I present myself as quite innocent in real life and amongst friends and also here too.

Well, not always. Most say I give an aura of calm or child like tendency and imagination. And innocence.

The thing of course is, is when i post a picture of myself in a bit of a provactive light. I barely answer the anon messages now because they ridicule me for doing the very opposite of how I present myseld.

How I present myself sexually is how i like. I like that I can be sexual and also be a book worm.

I like that I can be quiet and timid but sexually in contol (well…not in control actually haha).

I like that I can be introverted but yet still come alive in the bedroom.

I like that I can take comfort in myself but also be able to publish semi provactive photos online.

My body, my emotions, my mind, my life :)

anonymous asked:

So I named my guitar Frank and my mom goes "so its a man" and i told her its non binary and she said i should name it frankie instead and me being trans i take this offensively but i was too scared to say anything

Omg dude that sucks. I’m sorry about that


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