Frankie Nowhere

A Quiet Place

Title: A Quiet Place
Characters: Zoro x Nami
Genre: Romance / Humor / (slight) Angst
Rating: T

Based on the prompt: “We were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…”

Her arms pumped at her sides as she ran, a loping, awkward gait. With every step, her boots crunched down, sinking into fresh powder. Her breaths emerged, billowing clouds, and with every inhale, frigid air tightened her chest.

Not twenty feet away, a thicket promised refuge. The dark bark of the tall pines stood stark against the snow. She was so close. She could make it.

She heard the projectile whistle through the air a split second before it hit. Instincts, honed from years spent aboard the ship of a notorious pirate, commanded she move. Dropping, she rolled, burying her shoulder deep within the cold snow. Not a foot away, snow exploded as it hit. Icy shards struck her exposed cheeks and nose.

If there was one, surely, there would be another.

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While I’m at, here’s a video for you, @AlliOutlaw. This is the band that I was telling you about.

If The Ramones, The Dead Boys, The New York Dolls, and Iggy and the Stooges had a love child- it would be this band.

The Flash Boys- All Night Long


I Love Zankie, but let's keep it 100%

Zach: Spent the last two weeks scheming with the house to get Frankie backdoored, and has some not so nice words to say. Even when the plan fell through, tried to drum up support for Nicole staying so she could go after Frankie the next week. And now tells Cody out of nowhere that Frankie should get him out cause he will backdoor him next week and has been playing him.

Fans: *crickets*

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Frankie: Alliance members want to backdoor Zach for the 1000th time,Frankie tells them he will and says some not so nice things.

Fans: FRANKIE’S the devil. Zach is so loyal to him, he would never. He is falling in love with him. Fuck you Frankie. Such an awful person.

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I will still go down with this ship, but I won’t go down blind. I won’t stand for this foolishness