I was just thinking about something. Franticshipping related, naturally.

So the franticshipping confession moment happened before Ruby and Sapphire were about to go through a time rift.

Which leads to this major franticshipping moment of Sapphire showing her true feelings whilst they were travelling through a time rift. So take note of the time theme here.

So there’s this whole major franticshipping moment happening in time.

~They’re even doing that hand holding thing they always do ahh ^^~

There’s even this moment where they are in another time rift thanks to Celebi.

So the overall dealeo here is time right? Stay with me on this…

Let us fast forward 4 years…

The next big franticshipping confession ~confession round two~ moment happens right before Ruby and Sapphire head to space. This time it’s Ruby showing his true feelings.

And then whilst in space we get another major franticshipping moment of showing feelings. ~But instead of “go back to Littleroot Town with me” it’s more “go back to Earth with me” this time…~

~Complete with more handholding and almost being seperatedness ahh~

So the overall dealeo here is space right? Whilst the other arc was time?

Space? Time?



Specialshipping: i~ know~ you~ from somewhere in once upon a drea- *snoring*

Oldrivalshipping: she stole his wallet and they never parted since he’s constantly tried to get it back and got used to trailing her

Feelingshipping: feel the calm radiate off the blonde. Feel the salt radiating from the boy. Feel bad as she cries cuz her pokemon evolved. The boy is confuse

Luckyshipping: “I’ll take your badges, your moneys, your keystone, your heart, and your soul while I’m at it thanks for contributing to my charity”

Originalshipping: GOIN BAAACK TO THE BASICS*can’t remember the rest of that song for my life*

Jadeshipping: “hay cute lil girl you wanna help me steal things”

Chosenshipping: they are literally siblings d o n t

Mangaquestshipping: NICE LEGS, DAISY DUKES, MAKES A MAN GO cry because he got kicked in the balls

Preciousmetalshipping: *melts some gold and silver ore in a furnace in skyrim* so hot

Specialjewelshipping: the night is beautiful (also Capricorn and Taurus heyy)

Blacksoulshipping: polar opposite feelings also one doesn’t canonically exist but i want her to

manga heartsoulshipping brokenheartshipping: tough kid, lost kid, hay look they hangin out **still desparately wishing lyra will exist in spe future**

Viridianshipping: “hOLLA TO MY VIRIDIAN BROTHA”

Ambershipping: the flutterdash of pokespe

Lazuriteshipping (?): *stares into blue eyes* *stares at expensive looking gold star earrings*

Polishipping: *Gold tosses polibo at poli and Red* “O SHIT WADDUP”

Imperialshipping: “we could be HEDGEHOG OCS TOGETHER ”

Buttshipping: why this name tho

Depressionshipping: WHY THIS NAME THO

franticshipping: how many chapters does it take to get to the shipping confirmed chapter of ORAS? One, two, th-three- *One of them dies* th-the world may never know,,,

Raltsshipping: hey look at that cute boy why did you leave him alone


Commonershipping: cinnamon rol thinks princess is p cool

Haughtyshipping: sugarhigh boy thinks princess senpai is bEING A LITTLE PIECE of SHIT WHO WON’T N O T I C E H I M TRYING TO HELP

Absurdistshipping: it’s all fun and games until sOMEONE IS SENT TO THE DISTORTION WORLD

Entourageshipping: the gangs all here

Agencyshipping: “make a contract with me and I’ll get black out of the fucking rock, White”

Corruptionshipping: you’re hot then you’re cold, you’re team plasma, you’re the international police

Mangasequelshipping(i wanna call it pastelshipping for ironic purposes): “I wanna murder you for being a part of the thing that ruined my life but I also have the overwhelming need to protect you from everything???”

I was decorating my secret base in Omega Ruby Version to make it look like Sapphires and I just noticed Ruby’s interesting choice of posters..


And Relicanth.

Seviper being the point of the story where they made the bet and Ruby refusing to help Sapphire fight the Seviper.

Relicanth being the point of the story with the two of them reconciling after breaking the bet and Ruby wanting to help Sapphire fight for Hoenn.

That’s two very important points in their journeys both to do with the 80 day bet. Plus this is the 80th day and a celebration of the two of them completing their goals.

So like wow, Ruby’s actually put some thought into decorating Sapphires cave.Typical Ruby acting all selfish and clueless but still showing he cares through the little things he does.

When I die, instead of flowers just lay fanfics/fanart of my otps at my grave. My soul will highly appreciate it. Thank you.

Based off this

because it is the best ever