting, they don’t care that they’re not number one, the fact that they haven’t fallen off the charts already makes them feel our support. The NCT members are all so damn hard working, they really give their all and I feel like if they can practice for twelve hours a day to perfect this comeback, why can’t we do our part to get them their first win? I feel all some people do is talk without taking action and actually going to vote or streaming. I mean, NCT fans on twitter are offering to make these melon accounts for people who can’t with 30 free streaming passes. What’s stopping y'all from streaming or voting? If our boys don’t end up getting their first win, you really have to right to complain or be upset about it, unless you were really out here trying your best to make it happen. And I know its not all about winning guys but I’m sick and tired of certain donkey asses call our boys flops just because of how they do on the charts. Like that’s always what people fucking bring up. They need to do their research and see that NCT are doing perfectly fine in other areas, especially physical album sales. 100,000 preorders for their third mini album is something to be proud of. Anyways this is all over the place, my point was NCT are the best group to stan and please help them get their first win!

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hi!!! I want to ask about the streaming (I have holidays rn so I'm not v busy) but I am not sure how to do this that it counts, but I really want to help!!!

hello!! thank you for supporting our boys!!

streaming on melon/genie is most important!

currently we are #95 on melon and almost dropping out BUT THANK THE GODS!! 

melon is currently holding an event that gives us free 30 streaming passes to use. HERE is an indepth tutorial to get it, then you can log in melon with that account to use your free passes. melon/genie only counts streaming once every hour so i recommend streaming the title once every hour for max usage. my friend @nakamuto is also handing out free accounts for people willing to stream

for genie, if you’ve bought an nct or sm album in general it will come with a code which you can redeem for 100 streaming passes. (we are doing a bit better on genie thankfully on 40 something when i last checked)

if you need additional help fy!nct has a tutorial here

this twitter account also literally has everything here

for streaming on youtube, here is what you need to do:

- open a incognito tab, search up cherry bomb mv (you can also watch their official live performances as those count), make sure the video is HD, make sure the volume is above 50%, and now watch the entire video without stopping or pausing at all! close the tab, open a new tab and repeat the process

if that is a hassle you can also download these extensions:



here is motivation if you need it:







and thanks again!! nct feels the love

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The amount of digital sales and actual bought physical albums from Taylor and people are still buying all 5 albums on iTunes right now even when each album has 6-9 million plus bought sales from each album is absolutely amazing to me. Taylor is a rare breed.

The most iconic thing is that the woman just made her albums available for free streaming and so what did people do? Bought them.