I drew this for iquanamouth because i love their blog and they are a really amazing artist and i hope they like it!!!! :D


Hi! I’m doing free quick sketches for a little while! And if you want one all you have to do is reblog this post or any of my posts about free sketches and then follow me and message me about what you want me to draw and ill get to it as fast as i can! 

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Hi guys!

So I REALLY need a signal boost on tumblr. I’ve been on here for four years now and I’m still shy of 50. I love all my 46 followers so much, especially the three or four who’ve stuck with me for a long time, but I need to make some waves, man!

So to thank you all and to get myself out there, I’m offering ONE FREE PORTRAIT to a random winner of a raffle.

  • Like and/or reblog this post to enter (multiple reblogs count but please don’t go crazy)
  • You have to be following this blog!
  • I’ll choose a winner 3 weeks from now on the 16th September 2015.
  • The winner has 3 days to reply or I’ll re-raffle the prize!

Good luck and massive thanks to anyone who helps me getting my face out there!

Edit 27/8: Soooo many thank yous to everyone who reblogged this - in the first 24 hours I went from 50 to 300 followers! I’m working on getting around to all of you, to replying to messages and to following back all the art blogs :D

If by any chance I get to 500 followers I’ll be adding an extra portrait to the raffle, then the same again at 1000! You guys are the best.

Edit: 12/9: I hit 500! I’ll be drawing two winners for the prize. Thank you so so so much for sharing this post and all the sweet messages and tags. It really helps!



Here are some headshot templates I’ve made of various species! I think the only ones I have missing are Snappers, Faes, and Coatls.

These are FREE TO USE, no need to ask! All .psd files uploaded here. I’m not editing customs sorry, so if you can’t edit, ask a friend who can. But, please don’t use these for profit (sell customs or sell with dragons), that’s very rude and unfair to me.

Regardless, ENJOY! Tag or message me if you use one! I’d really love to see what you did! Please boost to spread free art! :)


Hello, friends! This is my updated commission info post, now with fancy graphics for the pricing of my work. I’ve stepped up my game after a successful month of full time commission work and have added an extra slot, but am still just scraping by. 

So here’s what I propose:

If this post hits 500 notes by the end of February, I will choose one person who reblogged at random to receive FREE FULL COLOR FULL BODY COMMISSION. That’s a commission worth $150 dollars for free.

You can see more examples of my work HERE and check my commission status HERE~!

Thank you for your continued support and I appreciate your help in sharing this with your friends and mutuals <3

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a few weeks but as it’s getting so close to Valentine’s Day I guess it’s now or never!

As a big thank you for all the support and kind words I’ve recieved this year I’m offering a personalised ring design to a winner of this tumblr raffle! I’d love to have this done and sent before Valentine’s Day so the winner can surprise their loved one / themselves with it! It means I only have a week to get this spread and shared, so every reblog counts!

What you get:
A front-facing painting of a uniquely designed ring based on your description. Perfect for RP, stories or campaigns!

What you need to do:

Like and/or reblog this post to enter (they each count as a separate entry and you can reblog multiple times within reason)
You have to be following this blog!
A winner will be picked on the 10th/11th so I can get this sent out before the 14th.
The winner has 24 hours to reply or I’ll re-raffle the prize!

Thanks so much to everyone who gets this out there and good luck! <3



- reblogs and likes both count

- you can like/reblog as many times as you want

- you can only win one of the three

- i’ll only do headshots for this one (be it anyone you want, from any fandom as long as you can provide references) 

- make sure your ask is open, if it isnt or you dont reply within 24h i will have to inform you that i’ll chose someone else

- new followers are always welcome (:


excuse me for my handwriting


600 Followers Contest!!!

Thank you all so much for following and supporting this blog! It really means a lot to me that so many people have been supporting me and following this small blog of mine! I really never thought I would get passed 13 followers XD. You guys have been truly amazing and awesome followers to have, I even made some friends along the way! I wouldn’t be good at art if it wasn’t for this blog because its one of my motives to keep going with drawing and the few compliments that I have gotten from you guys just means so much to me! And I want to hold a contest to show my appreciating for all of you amazing people!

Contest Rules:

-1 reblog=1 entry

-likes don’t count

-You must be following me! This is a followers contest don’t just follow and unfollow once its over

Contest will end on Feb.6 at 5pm central time!

1st winner will receive a fully colored, shaded and with background drawing:

2nd place winner will receive a fully colored drawing with simple background if asked:

3rd place winner gets line art with 2 ocs:

Good Luck! :3



I haven’t been very active as of late bc of school and such, I check back and next thing I know I’ve got a bunch more people following this blog. I feel like having a giveaway of sorts, something simple. I don’t think many of you know that I happen to do doodle every know and then, since I’m going to offering some sketch requests for this feel free to take a look at my art tag to see whether or not you’d like to participate. :>

I’ll select three winners at random. Here’s the deal:

+ Must be following me obv

+ Reblog as much as your little heart desires for better chances, spam your followers. 1 Reblog = 1 Entry.

+ Likes also count as an entry

+ I’ll draw any character/OC (only one)

+ Keep your inboxes open!



SO  i just need to get as many as likes as possible in this PHOTO to help my best friend to win a new cellphone (that’s the prize), the current one is so shitty it makes us cry and we don’t have the money to buy one. PLEASE HELP US i’m desperate

So here are the rules:

  • Reblog this post to know you’re participating

And that’s it, you’ll be participating to get one chibi of ANYTHING YOU LIKE, in the style of these examples. There will be 3 winners and this raffle will end on July 24th

To the winners just have to send me a screenshot to prove me you did like the pic, also, the users who doesn’t have facebook can’t participate :( but it’ll be cool if you help me sharing this tho. THANK YOU! and have a good day.