asgardiantimelord123  asked:

Police! Help! I've been robbed! All the candy I had is gone!

Little darling officers look at each other with big hopeful sparkling eyes. They had another case in their hands! This made them so happy. Word was definitely getting out that they were very good at their job. They both turn to face you and nod in unison, letting you know that they will take your case. You take them over to the crime scene where a bunch of crumbs and candy wrappers can be found. Sou pup and Rinrin carefully examine the crime scene and start looking for clues. It was pretty awful that someone would dare not only take, but eat all the candy too! Rinrin gets a funny feeling in his tummy… He feels like he’s seen this before many times… Or maybe he’s just hungry!

After not being able to really find anything in particular, they start asking a couple of questions and hope that maybe with what they hear they can solve this mystery.

Sou: Mmm… what kind of candy was here?

You let them know that they were just your average candies: chocolates, gum, lollipops, etc.

Rinrin: Fishie candy?

Both Sou pup and you look at Rinrin as he smiles from ear to ear. You think about it for a second though… Oh! Yes! You tell them that you indeed had some fishie candy in the pile! They were swedish fish that the thieve left behind. You didn’t think it meant anything so you had picked them up since the baggies weren’t open at all. Little Rinrin gasps at this. He quickly starts moving his fisted little chubby hands up and down in excitement.

Rinrin: Rinrin knows! Rinrin knows!! Souchke–Rinrin knows!!

Sou: Kitty…?

Rinrin: Come on Souchke!

Sou: Mmm!

Rinrin grabs hold of Sou’s hand and off they go pitter pattering as fast as their chubby stubby feet could possibly take them. They leave you a bit confused but you had faith they will help you out!

The little darling officers go back to Rinrin’s home and as soon as they open the door, Rinrin quietly tells Sou pup to be very very quiet… From that moment, they started whispering to one another. Sou pup wasn’t sure what exactly was going on or what and who they were looking for but he trusted Rinrin’s intuition and he knew he would solve this mystery!

Rinrin: Okay… we will go upstairs to my room… The thieve is hiding there!

Sou’s eyes widen.

Sou: Kitty? Kitty know?

Rinrin: Yesh~! Rinrin know who thieve is and we will catch thieve!!

Sou: Mmm!

They quickly but quietly make their way upstairs and slowly tippy toe towards Rinrin’s room. When they finally get there, they notice that the door wasn’t closed all the way. They decide to peek through the opening for safety purposes. Their eyes widen and both try their best not to make a sound at the scene before them. The room was dark, but they could still make out a small figure inside. It was sitting in a corner of the room, it’s back faced towards them, and munching away at what it appeared to be a small stack of CANDY!!!

Sou: FWEEZE!!!


Both darlings push the door open and wait for the thieve to show its face, but no movement. The thieve then stops munching on the candy but still does not face the darling officers. It just stayed there, still. They gulp but don’t back away. Sou pup takes a step forward in front of Rinrin. If this gets dangerous, he wouldn’t want Rinrin to get hurt!


The thieve suddenly whines in pain and before either darling officer could say or do anything else, he falls back! Sou and Rinrin gasp and pitter patter towards the fallen troublemaker. Rinrin pulls the curtain a bit so some sunlight can shine in and finally, revealing the thieve.

Sou: P-PUPPY?!!

Nagisha was laying flat on the ground with his chubby stubby hands on his bloated belly, mouth and hands covered in all sorts of candy and chocolate. Sou pup was so confused but Rinrin smiled proudly.

Sou: Kitty??

Sou turns to look at Rinrin, a worried expression on his face.

Rinrin: Rinrin knew it was Nagisha since Nagisha is always stealing RINRIN’S CANDY!!

He pouts but continues.

Rinrin: Nagisha no like fishie candy. That’s why Nagisha no steal Hawoo’s candy… Just Rinrin’s!! But Rinrin was smart and hide candy in new secwet spot!

Sou was still surprised that Nagisha was the thieve but it made sense. Since Nagisha couldn’t find his brother’s secret stash of candy no more, he went and stole someone else’s! Rinrin went on and told Sou pup to take the left over candy and bring it back to its owner while he took care of Nagisha. Sou pup nods and does as Rinrin told him and leaves the siblings alone.

Rinrin: Nagishaaaaa~! Nagisha twouble!! Rinrin telling Makootoh!

Rinrin crosses his arms and pouts at his younger sibling. Nagisha couldn’t even defend himself. All he could do was whine and rub his belly and almost regret eating all the candy…

The mystery was solve! The leftover candy was returned and Nagisha’s tummy felt better after Makoto gave him something for his tummy ache but he didn’t go unpunished… Makoto took all sweets away from him for a whole week which made Nagisha cry, but Makoto wouldn’t fall for those crocodile tears this time. Another job well done!

sakura-the-spooky  asked:

I feel safe with officer sou pup and officer rinrin on patrol!

Kisumi: Oooh yes! They are working very hard to keep everyone safe and sound! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Turns around to where Sou and Rinrin are.

Kisumi: Right g– (・-・。)

Sou pup and Rinrin are sound asleep in the middle of the living room, snuggling and cuddling with one another. Kisumi smiles tenderly and goes to grab Sou’s blanket from the couch to cover both sleeping darlings.

Kisumi: *whispers* Even heroes need to rest after all… ( ๑˘⌣˘๑ )♡

He kisses both their foreheads before heading towards the kitchen to make lunch for the greatest darling officers in town! ෆ♡

Entry #186

We’ve decided to focus on the Halloween party for now, there’s not much we can do about the neighbours at the moment. Although, I have put in a formal complaint to the landlord, we’ll see where that takes us.

Nagisa stepped out to buy the outfits himself while I focused on finishing the decorations. He’s got the perfect size for me, and it’s pretty well made too: heavy cape, lace cravat (the frilly type, it’s wonderful!), black waistcoat and white shirt. The one thing I’m not too fond of is the fangs. I may just paint them on instead.

Nagisa’s is fantastic too, it’s very Hocus Pocus-esque along with the broom and hat. Together we look amazing, I can’t wait for the night!

I started stress painting Sousuke from Free! reimagined in my RPG head canon. More specifically a FFXIV head canon. Made him a dark knight cos it suits him :D I  started to draw him as an Au Ra (Xaela) at some point but I’m leaving that layer turned off for the time being. *throws drawing into backlog cos irl priorities*

Who knows maybe I’ll stress draw padjal Haruka at some point. (Why? You ask. Because, SOUHARU ALL THE WAYYYYYYYY) Feel free to strike up a discussion if you wanna hear more about this totally chuuni head canon. 


Some awesome cosplayers we had model our Free! Iwatobi Swim Club shirts at Animazement!!

Haru - Samletbird Cosplay / samletbird (insta)
Makoto -
Nagisa - This That and Jaz / thisthatandjaz (insta)
Rei -
Rin - chrome.comet (insta)
Sousuke -
Nitori -
Momo -
Gou -

Photography and edits by: J Nastae Photography / j_nastae (insta) 
Our esty store is at Cosmic Crown and you can find the full album on our Facebook page here!