The Free Music Archive has posted the entirety of Black Pus’ performance on WFMU both to stream and as a free download. 6 tracks of madness, all absolutely vital. The playfulness of the Black Pus live sets is an essential part of the act, and this is a great way to enjoy it on the daily.

The Black Pus 12" coming out on Deathbomb should be upon us very soon. We have all the vinyl in hand and it sounds fucking amazing. Just taking the time it needs with the hand-screened art (by Brian Chippendale himself!) to make sure this is an incredible looking album as well. You can pre-order the album here, fyi. It comes with an immediate digital download, so you can hear it before the vinyl reaches you.

Black Pus on Deathbomb Arc.

gif by sickfish.

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Karl Blau - Mr. Bass Drum


So for those of you who love making AMVs, and Speed Paints and animations and other stuff with cool music, but hate your stuff being put on mute by Youtube, then you might want to try out these music sites!

Free Music Archive


they host free share or free-to-use music with hardly any catches, and if you wish to use the music in a for-profit production, you have the option of buying a pro license, depending on which site you use, so you can support the artists! :D

They host millions of songs under a myriad of genres, so maybe you’ll find whatever you need!


“Music: Blues done dirt. Deep dirt.”

AWAY FROM THE PULSEBEAT Winter 1987 Issue: Experienced? (page 93)

WORKDOGS review by ART BLACK, Editor

    • “Rock music, by nature a basic and primal expression, has often been a more difficult and complex medium in New York City, where its history has been one of arch artiness, vanguard experimentation, and extreme onslaughts of cerebral dissonance. In the ‘90s, however, a new vibe has begun to emerge that’s decidedly less pretentious, contrived and elitist. You can call it rock, but at heart it’s pure blues - rootsy, raw, and soulful. But the rise of the urban, postpunk blues rock of bands like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Boss Hog, and Railroad Jerk is not entirely sudden or unheralded. Off in the margins of Gotham’s punk, no-wave, and hardcore scenes lie two crusty old characters who have been stumbling and bumbling down the rocky road of blues since the pre-history of “alternative” jangledom. Their friends and family may call them Rob Kennedy and Scott Jarvis, but for the rest of us they’re simply known as the Workdogs.
    • “The Workdogs are a musician’s band. If they draw a hundred fans for a show, ninety-nine of 'em are probably members of local rock groups, the majority of whom are probably a lot more famous and popular than the Workdogs will ever be. Perhaps it’s inevitable that two men who’ve been toiling in the underground in such relative obscurity for so long, and have displayed such remarkable aim when it comes to perpetually shooting themselves in the foot career-wise should eventually become cherished losers of quasi-legendary cult status. But the real fact of the matter is that the Workdogs have proven to be a very significant influence on a number of younger bands who are now rising to pop prominence. They certainly didn’t invent the blues, nor even are they willing to accept credit for its particular rock vernacular today, citing instead the seminal work done by NYC’s long-defunct High Sheriffs of Blue (with whom Workdogs’ drummer Scott Jarvis played) and their out-of town compatriots. Tav Falco’s Panther Burns and The Gun Club. But there’s something in the way the Workdogs have unraveled the formula of Chicago blues and brought it back to its idiosyncratic Delta-era performance style that has made the music extremely relevant to contemporary rock sensibilities.”
  • audrey
  • johnny_ripper
  • soundtrack for a film that doesn't exist


Hearing this song by (Audrey by Johnny Ripper), I’m imagine walking in some foreign place with camera in hand. I’m snapping pictures of strangers. One of them becomes annoyed and begins to yell at me in a language that I don’t understand. Suddenly this beautiful damsel comes to my rescue and whispers something to them. The person looks at me, smiles and bursts into laughter. They walk away laughing.

I’m baffled but thankful that she was able to calm them down. I begin to try and ask her what she said but since I don’t know the language, I’m using some very crude methods of communication.

She smiles and says, “I speak English.”

“Oh…perfect. Well what did you say to them and why were they laughing so hard?”

She smiles and says, “I told them you were a stupid American that looked like a donkey’s ass. They find donkeys very funny in these parts.”

I smirk and reply in a sarcastic tone, “well, I’m sure glad you came to my rescue." 

She laughs and I just smile at her. 

