THE FULL AMV IS FINALLY FINISHED! :D this is my longest BH6 AMV to date and i’m so happy with the way it’s turned out! For some reason the text has turned out to be a lot lighter than it was originally, but i’m assuming it’s just what happens when you render the video.

(trigger warning: suicide)

movie: big hero 6 by disney

song: soap- melanie martinez

voice overs: unused lines from life is strange from dontnod

plot: Tadashi decides it’s finally time to end everything by ‘filling the bath with bubbles.’ and ‘washing his mouth out with soap.’

  • Fred:So, look.
  • George:Mom asked us to give you some advice
  • Fred:about Hogwarts. It's real simple:
  • George:- don't talk to anyone,
  • Fred:- don't look at anyone,
  • George:- don't go anywhere,
  • Fred:- don't sit down,
  • George:- don't raise your hand,
  • Fred:- don't go to the bathroom,
  • George:-don't get noticed,
  • Fred:- don't choose the wrong friends,
  • George:- Don't get sorted into Slytherin,
  • Fred:- Don't try and catch the giant squid,
  • George:- Don't aggravate Peeves,
  • Fred:- Don't try talking to Snape,
  • George:- Don't get attached to the DADA Teacher,
  • Fred:- don't... [sighs] Who are we kidding?
  • George:You'll be dead,
  • Fred:- or homeschooled
  • George:by the end of the year anyway.
  • [Both Twins pat Ron's head]
  • Fred And George:Oh! And don't be seen with Percy!