I love the Scooby Doo movies from the early 2000s (zombie island,alien invaders) but I wish they kept that animation and continued a series where Daphne has her mystery show and they try getting more real mysteries on camera. And also do something where they bring back Crystal and Amber! Plus I ship Fraphne so much.

I think scooby-doo without Fred and Daphne moments is not the same thing, i feel like even the little moments between them are already part of the show in general (like shaggy and scooby’s hungry and velmas glasses lol) and basically they are together (at some point, somehow). I almost never ship het ships but fraphne is a good (and classic) one and even after all these years I still look up to them. They really like each other and it’s so cute, totally more of them in the next scooby releases!


“I’ve got my spare keys.We take the van before sunrise, then we hit the road. No more of this town. We need a break from all this and now it’s time for that. You pick the music, I pick the roadside cafes. I drive us two far from all the pain this place has caused everyone… Please, let’s leave this hellhole. Escape Coolsville with me…” — Fred Jones.

SKIP TOWN — a playlist for the tired souls of fred jones and daphne blake as they desert the cruel suburbia of coolsville;