Lucky, Abigail and Pru get a lesson from Aunt Cora on how to be a lady! What does the goose have to do with it? Find out in Season 3 of Spirit Riding Free, now streaming on Netflix!

This legendary Italian composer Nino Rota created iconic scores for countless films. This week, you can enjoy some of his greatest – including 8 ½, JULIET OF THE SPIRITS, LA STRADA, and PURPLE NOON – for free on our @hulu channel.

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Joel or Mike? Trace or Bill? No wrong answers.

Carl the Animator: “C’mon, now. You know better than to ask that.”

Carl the Animator: “Everyone who reads this blog was born in, like, 2002.”

Ted the Animator: “Hrm. Guess we need to explain some things for the young’uns, huh?”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, go for it.”

Ted the Animator: “Listen up, kids… in the ‘90s, there was something called MST3k, which was a strange thing called a ‘TV show’–”

Carl the Animator: “–which were like Netflix originals that you can’t pause, and only release once a week–”

Ted the Animator: “–that aired on two prominent cable TV channels–”

Carl the Animator: “–which were like YouTube channels you paid for, but with more ads and less content–”

Ted the Animator: “–and was about comedians making jokes over bad movies–”

Carl the Animator: “–which was like reaction videos, but actually clever–”

Ted the Animator: “–and everyone who watched had to gather around an actual television set–”

Carl the Animator: “–which was like a really big iPad that does nothing but display stuff–”

Ted the Animator: “–and fans had to write in to a P.O. box if they wanted to join the information club–”

Carl the Animator: “–which was like Googling with paper, but getting answers to things required waiting for several weeks.”

Ted the Animator: “…I feel old now.” 

Carl the Animator: “Truly, it was a primitive time.” 

Ted the Animator: “Since that’s straightened out, we should actually answer the original question… y’know, about the creators of an iconic & industry-shaping cult classic that .01% of readers will have heard of.”

Carl the Animator: “But that Colin owns all 12 seasons of because he’s a dork.”

Ted the Animator: “You go first. Trace or Bill?”

Carl the Animator: “Uh… barely notice the difference voicing Crow… Bill has great delivery on Rifftrax, though Trace beats him slightly on-camera and live.”

Ted the Animator: “And though Colin’s mother would kill me for saying it… Mike is a better actor than Joel. Joel’s more lovable as a host, but Mike has a little more range for sure.”

Carl the Animator: “But he doesn’t have a skit about a spastic lemur puppet, now does he.”

Ted the Animator: “…fair point. It’s all a toss-up, really.”

(Oh, and tons of the show is streaming free… classic episodes are on the official YouTube channel, and the brand-new revival season out on Netflix

Go watch – if you think SDM is funny, you should see the genius that twisted my childhood indirectly inspired it)

me: hmm, i would like to watch [TV SHOW]. let me google to see if there are ways to watch [TV SHOW] 

google: your first result is an illegal streaming website which has all of the episodes for free! 

me: hmm, no, i would like to explore my legal options before i resort to piracy.

google: ok, second result is the official stream. the only way to watch it is to subscribe to the TV station’s proprietary streaming service for fifty dollars a year. there is no option to stream free with ads. 

me: piracy it is, then.

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GREAT NEWS EVERYONE! Yu Yu Hausho is now on Crunchyroll! The first 28 episodes have been put up and are available to watch for premium AND free members, with the rest of the series to be added over time. I’ve added a link to it on my Master Post of official anime streaming here! (If you’re looking for the dub of Yu Yu Hakusho, you can find it on VRV free to stream legally! I have a link to it on that page as well :D)

Without the soaring birds, without the great forests, the free-flowing streams, the sight of the clouds by day, and the stars by night, we become impoverished in all that makes us human.
—  Thomas Berry, The Great Work