Free art, free art here!

So, my previous post wasn’t clear enough, so here is a new one! 

Okay, so, I need people who want to help me set up my commission sheet, for free! Yes, you’ve read it right, free art! But only this time…

Anyway, I need examples to give for my commission sheet and since I don’t have that many, I want to ask you guys to pick any of these option below. What stands between the brackets are the multiple options per category (let’s say, clothed or bust versions).

One option per person and when it is already taken, too bad, pick another one…

I’ll remove every option when it is taken :3

Here are the options:

-Cleaned up sketch (clothed, bust and full body)

-Line-art (clothed, bust and full body)

-Flat coloured (clothed, bust)

-Fully shaded/detailed (clothed, bust and full body)


-Refrence sheet

-Cutie Mark art

How do you send your choice, you ask? Simple!

Just send me an ask or a fan-mail on this blog or on my main blog (which is placed in this blogs description), with a link to what you want to have drawn (lets say, your oc) and which option you want! I’ll reply as fast as I can!

That’s it!

I hope to hear from you guys soon! :3

Giveaway! Free past life reading and illustration.

I’ve been so enthused with the idea of doing past life readings and also painting someone’s past life memory in watercolor, that I want to do a completely free giveaway! I’m so gracious for all the support that I have through this blog and all the trust people have given me in guiding them spiritually that I really want to give back. 

And for clarity, anyone can enter, regardless of age. You can choose shipping or a digital file transfer, whatever you’re comfortable with. So this giveaway isn’t just 18+!

What the giveaway is:

  • One 2 page past life reading (usually costs $30): a detailed look into a past life (or lives!) of yours! I’ve done around 30-50 readings for people so far, thanks to the generous visions the Akashic Records give me.
  • A free illustration of a scene from your past life reading. A full watercolor illustration~! (I usually ask for $200 for a commission like this). The original can be shipped to you (depending on distance I might ask you to cover shipping costs). Here’s an example of some watercolor work of mine: 

(The last one also has some digital, but it’s based off of my past life memories/spiritual self, so I wanted to share). 

What you have to do to enter:

  • Reblog this post )–you can reblog more than once if you really want (Originally I had the liking this as a part, but some people have side blogs)
  • Be a follower of this blog (Sopherielspeaks) and please take a look at my art blog (link below!)

This ends June 14th, where I’ll randomly select a winner! 

Also feel free to check out my art blog: dissolutionandcreation

In celebration of ORAS if you reblog/like this post by November 21st 11:59PM EST you will get a tiny Pokémon chibi like so:

I will be using a number generator to choose one at random and I will be including ALL Pokémon gens.


Thank you and have a nice day!

Happy gaming everyone.

If it’s “nothing special”, please proceed to make your own art. I’ve seriously seen this happen to me and my friends so often, where people get incredibly angry and rude to an artist refusing free work. Last time, it was a guy who completely trashed me and my girlfriend because he had a “Big” youtube channel (full of bought subscribers, he got barely any views), then proceeded to mock our professionalism in public. Not okay.


Hey guys!!! who wants a sketch of their face? cause I really want to practice drawing different features and/or expressions. conditions:

1. reblog this post

2. be sure you have a face page, cuz i’ll go on your blog to find your selfies/shots

3. have your askbox open, this is just in case i have to communicate with you 

You don’t have to follow me, unless you wanna. I’ll tag your url when your sketch is complete. :) k cool bye.

Hi guys! Since I’m so excited for Halloween
I thought I’d offer a quick doodle of a ghost
(or something spooky) based on your blog / theme.

Your submit box must be open.
Followers and mutuals might get a little something extra
Only reblogs count so I can keep track


Doing a small art giveaway. Reblog this post with a reference of your OC and I’ll pick one winner and draw their character. It’s 10am for me now, I will close the giveaway at 3pm, so you’ve got 5 hours (until 2pm GMT). You don’t have to be following me! Go go go! 

If enough people reblog it, I might pick 3 winners.

EDIT: Yes it can be human, pony, it can be a bloody dragon if you so wish!

So, I want to do something nice for my tumblr peeps
But, me being broke as shit makes it hard.
So, I shall give what I can.

~Anybody who reblogs this by December 23 will get a nice little pokemon drawing on either the 24th, 25th, or 26th (depending on when I get them done and when I have time to upload them.) ~

I’ve reached over 666 Followers, so it’s time for a Giveaway once again! 


  • As this is to celebrate my followers count it’s also for followers only - new ones are always welcome! :)
  • Reblogs and Likes count as a tickets to enter. You may reblog several times, but please don’t spam.
  • There will be 3 winners, chosen randomly by generator.
  • This Giveaway will end on Saturday the 25th of April, 18:00 my time.

Examples for Prizes:

Good luck and have fun!!

Reblog this post to win a free sketch

yup, yup that´s right. just reblog this post here to have a chance get a free sketch by me, that´s all you have to do

( I draw mostly Danny Phantom, Pokemon or Sonic art, but animals, dragons and stuff are also fine, sooo I will try to draw anything if you guys wish it ^^)

I will randomly choose the winner this evening  (26/5/15 at about 9 pm CET, perhaps sooner or later, depends on what I´m doing then)

-> you can also reblog this and add a ref of your character in it or write your wish in there, so I don´t have to ask you in case you win^^

if this all works out well and many participate, I think I will do it more often. I always love to make you guys happy ;)

sketch examples:

Art freebies

Okay so I have massive art block out the wazoo and can’t come up with any ideas so reblog/like this and I’ll draw you a picture based on your blog.

This is probably the style the art will be in for the most part:

and you can find more samples in my art tag.

I’ll try and do everyone who reblogs/likes this in the next 24 hours. 

anonymous asked:

Roach how do you say no when friends ask for free art and you don't wanna draw what they ask for?

  •  No.
  • Nope.

  • Sorry, I’m not up for that.

  • I don’t want to.

  • Why? Because I don’t want to, I just said that. 

  • What do you mean you don’t want to pay me what my work is worth? I thought we were friends, man!

  • Why are you trying to take advantage of me, bro, I thought you valued me as a person and not an art machine. Come on. 

  • I would work for free if we didn’t live in a capitalistic hell machine, but hey, we do, so I need to be paid for my time, skill, and effort or I will starve to death, homeless, in the street, while scornful children poke me with sticks

  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch. So I need money to buy lunch. Please get me some lunch. 

OH MY GOSH GUYS!! My photo shoot, #StillAWoman broke 10,000 notes yesterday!

Thank you so much for your support and appreciation!

I have updated the reward levels on my gofundme, and they now include free colored pencil commissions on the top three reward levels, and a promo of your blog on every reward level! Your donations will help me rebuild my life and afford my transition. Thank you!

$5- I will post a personalized thank you photo along with a promo of your tumblr blog!

$10- You get a free single-character inked colored pencil commission, a promo of your blog, and a print of one of the photos from #StillAWoman! (your choice, unsigned)

$25- You get a free single-character inked colored pencil commission,  a promo of your blog, and an autographed print of one of the photos from #StillAWoman! (your choice)

$100- You get a free single-character inked colored pencil commission, a promo of your blog and an autographed print of EVERY photo from #StillAWoman!