One of the first female costumed crimefighters in comics, the Spider Widow debuted in 1942, published by Quality Comics.

She was the wealthy socialite Dianne Grayton by day. But as the Spider Widow, she dressed in a hideous green mask and black dress that made her look like the Wicked Witch of the West, and she … caught the bad guys by … well, throwing spiders on them, basically.

Admittedly, throwing spiders on people is an awesome gimmick, but Spider Widow’s creator, Frank Borth, apparently had trouble stretching the concept beyond the gimmick. The Spider Widow was only published for about a year, in which time she also entered a crimefighting partnership with obscure hero the Raven and had a multi-part crossover with the Phantom Lady in Feature Comics and Police Comics.

Images from Feature Comics #57 and #66 (1942-43) by Frank Borth.