Trash talking inside the house

I’m always baffled by the language inside the bb house, especially in celebrity bb U.K.
Seems like every season someone says the n-word, or some homophobic shit. Like… every year.
Don’t get me wrong, insults can be fun. But make fun of something people can change, but choose not to. Like that Raven should find a foundation that actually matches her face. Or that Frankie STILL rides Ariana’s tail for attention. Or that Paul and Paulie can take it from men like Cody (bb19) and Frank, but not from Natalie, Michelle, Day, Dom or any of the other women in the house. Or Paul calling mixed women “mutt/s” (don’t know what it means, but they already have a name: women. Use it, dude.)
That’s my rant ☕️

Hold the FUCK up. Is my memory failing me? Is this Frank from an alternate universe where he won BB14? Because when Frank says “Dan’s Funeral” didn’t work, I dunno what the FUCK he’s talking about.

If I recall correctly: Frank was HOH and on a warpath for Dan, blaming him for Mike Boogie’s eviction even though it was actually Ian’s fault, who’s in an alliance with Dan. After losing POV to Jenn City and a Pandora’s Box Veto to Ian, Dan had his back against the wall. He spent 24 hours in the have-not room as part of a veto punishment. When Dan emerged, he was teary-eyed and tired looking and went before the house telling everyone how much he loved them…except his closest ally Danielle, who he threw under the bus for something she never did. Then Dan went up to Frank in the HOH, ratted out Ian, and formed an alliance with him and Jenn, who was convinced to use the Veto on Dan. So when Veto ceremony came around and Frank nominated Ian’s closest ally Britney in Dan’s place, everyone had their jaws on the floor.

Is that NOT what happened, Frank? And did Dan NOT play you for a chump immediately the week after? “He’s far from humble.” LEGENDS DON’T HAVE TO BE HUMBLE. And Frank, you couldn’t be any further from a legend, my bitter friend.

I find it interesting that when Aaryn was called out for being racist, she was at first in denial, but then later learned she was wrong and grew as a person (she’s still not perfect or anything but she’s defo made progress), but then Paulie, Frank, and Paul were all like “i did say that, and i’d say it again”.  So this might be an unpopular opinion, but Aaryn seems to be a better person than those three because she DID learn and grow from it

Remember when Julie called out Aryan Gries and Christine Brecht in their exit interviews. Why does Julie never hold the men accountable for their behavior. The most hypocritical was when she called out Christine for her relationship with Cody inside the house and I’m sitting at home like “Bitch, your husband was married to another woman and you started an affair with him! Are you serious? You used to be a journalist for fucks sake.” Christine held someones hand and pet him on the head. Frank can literally assault women in the house and not get booed on exit or called out in interview. Victor was mad at Natalie for her eviction message and all she said was maybe you’ll learn to treat women better. Julie should have been like “roll video” and shown him the receipts.

Paulie and Corey should get fucking torn to shreds on their exits but they probably won’t because of straight white male privilege.

CBS really is the channel for old straight white people. Year after year they fail at representing POC, LGBT & WOMEN characters on their scripted series’ and each year they say its something they’re going to do better at and then they don’t. Watch, their new shows in Fall will all have a straight white male character as the lead.

This message brought to you by a white guy.


There is also Training Day (TV Show) coming to CBS this Fall with a black male co-lead but I guess CBS does not want to promote it with the rest of its shows which all have white male leads.

megan: *has been called out multiple times by multiple people*

grodner: i think megan is doing the best *chuckles and goes back to looking at the picture of frank eudy that she keeps in her wallet*

Bridgette's Snickerdoodle Recipe

Ok so they keep talking about how damn good Bridgette’s cookies are so I flashed back to 7/24 10:44pm and took note of the recipe as Frank recited it lmao

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons or teaspoons cinnamon (she couldn’t exactly remember and settled on tablespoons)
1 cup white sugar
1 egg
1 ½ stick butter
½ teaspoon salt
Roll in cinnamon and sugar before bake

Her peanut butter cookie recipe is also talked about there if you’re interested

*UPDATE* I made the cookies with 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and they were good but I think she meant teaspoons. They were REALLY cinnamony and weren’t light in color like the ones I saw on feeds

This is completely unacceptable. Da’Vonne has told him multiple times to stop smacking her ass but he still does it to her and other girls in the house (Zakiyah, Nicole, Natalie, Michelle and Tiffany). Frank is sexually and verbally harassing/assaulting these women and production hasn’t done a thing about it. He needs to be expelled immediately.