Fic: Into the Dragon’s Den

Inspired by a conversation with @laryna6 that spawned from the prompt ‘Imagine your OT3 as a Princess, a Knight, and a Dragon who all live together in a tower. ‘


There was something wrong with the dragon’s den. Frankenstein had been in a few before, usually searching for a long lost scroll or book that could aid his research — those dens had been filled from floor to ceiling with treasure, haphazard piles of gold and armour with no kind of system to find anything.

This dragon’s den was bare. Frankenstein hadn’t realised it was one until he’d started exploring the higher levels and found a dragon so black they were near indistinguishable from the wall they were curled up against, gazing out of a hole in the cave wall. It was the glowing red eyes that had alerted Frankenstein to their presence.

It could have been that the dragon had just moved in, but Frankenstein doubted it, not when Frankenstein had asked them what they hoarded and got a black stare in return.

A dragon that didn’t hoard. How unusual.

But it meant he didn’t have to worry about the dragon stealing anything of his, and most other people wouldn’t dare attack the den of a dragon.

It was the perfect place to set up his lab to be left in peace.

* * *

Frankenstein raised his head from his work at the sound of footsteps approaching. Who…? It didn’t sound like Raizel, too light and there was no scrape of claws against stone (and Frankenstein had never seen the dragon move from the area he had found them in, let alone leave).

Hm. It wasn’t someone trying to be quiet, and Frankenstein frowned at the man who rounded the corner. He had black, shoulder-length hair and - he was wearing the same clothes as Frankenstein. Not quite exactly — there were gold trim along the hem and collar, and when Frankenstein looked back at the man’s face, he recognised those red eyes.

“Raizel?” Frankenstein said, staring at him.

At the question, the man — Raizel smiled, giving him a short nod. “You had mentioned your experiments were delicate.” And he had changed to reduce what damage he could do. If Frankenstein was the first human Raizel had seen in a while (if not the first human Raizel had seen overall), then it made sense that the dragon would use him as a template for a human.

“Do all dragons have transformation powers?” Frankenstein asked, hands reaching for a fresh sheet of paper to write on to take notes.

“Yes,” Raizel said, stepping close, his eyes on Frankenstein’s instruments.

Hm. Well. Maybe he should add dragons to the list of things he should increase his knowledge on…