Concept: A Pretty Odd alternate universe
  • everyone is gay
  • flowers everywhere
  • ryden is flourishing
  • vintage hippie aesthetic
  • happy tunes, tragic poetry
  • picnics, tea and cakes
  • green fields full of bubbles
  • small magical animals
  • moon never falls down
  • not even at nine in the afternoon

anonymous asked:

Why are you getting mad for someone saying all lives matter???

Because when someone says ‘all lives matter’ in response to someone else saying ‘black lives matter,’ they really don’t mean all lives matter. If all lives mattered to them, they would be out here defending not only black people but standing up for muslims and other poc that trump is stripping the rights away from. They should be outraged by the way that poc are being treated, they should be speaking out against it. Instead, “all lives matter,” is just a response they shout because white people cant stand the thought of anything not being about them. All lives matter is really just “white lives matter too!!” and a way to silence black people. When people say black lives matter, NO ONE is saying “other lives don’t matter.”


thank u all aaa… it really means a lot ;;
i do want to try my best to be daily, and i probably wouldn’t change the url although i might be on a semi hiatus soon

i mean.. i could post my traditional sketches instead if anyone would be ok withthat…?

Come and Gone

Today is a day I have lived several times before
Tomorrow is a journey never taken
Gone, gone are the ghost hour chit-chats

The sun rises and dresses each forest tree
In an emerald green dress fit for a queen
The birds chirp their mysterious tune
“To whome,” I assume, “it concerns.”
Gone, gone are the winter chills
That still the mighty sea of trees

But come again, oh come again
The June nights of Jubilee
The campfire dances fervently
As the lightnighbugs try to capture flickers
In vain work they try to make the world brighter

then, in the quiet hours after midnight
The wolves wail out in song
A solemn chill reverberates through the air
There in my heart stirs the remeberence
And warning of winter nights passed and to come

But here, in the warmth of the slow, steady fire
I sleep soundly, prepared to meet the oncoming autumn once again
Come and gone, come and gone
Such is my soul

Need you

I am still dreaming

of your smiling face

Blonde hair in artful disarray

laughing, always laughing

So much to do and say

I’ve never met anyone

so filled with life, with love

Too bright and beautiful

for this old world

My sweet, loving girl

Heart hurting

I’ve been searching

for you all these years

Spilling out my tears

Failing again and again

I miss you my love

I need you my friend