The zoo’s latest acquisition, a panther chameleon, climbs on the branch of a small tree in its enclosure in the zoo in Frankfurt, Germany, Friday. Michael Probst/AP

Update from the Con

I was there for maybe three hours today max because they actually turned to music up on the Youtube/Music Stage (or so it seemed to me) and if I had to hear “Kinderaugen” one more time I would have run amok (”You got to see the world through childrens eyes”). Did not get an autograph or photo with anyone but I might stalked around a bit and glanced at some perfect people (Robin was sat next to that stage from hell poor guy).

There was another Gotham panel today which I missed too but I was busy staring at Penguins in the Zoo at that time so sorry not sorry. (ok maybe a bit but that Con really depressed me for some reason)

(Went all tourist today, Main Tower & Frankfurt Zoo after I already visited the Römer and Main River yesterday)

I wil share some loot photos once I am back home and have decent wifi


dcvdns feat. celo & abdi - frankfurter zoo