You know what his look reminds me of here? Some generic teen high school movie where people from all the different cliques have to come together to solve some big problem and the main chick is like an ordinary plain Jane and she kind of brings everyone together. But then they run into a problem that needs computer work and she’s all, “I know a guy.” He’s that guy, the tech geek that’s also kinda hot. And he flat out refuses cuz the popular kids are always mean to him. But then plain Jane pouts and is all “Please? For me?” and he just sighs and agrees cuz they’re best friends and he’s secretly in love with her and in the end they end up together or some shit.
That’s who he reminds me of.
I’m really tired.

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sidenote freddie from icarly is an IT reference; Too Many similarities between him and eddie

this is the best ask i’ve ever received because it implies that nickelodeon’s own dan schneider sat down to read arguably the most disturbing epic horror novel of the last century and thought “i’ve got a great idea for my new untitled children’s show starring miranda cosgrove and jerry trainor” and i honestly don’t doubt that that’s exactly what happened