As an out gay male myself just like Frankie…seeing what Zach did last night is a big step not only for Zach but for Frankie regarding their bond/relationship/Status. I feel so many people are so uninformed about the LGBTQ community and what it means to be public together specifically with males. There is such a huge stigma in society on the male gender being public together in the LGBTQ community because of social norms and other circumstances.  People need to comprehend that it took Zach 1 yr to do this with Frankie. There’s never been anything normal with Zach’s behavior regarding Frankie since exiting bb Sep 2014. It’s been a process but this is a process that happens with so many of us in the LGBTQ community. I look forward to seeing what’s next. What Zach did last night was courageous on so many levels. Zach fought past fear and let the world into his and Frankie’s private life.

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11:25 PM PST: "I don't know what my deal is but I am ravenous." -Frankie Grande

It’s because you miss your bae.

Caleb is ragging on him because of how much he’s eating and keeps reminding him of his calorie count. He’s even been reading off the nutritional labels of boxes when Frankie starts gorging himself.

  • Zach: Hey, I thought I should let you guys know, Frankie is my boyfriend!
  • Zach's parents: We know
  • Frankie's parents: We know
  • BB 16s HGs: WE KNOW
  • Zankie fans: We know
  • Zach stans: We knooow
  • Grandtourage: WE KNOW
  • Ariana: I know!!!
  • Tiger: I know
  • Queen of England: I know
  • Beethoven risen from his grave: I KNOW
  • Creatures from another galaxy: WE FUCKING KNOW THAT ZACH
  • Zach:
  • Zach: Was I that obvious?
  • Frankie: *giggles*