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Imagine being in a car with Frank

You leaned back into the driver’s seat, waiting as instructed. Your sighed out of boredom and reached down under your thigh, nestled between the jeans you wore and the seat was your gun.

Your smile disappeared when the the door leading into the building burst open. A hard looking man in a black coat and blue cap approached the car with a black duffel bag, he hesitated for a moment.

“Frank, right? You getting in or what?” You leaned over to the passenger door and swung it opened. The man looked around before getting in.

“So the plan hasn’t changed? Same location?” You asked starting the car up and reviving the engine.

“Yes, ma’am.”

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Hold Me Close

Characters: Frank Castle x Reader

A/N: Apparently it’s fluff day! so here, have some fluffy smut!! this was actually a request:

well i would ask for some very fluffy smut with our beloved murder husband, maybe inspired by the bloody shirtless scene from the trailer? don’t get me wrong i looooooooooooove your hardcore frank smut but i would definetly also love me some fluffy love makin!

so here ya go sweet lil anon! some fluffy love makin’! (also i’m sorry if this sucks! i was feelin a little off :/

Warnings: smut, obvi. fluffy smut, unprotected sex, language

Words: 2156

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A bang from the other room has you jumping awake and sitting up in bed, looking around frantically for the source of the noise.  You notice Max isn’t at the end of the bed where he fell asleep, and you feel a bit of panic before realizing if there was someone he didn’t know in the apartment, he’d be going crazy.  So it must be Frank.  

You look over at the clock on your nightstand and groan.  At two in the morning.  You sigh and toss the blankets off of you, grabbing one of Frank’s barely worn flannels off the floor and pulling it tight around you.  Your shitty apartment had even shittier heating, and the swift onset of fall had left little time for you to brace yourself for the cold.  

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With all of the talk about the connection between Heavy Metal and Jazz lately I feel like I need to remind people that the particular musical combination our crew of jazz-trained musicians made in NY in the early 80’s ( our combo of funk and free jazz ) had a serious impact on the rock-and-roll world. 

When I met Flea he told me that the first song the Red Hot Chili Peppers ever wrote was based off of this song and written around this (my) bass part.

note: this is the original Defunkt band with special guest (the great) Frank Lowe on tenor sax.

Just a Scratch

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Summary: Frank comes home and you check over his wounds.

A/N: That’s right! I’m now writing for everyone’s favorite MURDER DADDY!

Originally posted by jesbakescookies

You were in your bedroom lounging around with Max, when you heard the door open and slam shut, couple with a groan. Max’s ears perked and he ran out of the room as fast as he could. 

“Shoo! You mutt!” You heard Frank’s low raspy voice say.

You padded down the hall to the living room, “He doesn’t mean it Maxxie.” The German Sheppard pranced over to you and you scratched behind his ear. 

Frank scoffed, “He was on the bed again, wasn’t he?”

“I wanted someone to cuddle with.” You walk over to Frank and you look at his face. It’s very bruised and bloody.

“It’s just a scratch,” he rasps out.

You take off his hat and you scoff, “You stubborn ass. Come on. I’ll run you a warm bath.” You say as you take his hand and drag him to the bathroom.

“You gonna pamper me, baby face?” Frank says with a teasing smirk.

You look over your shoulder, “Maybe I just wanna drown you.”

“That’s my girl.” He pinches your butt and you yelp.


He chuckles, “Yes ma’am.”

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Indispensable double-LP d'un quartette qui aurait pu passer par la trappe de l'Histoire, Out Loud offre à écouter Frank Lowe au meilleur de sa forme en live et en studio, en 1974, juste après l'enregistrement du culte Black Beings (ESP-Disk’), et cette fois en compagnie de Joseph Bowie, William Parker et Steve Reid (auxquels s'ajoute Ahmed Abdullah sur la face D).

Les notes de pochette, signées Ed Hazell, en disent long : notamment sur les années de formation de Frank Lowe, et donc indirectement sur la scène free à San Francisco, s'attardant évidemment sur les mentors Sonny Simmons et Bert Wilson, ce que relaye le saxophoniste J.D. Parran en une analyse très fine du style de Lowe, et plus particulièrement de sa technique de vocalisation, ou bien encore de sa gestion pour le moins énergique du registre altissimo.

Sur la photo de groupe, en haut, à côté du saxophoniste, l’on aperçoit sa compagne, Carmen Lowe, responsable de l’artwork des pochettes de Black Beings et Decision In Paradise. En bas, l’affiche d’un concert d’Ornette Coleman (avec Charlie Haden, David Izenzon et Charles Moffett), qui s’est révélé influent sur la destinée de Frank Lowe.

( Autour d’un disque, par ici : )

( Ornette Coleman, par là : )


For @rainy-dayz11…reader is male as requested. Enjoy!

“So,” Y/N drawled, “exactly how long have you wanted to take care of magical creatures?”
Newt smirked. “For as long as I can remember,” he paused, pulling Pickett back to him, “Creatures are easier to understand. Less complicated.”

Y/N watched Newt with a fond smile. He had always enjoyed seeing the creatures react to him. They all had practically taken him in as their own. Now, they seemed to be doing the same with Y/N. He suspected Newt had something to do with that.

“Well, I think it’s rather noble of you,” he told Newt.
The former Hufflepuff shyly smiled. “No one’s ever called it noble before.”
Y/N beamed. “Good. I’m glad to be the first.”

Newt chuckled. Just then, a large crow caught the pair’s attention. They glanced over their shoulder to see Frank, the Thunderbird, swooping low in his portion of the case. Y/N glanced back at his boyfriend.

“Can I feed him this time?” he queried.
Newt nodded. “Sure. Just, be slow.”

He watched in content as his boyfriend grabbed the pail and walked over to the large Thunderbird. In the moment, he had never felt happier.

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