I introduce myself and reach out to shake her hand and as our hands touch, I feel something…sort of like how death presents you with your entire life in a nutshell of visuals, I see my future much the same way and for some weird reason, this beautiful stranger is right there beside me.

And then we fall…

“Beauty Draws the Seed” / “Just Like A Hurricane Blues” - Tom Carter

Anyone who enjoys the sound of electric guitars should be cranking the latest Tom Carter double LP, Long Time Underground, on Three Lobed/Divide By Zero Records. Seriously great – I said my piece about it over on Aquarium Drunkard earlier this week. And as a chaser, dig these two tracks over on the Free Music Archive, which are from a few years back, but fit the vibe to my ears – there’s a new version of “Beauty Draws the Seed” on the Long Time Underground, matter of fact. And in case you’re wondering, Tom does indeed break into “Like A Hurricane”’s classic riff there at the end of the latter track (though it seems like he might be more interested in playing “Danger Bird.”)…

A friendship over a long distance.
  • A friendship over a long distance.
  • Glass Boy
  • Splayed and Nonplussed

Glass Boy – A friendship over a long distance.

from Splayed and Nonplussed (2011)

Something dreamy from itinerant electronic producer Glass Boy aka Justin Lambert, currently in Brooklyn, by way of Bloomington, Indiana and Charleston, South Carolina. Says his bio: “He is currently working on the soundtrack for a documentary on victims of torture for the Florida Center for Survivors of Torture.” Stay tuned…

Book your delayed vacation over at the Free Music Archive.

James Blackshaw - Festival of Endless Gratitude, Copenhagen, 2010

A very interesting show, again via the splendid Free Music Archive. Blackshaw is primarily known as an acoustic guitarist, but this recording sees him playing electric (or perhaps a very processed acoustic?). Sounds kinda like James’ guitar has been fed through a Robin Guthrie/4AD filter. Whatever’s happening here, it’s gorgeous! 

Ikaso (la maison tremble)
  • Ikaso (la maison tremble)
  • Lessazo
  • Soleil D'Hiver

Lessazo, “Ikaso (la maison tremble)” (download album)

Lessazo's Soleil d'hiver is a collaboration between fifteen musicians from France and fifteen musicians from Mali. There’s no shortage of unique voices and instruments, but this is no jam session – it’s an artfully crafted double album.

All 140-minutes are available for free & legal download at the Free Music Archive.

Free and Legal Music Hotspots

So you’re on the Internet. You know there’s a lot of free music out there. You can either navigate through a jumble of music blogs or surf around aimlessly elsewhere until you find some downloadable material or…you can use this handy guide from A Future in Noise, including a few tracks found on my free music journey! Did I forget anything major? Let me know in the comments!

CLLCT: Previously mentioned here with an artist feature on CLLCT artist Your Yellow Dress, CLLCT sees “music as an art form, not as a commodity”. The site’s quirky design aesthetic combined with loads for quality free music to uncover makes this community well worth visiting.

Free Music Archive: From the page - “The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads. The Free Music Archive is directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet.” Either browse your recommended free mp3s page based on your user profile’s scrobbling, try the FreeMusic Group, or try’s free music listings sorted by genre.
MOG Music Network: A directory of fine music blogs linked up with the MMN - including AFIN! - many of which have loads of free music to browse through.

Soundcloud: Gaining currency both as a way for artists to easily upload and share their tracks and for its dropbox service for labels and music blogs to utilize, Soundcloud is growing as a database of streamable and freely downloadable music.

Digital Sunshine by Victor209
External image

Itasca - Live on WFMU, The Avant-Ghetto with Jeff Conklin, May 30, 2016

I highly recommend you check out this five-song set from LA-based singer-songwriter Kayla Cohen, who records under the name Itasca. I caught her and her band a few weeks back in Denver, and there’s an LP on the way later this year. Looking forward to it … 

POB sez: “The music of L.A.-based guitarist, singer, and songwriter Kayla Cohen is mutable and multivalent, richly allusive of the hermetic worlds of private-press canyon-cult mystics and East Coast noiseniks alike. Her adept fingerstyle guitar work—nimble but unshowy, always at the service of framing her plaintively unspooling modal progressions and gorgeous, moonlit voice—centers these melancholy pastorales in a hazy, heat-mirage space equally suggestive of familiarity and distance, community and anomie.”