Imagine being in a car with Frank

You leaned back into the driver’s seat, waiting as instructed. Your sighed out of boredom and reached down under your thigh, nestled between the jeans you wore and the seat was your gun.

Your smile disappeared when the the door leading into the building burst open. A hard looking man in a black coat and blue cap approached the car with a black duffel bag, he hesitated for a moment.

“Frank, right? You getting in or what?” You leaned over to the passenger door and swung it opened. The man looked around before getting in.

“So the plan hasn’t changed? Same location?” You asked starting the car up and reviving the engine.

“Yes, ma’am.”

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Indispensable double-LP d'un quartette qui aurait pu passer par la trappe de l'Histoire, Out Loud offre à écouter Frank Lowe au meilleur de sa forme en live et en studio, en 1974, juste après l'enregistrement du culte Black Beings (ESP-Disk’), et cette fois en compagnie de Joseph Bowie, William Parker et Steve Reid (auxquels s'ajoute Ahmed Abdullah sur la face D).

Les notes de pochette, signées Ed Hazell, en disent long : notamment sur les années de formation de Frank Lowe, et donc indirectement sur la scène free à San Francisco, s'attardant évidemment sur les mentors Sonny Simmons et Bert Wilson, ce que relaye le saxophoniste J.D. Parran en une analyse très fine du style de Lowe, et plus particulièrement de sa technique de vocalisation, ou bien encore de sa gestion pour le moins énergique du registre altissimo.

Sur la photo de groupe, en haut, à côté du saxophoniste, l’on aperçoit sa compagne, Carmen Lowe, responsable de l’artwork des pochettes de Black Beings et Decision In Paradise. En bas, l’affiche d’un concert d’Ornette Coleman (avec Charlie Haden, David Izenzon et Charles Moffett), qui s’est révélé influent sur la destinée de Frank Lowe.

( Autour d’un disque, par ici : )

( Ornette Coleman, par là : )


With all of the talk about the connection between Heavy Metal and Jazz lately I feel like I need to remind people that the particular musical combination our crew of jazz-trained musicians made in NY in the early 80’s ( our combo of funk and free jazz ) had a serious impact on the rock-and-roll world. 

When I met Flea he told me that the first song the Red Hot Chili Peppers ever wrote was based off of this song and written around this (my) bass part.

note: this is the original Defunkt band with special guest (the great) Frank Lowe on tenor sax.

low quality frank picspam

ok so i’ve been saving mcr pics since like the middle ages and i’ve accumulated a lot of pictures that are either too small or not hq enough that i would post them on their own. so under the cut is a bunch of them for your viewing pleasure. there will probably be more of these to come but i didn’t want to do too many ay once. enjoi.

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anonymous asked:

Hey if you are okay with doing requests could you do a 'Dating Frank Would Include'? Please and thank you.

Dating Frank would include…

  • Firstly getting approved by Pompidou (who takes an absolute shining to you and lets you pet him probably more than he lets Frank… Frank is low-key jealous)
  • Lots of spontaneous adventure dates because RV
  • Frank is a bit of a hopeless romantic. Of course, he’s a tough guy, but when he loves people he gets extremely soppy
  • So don’t be surprised when a few of these out-of-state drives lead to nighttime picnics at a beach or an open air cinema date or even a romantic night of love making in a forest (in a tent, of course)
  • He gets extremely angry when you get involved in the business side of things because he is so protective
  • In fact, so protective that you often have arguments because you’re very independent and capable of looking after yourself
  • But Frank is a lover not a fighter and arguments are never left with the two of you sulking overnight because he cannot stand it when you two are mad at each other
  • Sometimes he randomly flies off the handle, but you are good at coping with it and he’s always extremely sorry and careful - if he ever is snappy or violent, it is never towards you
  • He once misread the signs and punched a police officer in the face, assuming that the said police officer was flirting 
  • A few judgements from some people in Arcadia Bay who think you’re too good for him (”he’s perfect for me, okay?”) but mostly the two of you keep to yourself and so other don’t say too much
  • Frank is definitely the supportive af boyfriend who will stand up, clap and cheer as loudly as possible at your graduation and be as extra at showing his support as possible
  • Always finding away to touch you when it’s just the two of you. Not always sexually, mostly he just randomly tucks strands of your hair behind your ears or hold your wrists 
  • When is he not smiling at you? Honestly, he needs to get a grip
  • Frank Bowers is the most loving boyfriend ever