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my favourite detectives // detective inspector fred thursday

it’s about them who turn to us for help in time of need; weak, defenseless, old, young—especially the young.

New drinking game: Endeavour edition

Take a shot when…

-Bright yells at someone (bonus if it’s not Morse)
-Jakes says something snarky
-Morse knows something obscure and/or nerdy
-Unstable Girl Of The Week flirts with Morse
-Really anyone flirts with Morse…
-Strange calls someone “matey”
-Morse has to stop Thursday getting into a fight or beating someone up (double shots if it’s before season 3)
-Pub Nights (or Morse drinking alone in his flat…)
-Morse’s Brilliant Theory™ is dismissed
-Morse gets grossed out by a dead body
-Thursday Family Fluff


i reblogged that post about valentines but i don’t know if the british detective fandom even has any of those !!! so i made some for endeavour XD

feel free to use, distribute, send to your friends or whatever !