With my undying, death defying
                                                Love for you
                                           Envy will hurt itself
                                      Let yourself be beautiful.

                                         I’m so in love with you.

okay does anyone have any idea how important mcrx is to me

i came along after the breakup. i entered the fandom a year after it DIED. i never knew the suspense of waiting for a new album or the joy of watching mcr perform live. i thought i was never, ever going to see a reunion.

and then this shit happens

and i am just so excited that i might actually get the chance to see my favorite band alive and making music again. that i might buy a new mcr album and listen to new songs and wear new t-shirts and go to a concert and get signatures on pieces of paper and meet my fucking idols.

okay? okay.


Fridget || Let me be your air…

anonymous asked:

i think what will happen is franky will be send back to wentworth and re claim topdog and she'll protect bea and allie 💕 allie will be alive because she used to be an addict so her body is my sustained to drugs, also i think season five will be the last season so lets hope its beautiful💗

Oh my God!!! Yes, i hope so😍😍 As much as i love Franky on the outside, being happy with Bridget and successful, i’d love to see her back in WW, and aw protecting Bea and Allie yes❤️ also!! I do believe Allie is alive but i never thought about the drug thing, that her body is used to it- and now especially due to her recent relapse.